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The Prophet Ezekiel (Born c. 622 BCE Jerusalem Died c. 570 BCE Babylon (Iraq) is viewed as the author of the Book of Ezekiel that reveals a sequence of prophecies around the restoration of Israel (God’s Kingdom) and the Third Temple. Ezekiel goes into great detail about his encounter with God and the Four Living Creatures or Cherubim with four wheels. Recent intelligence about Ezekiel is being shared to give deeper clarity on the impact of the changes transpiring with the Four Living Creatures in our Planetary Grid Network. Ezekiel was the Hierophant of Pythagoras and the Father of Pythagorean Mystery Schools, information that became increasingly distorted over time by Thothian groups. [1]

Liberation of Ezekiel

Ruby Order EO Mission

Important Update January 2022: Now that we have achieved the success of finally liberating his massive solar consciousness body, in which he has been reunited with his genuine female counterpart, this story is one small facet of the amazing adventure of freeing planet Earth from the anti-human invaders. This celebration includes all of our Christos family tirelessly working all over the Universe to find and reclaim all of his solar masculine rod parts and finally, the heartfelt emotional experience in realizing the sweet victory of Liberating Ezekiel. See Liberation of Ezekiel and 12th Solar Dragon King. [2]

Family of Ezekiel

Guardian gridworking projects have revealed that Family of Ezekiel's hyperborean monadic family are directly connected to the 7th dimensional layers of the Gaian matrix, and were instrumental in the anchoring of the horizontal ley lines connected to the Golden Eagle Grid. The Amethyst Order have been recovering body parts for the Family of Ezekiel, which are made possible with Violet Ray rehabilitation and Code of the Violet Sun activation for Violet Flame Holders. See Return of Solar Rishi and Rha God World Creation.

Unholy Ez Trinity

Ezmeralda lunar female demonic forces has shown bindings along with Ezra and Ezekiel distortions in the grid, which generates a trinity of satanic reversal Black Magic structures that are also designed to infiltrate the masculine layers of the human Lightbody with Dark Mother, binding them into reversals and energy blockages through its Consciousness Trap.

These demonic gestalts are hybridized with AI programming for off planet control and manipulation of these assortments of lunar female forces, which run Negative Ego programs for Luciferian superiority complexes, Princess Code, delusions of grandeur, self-entitlement through astral glamour which blocks the energetic balance within the lightbody that is required for achieving the Solar Mary sophianic embodiment or authentic inner hierogamic union. See Lunar Female Demonic Forces and Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff.[3]

Book of Ezekiel

The Book of Ezekiel is the third of the Major Prophets in the Tanakh and one of the major prophetic books in the Old Testament, following Isaiah and Jeremiah. According to the book itself, it records seven visions of the prophet Ezekiel, exiled in Babylon, during the 22 years from 593 to 571 BCE, although it is the product of a long and complex history and does not necessarily preserve the very words of the prophet. The visions, and the book, are structured around three themes:

  • (1) judgment on Israel (chapters 1–24);
  • (2) judgment on the nations (chapters 25–32);
  • (3) and future blessings for Israel (chapters 33–48).

Its themes include the concepts of the presence of God, purity, Israel as a divine community, and individual responsibility to God. Its later influence has included the development of mystical and apocalyptic traditions in Second Temple and rabbinic Judaism and Christianity.[4]

10th Gate Armageddon Software

See Liberation of Ezekiel and Christos Mission as Ezekiel recon began 2014: Apparently Ezekiel, had another birth name and was the Master teacher to Pythagoras. As The Sacred Decad architecture is being revealed through the Ophiuchus transmission, the being known as Ezekiel has required assistance to help him be freed from enslavement bonds. His original teachings have been vastly distorted for nefarious purposes.

Guardian teams have been working in the Middle East, in the terrain of Iraq/Iran in the 10th Stargate, and at the Tomb of Ezekiel. The tomb of Ezekiel is a structure located today in southern Iraq, and believed to be the final resting place of Ezekiel. It has been a place of pilgrimage for both Muslims and Jews alike. Ezekiel’s higher Monadic Body has been trapped in the earth unable to evolve. We viewed a collective chaotic field of human body parts, elementals, creatures, and a monadic man, contorting within the Tetramorphic field. This entity has been in tremendous pain and suffering, from the variety of impaling, crucifixion and torture he has undergone in a continuing war zone.

• This collective field is a human Monadic man that became Consubstantial to elementals in the location of Iraq/Iran in the 10th Stargate. The bodies are mismatched and enmeshed like in a war zone. It is used by NAA forces.

