Aquatic Mer Lineages

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Amethyst Order Ramas (Art by Sequoia)

The Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races are parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters, and thus have been instrumental in ongoing negotiations and meetings with assorted fallen species, as well as instigating various genetic healing strategies while carrying out the Emerald Covenant. They have been especially busy with recent captures and defectors. Recent events in Lyra have further highlighted the role of the Cosmic Holy Father’s Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages which seem to be the forefathers of the Merlin Azurites, Metatron Sun and the Pegasai races in Pegasus constellation. This has revealed more of the Cosmic Elohei Father principle forms, such as those represented as the Greek Gods of the Sea like Poseidon, Neptune and Mer-people. These extend into Mer-Horses, Mer-Deer, Winged Pegasai, as well as different forms of aquatic flora and fauna we would consider to be sea creatures, sea shells and sea urchins. Thus, current events of the Christos Mission have brought to our attention the role of the Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion races that have come into our time matrix to reunite and gather the Elohei Mer lineages through the 11D-12D layers of the Pegasus constellation’s alpha star Markab.[1]

Braharama Oraphim

The Braharama Oraphim created the many varieties of whales and dolphins that are designed to transmit sound codes that restore the natural order of an architectural pattern within the core manifestation template of creation. The Amethyst Order transmits frequency patterns and sound codes to their cetacean family representatives swimming in the oceans in order to help maintain electromagnetic balance and gender principle balance throughout the planetary biosphere. [2]

Metatronic Body Restoration for Mer People

Thus, the Cosmic Father is heavily involved in Metatronic body restoration to rehabilitate and heal all plasmic flowering expressions for reclaiming the organic Metatron family through their genetic bonds, being reconnected to the recently birthed Metatron Sun. These gorgeous pastel rays of pinks, lilac and periwinkles are the organic consciousness of the newly formed Metatron Sun as gifted from out of the Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Elohei, which include the sustenance for spiritually healing the masculine principles of the Aquatic Mer Lineages. Cosmic Father merges his Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Sun with the Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Elohei Sun.[3]

Cosmic Elohei Father Mer-Lions

Holy Father Pink Lilac Sun (art by Elizabeth)

The liberation of Markab was the major celebratory event for restoring Lyran organic matrices that led to the Cosmic Christos-Sophia hierogamic union of Metatron and Meritaten, which culminated in Machu Picchu during the electrical peak cycle earlier this year. This Triple Masculine Cosmic Christos Metatron template is connected to the return of Cosmic White Sun and Cosmic Pink Sun sacred marriage in Lyran constellation that further migrated into Pegasus, via the hosting of the Cosmic Elohei Father Mer-Lions. [4]

Ezekiel's Solar Rod Unlocks Pegasus

With Ezekiel’s liberation and reunification with his counterpart, his massive 8D golden sun consciousness body comprising the solar rod template was reconnected back into the Gaian core, which generated the final sequences of monadic staff layer corrections in Orion constellation. This event opened another layer in the Amarna portal system which allowed viewing of the 7D layers of Gaian time fields with Amethyst Order Azurites. This unlocked more participation with the Code of the Violet Sun.

This 7D timeline correction in the horizontal fields drastically impacted the push forward into the timeline wars over the planetary ascension timelines, which appeared to be hosted by Amethyst Order Ramyanas which further opened up portal connections to Mer-Lion races in the Pegasus constellation. This combined with Ezekiel’s Solar Rod template, has unified the Four Hands of Man horizontals upon Gaia with the Four Faces of Man and Guardians of the 12 Sonic Sound Pillars that are located on the Earth. This event in Pegasus constellation seems to be the major catalyst of the next generation communications with the Cosmic White Diamond Elohei Mother and the Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Father. See Elohei Triple Great Lion Networks.[5]

Cosmic Mother Reclaims Malta

As Cosmic Mother Dragon made her alterations in the dark matter fields with her organic Supermagnetism during the magnetic peak, the solar plasma coded dark elemental forces seeded in the Rasha Body made sound template corrections to metatronic reversals in the 11D dragon lines. Then like a clear bell ringing its clarion call for those purely devoted to serve our Cosmic Holy Mother, it was the divine timing for the Emerald Order Christos Mission to be sent into Malta.

Beneath the southern tip of Italy in the western Mediterranean Sea, is the nine-mile-long island of Malta. As an ancient center of civilization, Malta was considered to be one of the most strategic points on the planet, as it was a major port and intersection point between the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa. Science has told us that Malta's ancient name is "Melita" which is derived from the Latin word for honey. Thus, Malta's ancient symbol was a bee along with the honeycomb’s hexagonal cells, which also brings to mind the light symbol code of unity, which is the meaning of the six-pointed merkaba star of Christos-Sophia. Melita apparently has its origin in "Mel" or "Mer" that in Ancient Egyptian culture was referring to the function and purpose of the pyramids specifically placed on the powerful ley lines or Dragon Nodes. This reference is interesting to note with the recent liberation of the Elohei Mer lineages through the 11D-12D layers of the Pegasus constellation.[6]

10D Stargate Abadan, Iran

This region was once the home of ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia that was filled with the sapphire diamond infused sacred krystal waters of the Triple Solar Sapphire Blue Ma’ ah Goddesses that inhabited the planetary Rasha Body, along with Mer Peoples in the seas that helped to protect the Solar Mary’s sapphire crystal. [7]

Alnilam Invasion of Amethyst Order Rishi

This point of invasion into Alnilam gave control over the Solar Rishic Violet Magenta Pink flames of the Holy Father principle and the Triple Solar Masculine rod networks to the Orion Group, which further cloned out and replicated their body parts into artificial black holes and black sun networks, to be inserted in place of the organic rod systems.

One such pertinent history is the Fall of Pegasus constellation which was liberated during the Cosmic Dragon Awakening last year [2022], and the plight of the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races that are the parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters and emanate as the Cosmic Holy Father's Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages. The insertion of the Black Sun into Alnilam included genetic copies of the Holy Father's 11D genetic lineages of Pink Diamond Mer-Lion, and extensive artificial wormholes from Alnilam also reached into Markab, the alpha star of Pegasus constellation. Thus, the Christos Mission has brought our attention the role of the Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion races that have come into our time matrix to reunite with the organic living consciousness of the Cosmic Holy Father, during the reclamation of the authentic Melchizedek Logos which extends to support the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama family.[8]

White Mother Merida and Amethyst Father Michael-Merlin

Recently, Merida’s masculine hierogamic counterpart was revealed to be a Dark Matter Elohei Michael-Merlin, and that they shared twinned Pegasus Elohei Aquatic Mer consciousness bodies that are connected to 11D Aveyon, which were heavily damaged during the Lyran Wars. Thus, they both have been under a covert specific retrieval mission for the rehabilitation of their dark matter rainbow sun-stars, and this particular mission was being directed in stealth by the Cosmic Elohei Parents. For Merida’s return to this world as the 11D Staff of the King Arthur Grail lines, her aquatic Mer Solar Dragon body and organic Rod and Staff in the form of dual tridents needed to be fully merged in sacred union with her beloved husband, an Amethyst Order Pegasus Father Elohei, Michael-Merlin.[9]

Dark Matter Suns

Currently, the Amethyst Order headquarters in Pegasus constellation seems to be the main focus for current rehabilitation of the 11D Rod architecture, as it is connected to the Cosmic Father’s Elohei Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion dragon lineages and the Dark Matter Suns network.[10]


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