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Albion Awakens (Sequoia Art)

When the Albion Lightbody is activated through the Emerald Order Cosmic Heart and fully awakened by the Amethyst Order Holy Father, England, Scotland, Ireland and France will be the first demographic areas to align to the King Arthur timeline through the Rise of Arthur in Albion. This phase of the ascension timeline awakens the stasis beings that have been buried deep in the lands, and brings on oceanic waves of the God Source and the Christos-Sophia rainbow rays or roundtables to pour into the Earth grids. The Albion Lightbody is the Diamond Sun template of humanity’s world soul from Tara as the Christos incarnate masculine-feminine identity, and it holds the instruction set of the Paliadorian Covenant which is the future record and destiny of all humankind to return back to their original spiritual home. Their inner Sun-Star, which is found deep in the RA Center of the still point in the angelic human Lightbody.

To understand the Albion Lightbody, we will need to know more about how the planetary grid network is arranged and that its inherent design was always for reassembling lost Diamond Sun DNA by supporting the human tribes root races in evolutionary rounds, that would help collect our shattered pieces from Tara, Gaia and Lyra and then integrate them back into wholeness. This process is spiritual ascension and is the primary purpose for why we incarnated on the planet, to shift the timelines from the first NAA invasion in our planet Gaia and the destruction that occurred during the Hyperborean timeline. The master controller of the planetary grid network is the Albion Lightbody, and all gridwork and energy clearing we do is purposed to clear and integrate ourselves, and ultimately to extract the Alien Machinery from out of the Albion so that it can perform its intelligent design to support the planet by connecting us directly with the Godhead.

Geomantic Structures in Albion

The Planetary Grid Network and intelligence is organized into many layers of geomantic blueprints that hold living consciousness geometries which govern the direction of all energy into matter manifestation throughout space and time. These mathematical geometries are programs that perform specific functions within a precise layer of multiple dimensional instruction sets, which are holding many visible and nonvisible frequency bands of light and sound which form into braids of electromagnetic current. The planet’s Geomantic Structures form into the complex energetic terrain of multidimensional holographic light geography, which represents the Collective Consciousness interface into the crystalline webbing which forms many interconnections that access certain holographic realities in many different places and spaces, on and off planet.

These holographic light and sound spheres can appear as floating nodes, energy shields, light symbols and certain artifacts like platonic solid geometries which link into the planetary grid network and the constellations, opening consciousness doorways of intelligent celestial energy in multiple dimensions. Many of these portals transmit cellular memories of the actual historical events on the planet that connect directly with the ancient repositories of knowledge in the Halls of Amenti. These floating nodes and symbols act as small portal systems, which open up into recorded events throughout human history within the holographic light and sound patterns which form into cellular memories that exist throughout multidimensional time. One of our greatest challenges during the planetary liberation is to begin to piece together humanity’s true hidden history, to begin to discern the false history from the true history, and to know that our planet was invaded by nonhumans that erased our memories and accurate history in order to enslave us and control our planet.

Every sacred site or planetary stargate is a physical energetic placement holder for these energy nodes to open multidimensional access into the world of archetypal forces and Sun-star patterns or are marking something in the planetary architecture that is invisible to the basic 3D senses. The energy architecture exists in the blueprint section of the field within gossamer like plasma filaments of layered light and sound geometries that are organized in complex patterns, which perform a multitude of functions for consciousness enhancement and spiritual initiation. When visiting certain demographics, these portal systems can interface with our consciousness body and produce holy spiritual visions, sensed as etheric light temples, symbol codes or consciousness doorways that transmit a range of intelligent information to be deciphered and help build our consciousness body.

Exploring these ancient mythologies can be important in the revelation of consciousness that is recorded in the landmass, and holds universal and eternal truths about humanities spiritual awakening. Our consciousness may return to resolve or complete these archetypes, as they are deeply embedded in the human psyche that connects with consciousness aspects of the earth.

It is possible with a prepared and awakened consciousness to interact with the Albion via these etheric temples, portals, stone circles, stasis beings and realities in other dimensions of time and space, through a form of remote viewing time travel, which accesses organic timelines and virtual realities while the observer is in an extremely still and meditative brain state. When accessing the higher consciousness brain wave state through the pure heart and inner Observer dedicated to Christ virtues, one can receive impressions and retrieve consciousness information that was recorded in the ley lines at that particular position and location of the planet’s geography. There are many etheric gatekeepers that function as Guardians in the spiritual world that have been protecting the consciousness gateways and supporting the crystalline networks in the living consciousness of the planet.

Some areas are governed by the sleeping stasis beings that function as the local Albion in that land mass, and many of them are the original Maji Grail Kings that are Solar Golden Dragons sent here by the Godhead to embody and preserve the Cosmic Christos-Sophia, the masculine-feminine architecture of the Albion Lightbody for the planet. The majority of the Albion Lightbody in the planet remains unrealized and dormant until the alien machinery and artificial intelligence programming is extracted and humanity begins to spiritually awaken into their heart and higher mind to inquire on their consciousness and spiritual body. The Albion could be defined as the unawakened body of the Cosmic Christos that remains in stasis until the destiny of humanity’s ascension can begin to be fulfilled when enough of the population wake up and their hearts and spirits cry out and ask for the truth.