• This body is a huge blackened gray field that feeds and is impaled on the Golden Eagle Grid network. This is a Fallen Elemental and false “tetramorphic” field structure where a man’s body was mingled into corrupted elementals/elements.

• This machinery has something to do with military, killing and manifesting war zones in the males on the planet and transmitting mind control in the GEG fields that transmit to the planet. (See Military Grey Alien Technology)

• There is a network of Islamic Alien Machinery at the Ezekiel grave in the Middle East, and a very heavy infiltration of Terrorism, Jihad and Hatred attached as mind control. (ISIS portal)

• There are Hibiru Tribes related to Fallen Melchizedek lineages with this creature that was once a human male. Tribes of Manasseh, Joseph and Benjamin have been highlighted.

This is a piece of the station of identity of a man known as Ezekiel, that has split off from this body and exists somewhere in the Monadic timelines. The Books of Ezekiel, contained gruesome accounts of the Gog and Magog war. This relates to the Armageddon Software heavily implanted in the majority of the population in the region.

Tomb of Ezekiel

Al Kifl, Iraq is the location of the tomb claimed to be that of the Islamic holy man Dhul-Kifl who is believed be the biblical prophet Ezekiel. We confirm that the being known as Ezekiel, and others, are there. If so guided, the prayers to end war through the Armageddon Software can also be applied to help manifest Peace on Earth. That prayer is found here: http://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/library/peace-payers/2267-world-peace-prayer

Sextant Matrix

Ezekiel cannot go anywhere until this field is cleaned up in relationship to collective masculine consciousness, especially that which is connected to the Hibiru lines. Recently, it has been magnified that the bones and graves of prominent people like Ezekiel had been robbed by the NAA. They use the Morphogenetic Fields of certain key figures that they have picked for Religious heroes or other roles that further the Yahweh-Jehovian False Father God Religions on the earth. In these cases, people have been mummified or buried in the earth when they should have been fully cremated.

This also has relationship to the timeline of the Masada Massacres and Herod the 1st, to whom Ezekiel gave explicit prophecies many years earlier. Herod was responsible for the construction of the Temple Mount and the Second (Herod) Temple in Jerusalem.

The ‘Curse of Yahweh’ is related to the enslavement of the Family of Ezekiel from the hyperborean timelines and to the sextant matrix that was used to shorten the human life span and kill the body. Bones were collected upon the death of the body to create a more sinister way to trap the human consciousness. Thus, trapping the Consciousness through the dead body’s bones that are buried down here in the earth. This has happened to Ezekiel and he is held in place through his religious prophecy which is an alien construct in the earth. This is very important in the timeline of body elemental corruption. The Sextant Matrix is equal to degrading the elementals and to the corruption coded into the Mitochondria and DNA as Miasma's.[5]

Ezekiel the Hierophant

As we uncover more about Ezekiel, these pieces in the timelines are relevant. Sharing this insight for those that may find it helpful as we witness these pieces together. The words chosen for our tool book, "Hieros Gamos" is going deeper into the clarity of it origin every day.[6]

  • Ezekiel, Prophet, Priest "The Hierophant" (sometimes called "The Pope") is one of the twenty-two trump cards comprising the "Major Arcana".

Born c. 622 BCE Jerusalem Died c. 570 BCE Babylon (Iraq)

Major shrine Ezekiel's Tomb, Al Kifl, IraqHierophant is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy. The word comes from Ancient Greece, where it was constructed from the combination of ta hiera, "the holy," and phainein, "to show." In Attica it was the title of the chief priest at the Eleusinian Mysteries. Secret religious rites (Spiritual Initiation or Mystery Schools) of ancient Greece". It is thought that their basis was an old agrarian cult (nope!) which probably goes back to the Mycenean period (c. 1600 – 1100 BC) The rites, ceremonies, and beliefs were kept secret and consistently preserved from antiquity. The initiated believed that they would have a reward in the afterlife. In 170 AD, the Temple of Demeter (Sophia) was sacked by the Sarmatians but was rebuilt by Marcus Aurelius. Aurelius was then allowed to become the only lay person ever to enter the anaktoron (Holy of Holies, Inner Sanctum). As Christianity gained in popularity in the 4th and 5th centuries, Eleusis's (Mystery School) prestige began to fade.

  • Pythagoras of Samos (Pythagoreanism originated in the 5th century BC and greatly influenced Platonism and the concept of vegetarianism).

Born c. 570 BC Samos Died c. 495 BC (aged around 75) Ionian Greek - 7D Stargate Area

  • Socrates – Sophist (Wisdom) Teacher (The Greek word sophist derives from the words sophia, and sophos, meaning "wisdom", Socrates dealt with moral matters.)

