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Templarsealer (Sequoia art)

The Cygnus constellation is a Solar Rishi Stargate connected to the ray systems in Ursa Major that were being exploited by the NAA, which had a grave impact on the Family of Michael. The holographic geography of the Cygnus constellation star map is overlaid on top of the United Kingdom landmass, which has been undergoing repair and rehabilitation within the master control for the Albion Lightbody since the Rise of Arthur. The NAA forces generated a custom Beast Machine configuration of Osiris penis embedded in this star constellation pattern for the purpose of inverting 11:11 gateways, hijacking the Templar Cross light codes in order to reverse the Michael Mary ley lines to instead be directed into the 11D Daath system of Typhon Tunnels. The inversion of the Templar Cross was an active curse against Essene Christos Templars, putting the 11D code technology into the hands of Luciferian Templars, with many of these lineages performing satanic rituals in the Controller pyramid.[1]

Pegasus and 11D Aveyon

Thus, the Cosmic Father’s 36D Cubed Threefold Founder Flames have emerged through the Pegasus constellation’s triple masculine rod architecture, to link the Amethyst Order’s Rha Scepter Codes into the 11D Stargate Network in the United Kingdom. (See Liberation of Pegasus.) The Cosmic Elohei Father has revealed his perfected creation of Dark Matter Suns which include Dark Matter Dragon Rings from the Rha God Worlds, where there are dark matter Elohei dragon races travelling through the parallel matrices which ride into our timelines. These Cosmic Father Dark Sun Elohei are connected to the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races, which are the parents to those that are embodied in the Code of the Violet Sun. This encompasses many of the Holy Father’s pink-purplish-lilac sun-stars in Aquareion matrix and beyond, that include the Metatron-Meritaten spiritual families of Ascended Masters and the 11D Aveyon Essene Tribes of the King Arthur Maji Grail lines.[2]

Earth's Natural Stargates

The Planetary Stargate System are the Earth’s connection points or Portals into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle. See the Precession of the Equinoxes.

  • 11D Stargate Vale of Pewsey, Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK (Stonehenge) 51.1679º N, 1.763º W
  • 11D Inner gate Ireland’s Eye, Irish Sea 53.404608º N, 6.063344º W
  • 11D Inner gate St. Ives Bay, Cornwall, UK 50.211º N, 5.48º W (Grual-Grail Point)


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