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This is the Root Chakra located at the base of the spine, and it is Red in colour.

First Harmonic Universe

First Harmonic Universe

For human beings, these consciousness bodies exist throughout the densities and are aspects of the higher self and Lightbody.These aspects are called the Stations of Identity.

Discern False Father from Real

We must learn to identify the difference between the False Father (False King of Tyranny) and the Holy Father Arc in order to find true security, stability and grounded spirituality within. This is how we elevate beyond the 1st Chakra used to promote spiritual terrorism by the False King of Tyranny. Using the Unconscious Mind four main areas of trauma : Abuse, Trauma, Shock and Devastation and the chart below to identify core seeds of trauma may be helpful to identify fear thought forms and negative archetypes that have been generated through the False King of Tyranny in your root. Intend and ask Holy Father Arc to bring them into balance with positive thought forms which lead to the unified patterns of balance in the process of Ascension leading to sacred marriage.

First 1D Internal Layer

This is the root layer 1st Chakra of our Unconscious Mind and it functions like a hard drive for the ego. In this hard drive is the cellular memory storage from all of one’s lifestreams. This means that cellular memories from past lives, present lives and future lives may all be stored in this memory hard drive. These memories are not given value when they are recorded, whether one may perceive them as good or bad, these many multiple memories are stored on the root hard drive of every human being. Whether one was a fetus, baby, in between lifetimes, or unconscious when the body suffered “abuse”; it was recorded in one’s memory storage whether one currently remembers that event consciously or not. Because the planet was invaded and our individual memory and identity erased from those tragic events, most all human beings have four main areas of cellular memory record in their unconscious mind at varying degrees.

Those four main areas are: Abuse, Trauma, Shock and Devastation.

Some people will feel these painful memories but not know what caused them or where they came from. Others will suffer from shock and will have shut these memories down completely as a coping mechanism. Others are very successful clearing these memories through emotional clearing practices such as with hypnosis and past life regression. Since this 1D unconscious mind controls our autonomic nervous system and autonomic bodily functions, unhealed memory trauma in these four main areas creates many kinds of physical symptoms and disease. These devastating memories have been partially described in twisted half-truths in the fall of humankind, or the genesis story of Adam and Eve in the bible. Starseeds have an earth mission to heal these memories (and timelines) in a multitude of ways.[1]

Finding Base Security

To find balance for our root chakra, one must make a sincere effort to stop the delusion of basing one's Self Esteem being made on the appearance or assumption of outer circumstances. For many of us, this is our immediate task at hand, to be mentally and emotionally freed of being bullied, intimidated, and threatened against one's sense of inner security, stability, foundation and wellbeing. That relationship is totally up to each of us. Only you can develop trust in that relationship with God or Spirit, no one can do that for you on the outside.

The Root Chakra is the base of the foundation of our lightbody and is our form holding energetic blueprint which exists as the holographic Tree of Life. When we hold unresolved and unconscious pain in our base frequency, it weakens our entire foundation; it erodes the roots which hold the base of our personal Tree of Life. Without having grown the strong stable roots for building the strong, stable spiritual foundation of one's personal Tree of Life, one may topple or be redirected in their path. This is why building a strong base, builds a balanced Root Chakra and this is essential in building one's spiritual foundation. One is easily manipulated, controlled or potentially hijacked by the Controller forces when not spiritually strong in virtues and ethics. At this time one will be moved to the life path that is vibrationally matched and appropriate in order to accomplish the learning required through the highest consciousness pathway. To balance our base we must address negative archetypes and fear thought-forms and consciously participate with shifting them to a higher frequency of loving thoughts. The table below is helpful to pinpoint areas to heal in our root chakra. [2]

Tree of Life Branches - 1st Tree and Root Chakra

Grounding Ray Sacred Marriage (HG) - Merging with 15D Father and 7D Mother

Balancing Archetype for Sacred Marriage - Earth Mother, Compassionate Father unite creating Mothers Nurturing Aspect

Negative Archetype - Blocked Root Chakra - Victim

Negative Archetype - Too Open Root Chakra - Bully

Tri-Wave Unified Pattern - In Harmony with Physical Self and Others, Stable, Secure and Grounded

Fear Thoughtforms - Negative Polarity - Survival Fears, Poverty, Unsafe, Disease, Entitled, Disassociated, Disconnection with Material World

Love Thoughtforms - Positive Polarity - Safety, Gratitude, Abundance, Ease, Connection with Spirit and Material World

1D Unconscious Pain/Separation - Four Main Areas - 1. Abuse 2. Trauma 3. Shock 4. Devastation

Losing the Lower Chakras

Some of us have noted for many years now our lower energy centers were shifting. Through the reconfiguration of these lower energy centers, known as the 1D-2D-3D Chakras, we could feel their color wave spectrum changing frequency. Some perceive this as embodying higher dimensional chakras with different frequency colors. This usually begins with Aurora coloring, perceiving the re-encryption process in the lower body which is making repairs to the etheric double and lower energy center functioning. The root or perineum area for many Star people is no longer red, but changes to lighter hues of violet, pink and once rolled up to the higher energy centers, it becomes shades of blue-green or light pastels. When we have embodied this frequency change, we do not have survival fears any more. We can clearly see when the False King of Tyranny, from the red wave spectrum, is manipulating victim archetypes in the public to incite fear. This frequency elevation process has been happening for some time, however, it is now happening progressively to more people. The lower Chakras used to be etheric cones that were non-physical membranes, located in the top layer of our Lightbody. The main energy centers are still present, yet are being elevated to run vital forces throughout our lower body glands, organs and meridians. The chakra cones will eventually become absorbed into the higher consciousness aspects of the body and reconfigured completely.[3]


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