Aqualasha Galaxy

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The original Krystal Galaxy of the original diamond body is located in the God worlds in the Seven Higher Heavens and is called AqualaSha. Krystal River host has a gyrodome technology used to seal off phantom area or wormholes into impenetrable quarantine. The gyrodome has been placed in the infiltrated areas between the 8th layer Galactic plane and the black hole connection that leads into the 9th Metagalactic layer of the Andromedan Galaxy. Essentially this seems to be stages of healing or sealing the time rip that existed between our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromedan Galaxy. Aquari races live on the third dimensional planet in the Aqualasha Galaxy, in sections called Aquaferion, and this specific 3D planet Urtha acts as a host shield for our planet earth at this time in order to directly assist all human beings during the Ascension Cycle.

Blue Rainbow Galactic Suns

The Blue Rainbow Galactic Suns from the Aqualasha matrix in the heart of Andromeda, are one of the Galactic Sun-Star bodies that have shown up for grid projects and are supporting crystal transmissions for planetary ascension.

Plasma infusions have been made into the earth’s Crystal Core, which include the process of weaving an array of Aqualine light and sentient solar vapors from the Galactic Suns. This allows an interactive fusion between multiple Paliadorian Sun-Star bodies that have recently birthed into our Solar System network. This has increased the pearlescent color waves of the Eye of God that are becoming interlaced into the crystalline lattice of earth, stacks of interwoven chains that are connecting into the golden Sun Disc Network. [1]


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