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Consubstantiality was used by the Essenes and Gnostics to describe phase transitions in spiritual alchemy. For purposes of clarity and context, this term was used before the First Council of Nicene's adoption of the word. In Gnostic texts the word is used with these meanings:

  • identity of substance between generating and generated;
  • identity of substance between things generated of the same substance;
  • identity of substance created between the divine partners of an Aeonic Pair.

When we apply the context of the word Consubstantiality to the comprehension of consciousness as intelligent energy that seeks to manifest itself in a quantum world, the meaning of the word changes. This phase of Consciousness evolution combines the dual aspect of the spiritualization of the body and the corporalization of the spirit into the matter world. Many different off planet forces are descending into the matter world as the planet is ascending through the harmonic scale, and opening into higher dimensions of future timelines. As these forces of the spirit may become corporeal through a human body, the human body can become fixed and Consubstantial with it. To be consubstantial with something is to be identified, associated and enmeshed with it. If we are not aware of our thoughts and actions, we may become Consubstantial with undesirable forces without realizing it. One may choose to be consubstantial with the Christ Consciousness and therefore, embody the trinity of the Holy Father, the Holy Mother, The Inner Holy Spirit as the Holy Son and Daughter. However, this embodiment may not be recognized by most people on the earth. [1]


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