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Higher Heart

The Amoraea Flame is activated when we are able to bring the three layers of our Soul Matrix into a triad body connection and we begin Monadic integration. The Amoraea Flame is the Inner Holy Spirit that ignites in the center heart of the Permanent Seed Atom that is located in the higher heart complex. This higher heart complex function is located in the 8th Chakra at the thymus gland.

Amoraea is sound frequency, that acts as the carrier wave for the Override Pillar Gates. Once the Amoraea sound frequency runs in our Universal Tree of Life, it splits into the Mother and Father Arc, Mother Arc manifests in our density, while the Father Arc anchors in the Parallel Time Matrix. As we embody both, we override the False Parent energies running in our field, and anchor the merge of both the real Mother and Father principle, as embodiments on the earth.

Azura Point

Christ Seed Atom

The eternal living consciousness field of the Cosmic Trinity forms into the Cosmic Krist Seed Atom which exists in the center point of every core manifestation grid template body and functions as the center point of the eternal creation. The Cosmic Krist Seed Atom flows the eternal Amoraea Flame of God's Holy Spirit which perpetually multiplies itself into living light seeds that holds the divine blueprint and instruction sets which time fields and matter systems are continually renewed and birthed into creation.

The multiplication of the smaller living light seeds are Christos seed atoms, in which the first Christos seed atom in every Universal Time Matrix manifests as the 12D Christos Ray of liquid plasma light, the pre-matter field of the Universal Christos field which holds the organic and original divine blueprint of creation.

The Azura Point or Permanent Seed Atom of the higher heart complex allows the activation of the internal heart flame to open the inner sanctum or heart doorway which is then able to receive a feedback loop and direct communication between God source and the individuated being in the manifestation fields. The Azura is activated during the monadic integration phase of spiritual ascension, in which the monad generates the inner light that projects through the permanent seed atom which is located in the Azura Point. The Azura Pint is also the inner sanctum of the higher heart complex, this is the area to focus upon to open and flower the heart in which one may then connect with the entire Universe, and communicate with the Krystal Star Guardian Founder Races.

8D Gold Ray

Transcript-The 8th Dimension is a Gold color but when the Monad starts flowering in the Diamond Heart, and the Heart complex starts to reconfigure in to the Thymus Gland area. This ignites the Inner Holy Spirit and actually looks blue and they call this the Living Crystal Lotus Heart. I call this Galactivation. See Amoraea Flame.

Override Pillar Gates

The Override Pillar Gates connect into the parallel quadrants holding the earth body and all parallels together, anchoring them into the inner worlds, which helps to disconnect the Beast Machine reversal networks so its inoperable on the earth body. Once the Amoraea Flame was connected into our Universal Time Matrix, it manifests into two new Arc Rays, the Mother Arc and Father Arc which act to override the False Parent energy structures used by the NAA as Consciousness Traps by creating religious intermediaries that represent themselves as the Mother and Father principle, but are in fact Alien False Gods.

Monad and Seed Atom

The Monad and the Permanent Seed Atom are different parts of the same functioning spirit body. When the seed atom is coming online the Monadic light generates into the diamond blueprint Diamond Heart filter of the permanent seed atom. The inner Monadic spirit ignites with the Mother's Holy Spirit or the Amoraea Flame.The activated 'Christ' Seed Atom generates the instruction set of the Silicate Matrix which thus manifests through the Universal Christos Field or 12D Ray.


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Found in HGS Manual Page 72