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Miasma is synonymous with black, frozen or dead light, which is generated in a damaged Morphogenetic Field similarly as an energetic waste product, like toxins or feces. Damaged architecture in the planetary field cannot run enough life force current or run the proper frequency tone keys, and that damages the earth body, creating dead wiring and dead spaces. These dead spaces cannot transmit or exchange with living intelligent energy fields and ultimately that harms earth inhabitants by creating digressive Genetic Mutations.

Miasma can also be manipulated and it is manipulated in a variety of ways, continually, by the Negatives to serve their NAA agenda. Miasma can be recorded specifically to alter DNA/RNA to generate a specific function. As an example, to proliferate a certain disease miasm into the human population, one purposely places a retro-virus miasm into sections of the planetary grid. If not corrected, the dead waste product creates disease, sickness and deterioration of the DNA and its frequency tone keys. If planetary miasma is not cleared and repaired, it infects the brain and nervous system of the Planetary Grid Network, all of the planetary kingdoms DNA, as well as infecting human beings DNA. For these reasons and many more, this planet received several quarantines to limit the waste product from infecting the outer rims of nearby dimensions and other planetary worlds through their potential resonating dimensional key tones.

The Starseed and Indigo Races family have come to this planet to work specifically with healing the planetary and human miasma by rehabilitating DNA tones, working in the Timelines, healing or ejecting dead light Miasma and their causal implants. This function makes up for a large part of the clearing and transmuting work within the collective Light family. Our groups have been able to transmute enough miasma, in partnership with the Celestial Management Structure, The Guardians, by running 12D Hubs and Threefold Founder Flame Rainbow Rounds in the earth grid, to stabilize the earth core to prepare to release this quarantine, on schedule with the Venus Transit [2012].

These dead strings create pools of static dead energy. Dead Energy spaces collect into the Phantom Matrix, and like a waste product, this cycles into generating more black layers of planetary body miasma.[1]

Black Heart Miasma

The Crystal Heart is a crystalline network in the earth crust that gives the instruction set to direct the energetic frequencies through the planet’s energetic circulatory system. We have learned more that these Diamond Heart frequencies are intimately related to Sophianic Body correction to the earth and the return of the Mother Arc.) This works exactly like a human heart pumping blood into the veins and arterial system of the body. If the heart stops pumping blood into a limb because of a blockage, well, there are serious problems. The planet has some of these serious problems in the crystal heart network of major Ley Lines from massive blockages of planetary miasma. This issue being manipulated by the NAA and Imposter Spirit, Reptilians is referred to as the Anubian Black Heart. These networks were generated to suppress and destroy the Diamond Heart of the planet, as well as to suppress the Christos-Sophia consciousness from embodying in this realm. Over time the death, destruction and pain of humanity and the planet was collected and programmed into these crystal hearts making them black hearts. Reversed electron networks or Metatronic Reversal current run these black heart systems and direct harmful energies and Miasma, a toxic waste product, into the planet. As the macro body relationship impacts the micro body relationship, this means some of us are undergoing massive shifts to clear this damage out of our own body from impacting the Permanent Seed Atom located inside our crystal heart, in the thymus gland area. As we move into 2012, Gridworkers will be made aware to neutralize or heal these Dead Energy systems as possible when the alignment to the right Timeline permits. Diamond Heart Transmissions come from the Aquamarine Mother Arc, Christos-Sophia and embodied Aurora Body Crystal pattern and these tri-wave patterns are a part of healing the Anubian Black Hearts in the planetary body, and thus, humanity.

Miasma is Dead Energy Pollution

Through the technological extraction of life force made through mass organized Transdimensional Parasitism, the continual effects of world parasitism simultaneously excrete massive waste products and toxic residue to circulate back into the earth body. This is known as dead energy and black miasma that further pollutes the planetary realms and therefore pollutes humanities DNA, further weakening us. How Planetary Miasma pollutes human consciousness is that it is carried over intergenerationally through the family of origin and into the offspring, continuing to propagate the previous forms of emotional aberration and dysfunction in the ancestral-genetic-collective human gene pools.

With every generation, if the inherited disturbance of miasma is carried over into the future offspring, or the consciousness is stunted and unable to shift out from the inherited patterns of dysfunction, then an assortment of genetic breakdowns occur. With each future generation the previous load of miasma is increased if it’s not dealt with. In order to clear inherited miasma, we have to patiently purify ourselves in order to transmute it, then evict out the energy parasites that feed on the miasma. Worldwide disease is a result of these impurities and imbalances that relate to the genetic digression of a species and is manifested from energy loss, pollutants and traumatic blockages, to which many lowly spirit attachments and energy parasites are attracted.

The pollution in the energetic layers of the earth accumulates into severe collective consciousness imbalances that increase planetary body miasma and then this starts to aggressively manifest those same imbalances into the macrocosm of the physical realm. As a result of the last Dark Cycle coming to conclusion, we can observe the massive increase of pollution of the earth, the air, fresh water and oceans, as there has been an aggressive increase of those pollutants, toxins and diseases from the continued unrestrained predatorial parasitism and the resulting energy loss that has manifested on the earth. This pollution is not directly caused from overpopulation, this is from predatorial parasitism and energy parasites stealing life force energy, while hiding highly advanced healing technologies from the people. The war over energy and consciousness that is waged to intentionally harm human beings by those entities who consider us their property and slaves. In this cycle we must face the darkness that has controlled the planet for so long, in order to see rightly that we may correct our social structures from Predatorial Parasitism, by placing value on protecting living creatures and human beings.

Damaging the Earths Blueprint

It is important to understand that predatorial parasitism is used as an energy extraction method that generates massive waste products and pollutants in the instruction set of an energy field, and this damages the blueprint of planet earth.This includes the accumulated trauma and pain of human beings and animals that are recorded in the earth grid, through such events that generated tragic death, wars, and holocaust.

Damaged blueprints generate damaged bodies and material life forms. Everything in matter has a blueprint from which the consciousness units will organize into matter and form into some level of manifestation. The damaged architecture in the planetary field cannot run enough life force current or the proper frequency tone keys because of accumulated miasma and continued mass violent behaviors, the waste products from predatorial parasitism that accumulates and damages the earth body, creating dead wiring and dead spaces. We help clear miasma when we choose to self-source and not be emotional vampires or parasitic to others, cultivate loving kindness in our heart, and commit to act harmlessly, as we strive to continually purify our body, mind, emotions and spirit.

We have been brainwashed to believe that the current age is humanities modern evolutionary achievement. When in truth humanity has been digressed considerably, losing consciousness and having lost control over the planetary resources, which in itself is a superior organic technology. That superior organic technology is what makes up the human body. By learning to listen to the internal landscape of the human body, if we pay attention we can acquire wisdom that guides our direction forward in the most positive ways. First, in order to re-circuit our body’s energetic connections within, we have to get the parasitic imbalances out of our physical body, mental body, and emotional body. If you start here, this will greatly help to free the spiritual body from extradimensional parasites also.

To clear and remove all problematic issues concerning inherited miasma, and the interconnected problems of Attachments, Negative Forms, energy parasites, demonics and Possessions, the most important thing to understand is detoxification and purification of your body to clear out parasites and pollutants. Accumulated black energy, parasites and possessions cannot stay attached in a strong, healthy and energetically balanced body. If you have attachment or possession issues, the first place to start to free yourself is an integrated wellness strategy to restore purity and balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.[2]


Term first found: Page 110, HGS Manual

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