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Build the Rod, Triple Solar Rod (art by Sequoia)

Many Christos Starseed gridworkers from all over the globe synchronized together into the collective tri-wave rainbow frequencies, making it possible to finally reclaim Ezekiel’s Cosmic and Solar Rod principle in the planet and within the Galactic Core. Thus, thwarting the AI false rods or lunar rods that had been installed to operate the extensive layers of the NAA’s beast machine network to pull the planetary grid matrix into a phantom black hole. Ezekiel’s solar rod consciousness was being locked down in Iraq from the 8D Electrical Wars timeline, while his solar dragon body was stationed in the lowest density of the painful war zones happening on multiple planes of reality, as the war program was being pulsed through the Golden Eagle Grid network. His body was being harvested for powering alien machinery and AI timelines, that shadow content was co-creating victim-victimizer nightmares of never-ending war and enemy patterning throughout the planetary collective consciousness and in the astral dream state of humanity. The epicenter of this Armageddon war program was being transmitted from alien machinery and Horseman Pulse technology installed in the location of Iraq-Iran where his core dragon body was being held, trapped and impaled around the Ezekiel grave monument.

To stop the Earth from being a never-ending warzone of blended AI realities being inserted repeatedly by the NAA, an important key was to be found in the rehabilitation of the solar rod architecture and sextant matrix function in the 8D layers of the metagalactic core and Gaian matrix. This would be the major piece of the galactic history puzzle that would finally result in the Liberation of Ezekiel and his solar dragon families, freeing them from being harvested and trapped in the false rod systems run by the alien machinery in the planetary grid system.

There was so much information to gather and dark force attacking to endure, in order to get through the onslaught of interference to learn about the grid mechanics and exactly why Guardian Ezekiel had been impaled and trapped in the planetary grid. Through the direct experience of gnosis, we had to understand why reassembling his massive consciousness body, which was formed into the solar rod within the 8D Galactic Core, was so incredibly important to the liberation of the planet.

Over the years, it was observed that other major Founder Christos family members did not seem to have suffered such tremendous levels of consciousness body disfigurement within the elemental instruction sets or tetramorphic layers and that Ezekiel’s plight was quite unique. Thus, it was made clear over time that Ezekiel and the family of Ezekiel gestalt, which extended into his Kantarian dragon lineages on Gaia, were important keys in the embodiment principle of the masculine Solar Rod Template throughout the planetary grid networks spanning into all three harmonic universes. The three toned unified signatures of the planetary logos grid architecture were held throughout the dragon lines as they spanned around the Earth, Tara and Gaia in the electro-tonal patterns KA-TA-RA.

KA-TA-RA sun-stars are unified tri-wave embodiments by Kantarian solar ouroboros dragons that seem to be connected to the original emanation of Founder Amethyst Dragon King Ezekiel and his father-son triple solar masculine Christos consciousness body sourcing from the Rha God World Creation. The Kantarians are embodied as solar dragons with wings that held open the rotational core in the portal systems that link directly into the crystal diamond hearts within the center point of union and that central point is the Azura, which exists within each 12 Tree manifestation grid. Their function was linking these rotational core portal systems all the way back into the Azura point of the Emerald Crystal Heart circuitry of the Kryst-Krystallah matrix in the God Worlds. The Kantarians are the center point of union principle in the Galactic Core that are designated to embody the structure for the Mother and Father Arc portal systems that lead all the way in and out of the nested holographic time matrices. The Kantarians unify in male-female Aeonic Pairings that step down the flows of the most sacred holy spirits of the Krystallah aquamarine flame source coming from the pure love transmissions of the Cosmic Emerald Crystal Hearts of God.

The Christos masculine solar rod architecture of the Triple Solar Christ spanned into all of the horizontal rods that connected into Earth, Taran and Gaian historical timelines and their planetary instruction set matrices. Founder Amethyst Order Dragon King Ezekiel from the Rha God Worlds embodied the entire planetary rod function from the Krystic sextant matrix Amethyst Dragon timekeeper architecture, in which he formed his Golden Monadic Body into a 36D template as the prototype form for the Triple Solar Masculine Christ Deity, that further was seated within the 8D Galactic Core and the Gaian matrix. Thus, Ezekiel as the Solar Rishic Father solar rod principle of the Christos 36D diamond sun body is holding the original krystal architecture and time codes of the entire pre-fall Hyperborean timelines from the Gaian matrix. Yet another majestic Solar Christ figure that was hidden from us as an important part of our origins and galactic history that has been intentionally erased and stolen from humanity.

