Amnesiac Barriers

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Amnesiac Barriers are the Walls of Separation that exist inside the compartments of the lower mind, or Three Layers of Ego.

Recovering Consciousness Memories

We have an increased opportunity to break through our Amnesiac Barriers and memory wiping, to regain personal knowledge that connects us with the truth of our own experience, at individual, collective and galactic levels. Our higher spiritual identity exists beyond the energy reversals and siphoning machinery that generates the false AI timelines in the descending matrix. As a natural part of spiritual Ascension, we are intersecting with an opening where the true historical record can be more easily recovered. Our higher consciousness body may be surfacing memories that need to be felt, witnessed and reintegrated. The opportunity during this time is to become freed from the impacts of the lower matrices of the dimensional blending experiments of the NAA, and to exist above the artificial grids of the AI timeline network. To support this process we will take a helicopter ride over some of the most impactful Historical Timeline Trigger Events, to help us recover our memories and return any parts of ourselves that we can recollect at this time.[1]

So what does recovering our memories actually look like? What is the process? I think many of you already know this because you're undergoing it right now. Our body will start to remember memories. Maybe those memories will be emotional impressions that could also be negative emotions in the Pain Body. As this deeply buried content of memories and historical records surfaces that had been previously buried in our subconscious this is happening in order to transmute negativity and to clear out the dark energy of the shadow, to clear out pain body blockages. As a result right now many people are feeling a great Trauma or anxiety, a discomfort that is sourcing from the memories trying to surface from the subconscious into the Conscious Mind awareness by breaking through the Amnesiac Barriers, which we also call the Walls of Separation inside the compartments of the mind.

Compartmentalization and Internal Walls

The Death Culture is used to promote destructive lifestyles in order to permanently damage the heart, damage the Soul and Brain into some kind of form of fragmentation or dissociation. Dissociative behaviours eliminate all traces of true human Empathy and remove the Accountability towards the ethical implication that is behind the operations of the current world social, political, military, corporate structures in order to carry this out, in order to manifest internal Walls of Separation because fragmentation and Compartmentalization is also very much related to the creation of internal Walls of Separation. This is something that exists in us, can exist in us in terms of our light body. When these internal walls of separation are built in our 1st, 2nd or 3rd chakra this is when people can have extreme Trauma.[2]


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