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There are 12 Fire Chambers that have a direct connection to the core energy flows which emanate as the First Eye of the Godhead. This is called the Eye of God.The core energy flows into the chambers and run into the time vectors, event horizons which intersect and merge together at the Adjunct Time Vectors to form new merged Hierogamic unions in Time between these intersections. This allows the core energy from the Eye of God to flow on both sides of the timelines and unify. The Eye of God core energy flows on 45 degree angles on the Christos diamond lines which allow the chambers when they intersect, to be opened and merged into all levels which converge into the Universal Antahkarana.

Adjunct Time Vectors

There is a set of horizontal counter-rotating chambers that move clockwise to bring in energy from the Unified Field of God-Source and disperse it through the vertical Hara Lines or the Universal Antahkarana that impact time vectors as well as bodies. The counter-clockwise chambers send energy back into Source as the feedback loop to continue the exchange into Consciousness progression in time. There is a constant expansion and contraction of energy currents from the center point that is made throughout these time chambers.

Divine Mind Blueprint

The All Seeing Eye of God projects its Divine Mind blueprint as an imprinted Geometric Tesseract called the Cosmic Cube Matrix to prepare for the building of the Krystal Cathedral. It is the schematic being projected into the brains (and bodies) of the Oraphim Blue Ray's at this time, those with the "mark of the lamb" on their foreheads (as created by the opening of the 6th seal that leads into the fire chambers).


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