Our Universe was invaded when the 8D layers of the Metagalactic Core were attacked by black hole entities that are a fallen species that hybridized with advanced AI technological systems, many of whom joined together later on to form the NAA. Obviously, given Ezekiel’s placement as a Christos Solar Rod principle in the Universal architecture as an Amethyst Order Dragon King along with his Gaian Kantarian spiritual family identity, he fell along with the rest of angelic humanity with his consciousness body parts strewn across many dimensions. Whether we are aware of ourselves as from the Founder Christos lineages, other galactic civilizations or the earthseeds, we are all currently undergoing stages of spiritual ascension and global awakening in order to reclaim our organic and original consciousness body that connects with the authentic God source. Every individual is undergoing a process of ascension during the planetary liberation from these very same black hole anti-human forces that have infiltrated and infected our planet, solar system and Universe, with AI technology that was developed from a parallel fallen time matrix.

Return of Solar Rishi and Amethyst Order Ezekiel

The expansion into the three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation allowed for the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, as the first triad of light manifestations began to braid into the Founder Staff, this also began the return of the Rainbow Solar Dragon electro-tones to reassemble the Solar Rod Template.

With the return of the Solar Rishi, the Solar Rod Template in the planetary grid network could finally be seen and accessed within the Albion architecture at entirely new levels, which made Ezekiel’s embodiment as the Triple Solar Masculine Christ prototype in the 8D Galactic Core perceptible to those on the Christos Mission.

Cosmic Clock, Kantarian Dragons

Ezekiel’s individual identity had access to his Amethyst Order Holy Father Kantarian solar dragon body memories from Gaia. In the Books of Ezekiel, he was describing the planetary grid network which generated the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons principle, connected to the Solar Rod Template that his Christos dragon consciousness was embodying from within the 8D layers of the Universal Time Matrix. He memorialized this teaching for us as the Four Living Creatures, in which he describes the mechanics of the Cosmic Clock construct in our Universe and the original Founder Guardian planetary grid networks that had been installed to protect the Earth from utter destruction, as the desired end result of the NAA invasion.

12 Guardians of Pillar

The Twelve Guardians of the Pillar are what has allowed ongoing rainbow plasma pillar networks from the God Words to secure and stabilize the lower density planetary grids during the final conflict, as well as to finally return the 8D Solar Rod principle back to Founder Ezekiel.

Correction to Aeonic Pairs

The Liberation of Ezekiel and the repair of his massive solar rod consciousness body that fell during the Electrical Wars on Gaia, are directly interconnected with the corrections made by Guardian Host in the 8D Galactic Core and the Orion gateway for securing accurate Aeonic Pairings for correct male-female gender principle alignments.

Universal Staff Vertical Alignments

Each section of the vertical grids had to be restored through the timelines of the Earth’s White Lion grid, Tara’s Blue Lion Grid and Gaia’s Golden Lion Grid, in which the trinity of these vertical grid alignments would finally be reconnected to the horizontal plane of the Galactic Ecliptic with Ezekiel’s 8D Solar Rod. Further the intersections made between these Triple Solar Mother vertical staff grids with the Triple Solar Father horizontal rod grids merging together in the 8D core, then transformed themselves into a new formation of Triple Solar Gates which make up the Galactic Ankh network.

Cathedral Activations

When the Rosslyn Chapel 6D portal and Chartres Cathedral 7D portal unified an activation of the holographic Emerald Founder Records occurred when an Azura point for the Cosmic Emerald Crystal Heart birthed into the Spine of Albion and aligned with the Solar Rod of Ezekiel, making corrections to the positions held within the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons.

Dragon Breath Triskelion Celtic Coding

The Triple Solar Masculine rod coding aligned with Ezekiel’s Solar Rod is flooding dragon breath triskelion spirals in the form of pale emerald rays and lilac purplish colors that are running into the planetary rod instruction sets within the Albion Lightbody. The Amethyst Order Holy Father light purplish tones appear to form into lilac-lavender rays from the crystals of Aquareion, which are designed to run corrected sextant matrix coding and appear to be reconfiguring the planetary clock shield templates in the sextant matrix network through the recently introduced Amethyst Dragon Timekeeper architecture.[1]

Liberation of Ezekiel

Once corrected Rod proportions were set for the Triple Solar Masculine at certain dimensional thresholds, then came the intense retrieval work of the Mother of Dragons and her Solar Feminine Melchizedek Mu’a staff holders of Elaysa. The game changer event happened during the Liberation of Ezekiel (January 2022), in which the Amethyst Order Dragon King who functions as the 8D Triple Solar Rod holder of our Galactic center, Ezekiel was finally retrieved out of Iraq, Orion and the Gaian Matrix. Then with great celebration, he was finally freed to rejoin with his Solar Feminine Melchizedek counterpart on the Christos Mission. Together, they hold the true north position in the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons and help to direct further triple solar rod corrections for other Christos Founder beings that have been lost throughout the planetary matrix. Currently, the Amethyst Order headquarters in Pegasus constellation seems to be the main focus for current rehabilitation of the 11D Rod architecture, as it is connected to the Cosmic Father’s Elohei Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion dragon lineages and the Dark Matter Suns network.[2]


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