Further, the planetary grid is a living ancient mapping system of the constellations and stars that hold multiple energy spectrums of consciousness filled with intelligent geometric patterns of Universal creation code, and that celestial intelligence is expressed in its entirety from within the Cosmic Trinity or Solar Rishi that surrounds and makes up the Albion Lightbody. Thus, the Albion is the living light embodiment of cosmic intelligence streams existing inside the planetary lightbody, which holds the God World architecture of the Solar Golden Dragons, the Paliadorian Dragon Kings and their organic Cosmic Christos consciousness pattern that is held in the Geometric Tesseract of the Godhead's archetypal matrix of the 144,000. The Albion is the Godhead’s designed lightbody installed within the Earth that holds the totality of the multidimensional morphogenetic instruction sets which include the original idea that expresses itself through the Holy Father, Holy Mother and Holy Christos-Sophia, who transmits the divine plan into the ascending consciousness of humanity as they are evolving throughout the timelines of Universal Creation.

Spheres within Spheres

The Albion Lightbody exists in the planetary body as a sphere within spheres, and it is the exact holographic replica of an original 12 strand DNA angelic human, the first expression of a divine human being that is recorded in light and sound within the planetary body. The Albion Lightbody is a massive architecture that wraps around the earth and projects through holographic fractals in every dimensional layer from inner to outer and in between, into our cells, similar to looking at an image that is being reflected in the Hall of Mirrors. The Albion and the Cathar represent the twinning of the Holy Father and Holy Mother Principle in the restoration of sacred Rod and Staff, the holy spirit entwines with matter in the Hieros Gamos sacred marriage. The risen Christos-Sophia is expressed through an angelic human body made manifest on the Earth through the corrected morphogenetic patterns synthesizing the polarities into the unified cosmic consciousness in the Albion.

The Albion contains the androgynous angelic human diamond sun template that was created from the twelve spheres of the Universal Tree of Life, which during the fall of Gaia, became buried and dormant in the lower dimensional fields of the earth, waiting to be ignited again during the Universal Ascension Cycle. Recently with the Gaian Planetary Core Emancipation and the ongoing retrieval of the tri-matrix of Azurite DNA and Christos identities from the fallen and phantom state, the Albion Lightbody architecture that interconnects with Gaia, has now merged with Tara and Earth, which is igniting and lighting up the Albion holographic geography throughout its multidimensional layers.[1]

Albion Awakening is Inner Christ Initiation

The knowledge and alchemy held within the Albion’s alembic chamber to co-create the Cosmic Christos intelligence via rainbow rounds of liquid plasma light, is the key in understanding humanity’s divine purpose and ultimate mission upon the Earth. The awakening Albion and Rise of Arthur to find his beloved counterpart, the Triple Solar Goddess Guinevere (Brigid), Meri-Scotia and Mary Sophia, informs us how humanity was seeded here from the stars in twin aspects, and why the divine mind of God has chosen to express in this manner.

With the direct experiences that come with interfacing intimately with the planetary consciousness body, all dogma and religion fall away and the correct context and true meaning of the Inner Christos attainment through the Solar Logos initiation takes on a completely different meaning through multidimensional awareness. Through this experience of Gnosis, one understands that Christ is much vaster than the religious based stories of Jesus, as the Christ is a Cosmic title that embodies complete spiritual freedom. This sacred anointing is only given as a gift from God through knowing and loving the presence of God deeply inside your own heart.[2]

12 Maji Grail Kings

During the Dark Aeon, the Albion Lightbody and Cosmic Christos Consciousness holders of that holographic architecture were placed in the lowest vibration of the earth density and remained asleep there until the Krystal Star families returned to awaken them during the Ascension Cycle. As Guardians, these are the original 12 Maji Grail Kings and assorted Christos family members we have returned for by awakening the Albion in Earth, Tara and Gaia, in order to ensure they would be able to wake up fully, help the planetary ascension and then return back to their spiritual home in the God Worlds.[3]

Arthurian Legend

Rise of King Arthur

The Arthurian Legends are extremely ancient archetypal memories of humanity’s origins that go back into the Galactic History of Lyra and Gaia, as these particular memories have been seeded directly into the Albion Lightbody in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom landmass holds both the Maji Grail King masculine architecture for 6D planetary wings and the Maji Grail King female 7D planetary wings architecture in one central location in the Albion Lightbody, which apparently has features of Geomantic Structure that are completely unique and unlike any other continent on the planet. This is why this section of the Albion located within this island nation’s landmass operates as a powerful headquarters for global awakening and shifting timelines. The awakening Albion holds an important key that brings unification between the Sacred Rod and Staff architecture within the planet, which is the metaphorical holy grail that announces the move into the next Harmonic Universe and opens the timeline of the Golden Age of Ascension.


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