Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Suns

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Cosmic Father's Pink Sun ( art by Elizabeth)

Currently, the Amethyst Order headquarters in Pegasus constellation seems to be the main focus for current rehabilitation of the 11D Rod architecture, as it is connected to the Cosmic Father’s Elohei Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion dragon lineages and the Dark Matter Suns network.

Cosmic Elohei Father Mer-Lions

Holy Father Pink Lilac Sun (art by Elizabeth)

The liberation of Markab was the major celebratory event for restoring Lyran organic matrices that led to the Cosmic Christos-Sophia hierogamic union of Metatron and Meritaten, which culminated in Machu Picchu during the electrical peak cycle earlier this year. This Triple Masculine Cosmic Christos Metatron template is connected to the return of Cosmic White Sun and Cosmic Pink Sun sacred marriage in Lyran constellation that further migrated into Pegasus, via the hosting of the Cosmic Elohei Father Mer-Lions.

Recoding Albion’s 11D Dark Matter Template

Since the Easter window [2023], there has been a tremendous amount of Amethyst Order Guardian gridwork rehabilitation, upgrades and reconnections happening for the merge occurring between the Cosmic Holy Father’s Dark Matter Suns from the God Worlds with the Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix or (HU6), and then down stepping corrections running into the Dark Matter Template from the 11D layers of the Albion Lightbody network.

This new discovery of Cosmic Elohei Dark Sun-Star Networks for building out the Starry Night Dark Firmament is required for the massively sized Cosmic Cathedral sun-star network which seats the second coming of Christ, through the Triple Solar Masculine King Arthur and Triple Solar Feminine Queen Guinevere, as the 11D Rod and Staff diamond capstone. Thus, we have recently learned the vast scale of Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Sun creations, and their critical importance in reclaiming the corrected triple rod architecture in the Albion. There was a Cosmic Elohei Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha Quad Hierogamic Template installed into the Albion network, to help facilitate the transmission of Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter Suns through the Cosmic Starhuman Aeonic Pairing held in the Cosmic Clock. This appears to be another stage of the Universal Star Coupling architecture that builds out the correct dark matter template that is blended into both Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix and the Cosmic Father’s Dark Matter sun star network, accessed from inside the Pegasus constellation corridor.

Thus, the Cosmic Father’s 36D Cubed Threefold Founder Flames have emerged through the Pegasus constellation’s triple masculine rod architecture, to link the Amethyst Order’s Rha Scepter Codes into the 11D stargate network in the United Kingdom. (See Liberation of Pegasus). The Cosmic Elohei Father has revealed his perfected creation of Dark Matter Suns which include Dark Matter Dragon Rings from the Rha God Worlds, where there are Dark Matter Elohei dragon races travelling through the parallel matrices which ride into our timelines. These Cosmic Father Dark Sun Elohei are connected to the Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races, which are the parents to those that are embodied in the Code of the Violet Sun. This encompasses many of the Holy Father’s pink-purplish-lilac sun-stars in Aquareion matrix and beyond, that include the Metatron-Solar Dragon Queen Meritaten spiritual families of Ascended Masters and the 11D Aveyon Essene Tribes of the King Arthur Maji Grail lines.

When the Cosmic Father Elohei started to appear through the corrected Pegasai Elohei Mer lines holding the 11D Rod Template, it was observed there was a whole new section of dark rainbow sun star networks of organic Black Diamond Suns positioning for hierogamic merge, in order to expel the invaders Black Sun hierarchy. These have activated into yet another new layer of 36D Holy Father dark matter rainbow suns that project dark matter dragon rings that have been merged with the Holy Mother’s dark matter Rasha Body rings in the planet. This is a definite demonstration of supreme protection from the God Worlds for the Holy Mother Sophianic principle from the Cosmic Father Elohei, which are entering into our time matrix through Pegasus and into the dark matter template and interior of the planet, and thus, are extracting out the largest of the archontic parasites that were colonized deep in the Rasha Body of the planet. Thank you, Cosmic Father!

Thus, there appears to be a major influx of Dark Matter Suns with Ankh Body Dragon Rings uniting with the Holy Mother’s Dark Matter Template through the spans of gel rings for krystal re-encryption and hierogamic merge, which extends throughout the Rasha matrix layers of the [[Earth-Taran-Gaian timelines. When the Father’s Dark Elohei dragon rings merge with the Rasha gel rings in the planet, there are explosions of dark rainbow solar plasma flowerings and dark triple masculine rods that start to install within the Krystal Cathedral sections. These are being placed to defend the Earth’s grid and organic ascension timeline, with the main focus upon securing the grail points with Cosmic Father Dark Elohei, that are gliding into the dark matter layers in 2D-5D-8D-11D.

Thus, we have learned that this stage of recoding the Albion’s dark matter template was one of the most important pieces to restore the complete identity of the 11th Tribe Atlantian Dragon Queen Merida. Her chosen embodiment as the Triple Solar ReishaWhite Rainbow Dragon Mary-Dha of the Piscean Constellation, and as her embodied organic 11D CDT plate records come back into the planetary matrix, this recodes the planet into that which existed before the history of Eieyani Massacre and the tragic Thothian betrayal.

Recently, Merida’s masculine hierogamic counterpart was revealed to be a Dark Matter Elohei Michael-Merlin, and that they shared twinned Pegasus Elohei Aquatic Mer consciousness bodies that are connected to 11D Aveyon, which were heavily damaged during the Lyran Wars. Thus, they both have been under a covert specific retrieval mission for the rehabilitation of their dark matter rainbow sun-stars, and this particular mission was being directed in stealth by the Cosmic Elohei Parents. For Merida’s return to this world as the 11D Staff of the King Arthur Grail lines, her aquatic Mer dragon body and organic rod and staff in the form of dual tridents needed to be fully merged in sacred union with her beloved husband, an Amethyst Order Pegasus Father Elohei, Michael-Merlin.[1]

White Diamond Solar Queen and Pink Diamond Solar King Reunited

In the highest realms of God Worlds, this configuration is down stepping from the Cosmic Elohei Mother in her White Diamond Sun being fully merged with the Cosmic Father Elohei in his Pink Diamond Sun, which birthed another Christos offspring through organic black rainbow crystalline sun stars. These black diamond rainbow crystals and Dark Matter Suns started to appear a few years ago with the Starry Night Dark Firmament architecture, and recently they appeared to generate a dark sun halo or fluffy black coronas which surround the inner sun stars of the Cosmic Elohei lineages.[2]


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