Keepers of the Crystal Core

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Crystal Core

The consciousness units of the next Universe, the Rays of the next Universe, and the light beings that live there are in alignment with the Paliadorian Covenant, the Krystal Star and Unity Intelligence, they are called Aurora families. Krystal Star works with the Aurora families to build Aurora Platforms that are safe zones that step over the reversal fields running on the earth from the Frequency Fence and NET. The Aurora Platforms allow access into the passageway that leads to the area of the Ascension Earth in Andromeda, this is the Aquaelle matrix that transmits the Mother's Aqua Ray Daughter Codes into the earth Crystal Caverns.

Therefore the Aquaelle genetic lines came to the earth through the Sirius B portal, and those that have remained on the earth are the natural Keepers of the Crystal Core. [1]


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