Born 470/469 BC Deme Alopece, Athens Died 399 BC (age approx. 71) Nationality Greek

  • Plato (Student of Socrates, Sophist and Pythagorean United)

Born 428/427 or 424/423 BCE Athens Died 348/347 BCE (aged c. 80) Nationality Greek

  • Aristotle (Student of Plato)

Born 384 BCE Stagira, Chalcidice (Chalkidiki),northern Greece Died 322 BCE (aged 62) Nationality Greek

  • Alexander the Great (Pharaoh of Egypt 332–323 BC, Student of Aristotle)

Born 20 or 21 July 356 BC Pella, Macedon Died 10 or 11 June 323 BC (aged 32)Babylon (Iraq)

  • Ptolemy I (Built Library of Alexandria)

Born 367 BCMacedon Died 283 BC (aged 84)Alexandria, Egypt

  • Library of Alexandria

The library was created by Ptolemy I Soter, who was a Macedonian general and the successor of Alexander the Great. The library is famous for having been burned resulting in the loss of many scrolls and books, and has become a symbol of the destruction of cultural knowledge. the library was initially organized by Demetrius of Phaleron, a student of Aristotle, under the reign of Ptolemy I Soter (c.367 BC—c.283 BC). The Library was built in the Royal Quarter (Four) in the style of Aristotle's Lyceum. During Caesar's Civil War, Julius Caesar was besieged at Alexandria in 48 BC. This fire spread to the library, destroying it. The library seems to have continued in existence to some degree until its contents were largely lost during the taking of the city by the Emperor Aurelian (AD 270–275), Paganism was made illegal by an edict of the Emperor Theodosius I in AD 391. The temples of Alexandria were closed by Patriarch Theophilus of Alexandria in AD 391. The historian Socrates of Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) describes that all pagan temples in Alexandria were destroyed, including the Serapeum. ( Temple to Serapis, i.e. Temple to Ascension) Since the Serapeum (Temple of Serapis was devised during the 3rd century BC on the orders of Ptolemy I of Egypt as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm) housed a part of the Great Library, some scholars believe that the remains of the Library of Alexandria were destroyed at this time. In AD 642, Alexandria was captured by the Muslim army of Amr ibn al `Aas. Several later Arabic sources describe the library's destruction by the order of Caliph Omar. Bar-Hebraeus, writing in the 13th century, quotes Omar as saying to Yaḥyā al-Naḥwī: "If those books are in agreement with the Quran, we have no need of them; and if these are opposed to the Quran, destroy them.[7]

Gnostic Platonism

”Philosophical relations between Neoplatonism and Gnosticism - Gnostics borrow a lot of ideas and terms from Platonism. They exhibit a keen understanding of Greek philosophical terms and the Greek Koine language in general, and use Greek philosophical concepts throughout their text, including such concepts as hypostasis (reality, existence), ousia (essence, substance, being), and demiurge (creator God). Good examples include texts such as the Hypostasis of the Archons (Reality of the Rulers) or Trimorphic Protennoia (The first thought in three forms). [8]


Parts of the Hermetica appeared in the 4th-century Gnostic library found in Nag Hammadi — another famous tract is the Emerald Tablet of Thoth, which teaches the doctrine "as above, so below". The Hermetica are Egyptian-Greek wisdom texts from the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE, which are mostly presented as dialogues in which a teacher, generally identified as Hermes Trismegistus ("thrice-greatest Hermes"), enlightens a disciple. The texts form the basis of Hermeticism. They discuss the divine, the cosmos, mind, and nature. Some touch upon alchemy, astrology, and related concepts. Orders -Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor -Hermetic Brotherhood of Light -Ordo Templi Orientis. See (Aleister Crowley)[9]

Cosmic Clock Corrections

The return of Christos Mission representatives hierogamic union through corrections in the Cosmic Clock have recently reunited Akhenaton and Kiya, Hatshepsut and Ezekiel family of consciousness streams from the Earth-Tara-Gaia histories connected to original Krystallah Suns.

Akhenaton and Kiya seem to have embodied the Krystic solar overriding forms for the Egyptian pantheon genetic tree used in AI cube systems and their red wave identity clones, and this acts as the repelling force of the Red Cube false identities of 7D inversions of Isis-Osiris Cloned Hierarchies that were bonded in Saturn-Moon matrix. This inverted 7D based unholy union was generated from Saturn-Moon blood worship rituals, and was instrumental in powering up many of the antichrist obelisk pillars used for marking cardinal directions in the Artificial Tree AI timelines and Thothian Leviathan Anti-hierogamic Rod and Staff Trident architecture, which are impaled across the globe in the ley lines.[10]


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