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The Override Pillar Gates or Reuche Pillars are from the God worlds that serve to stabilize the planetary merkaba shields, they were placed on the earth by the Guardian Host during the crisis intervention of Ascension Plan B. They help to hold energetic integrity of the grids through the capacity to run the planetary levels of the Amoraea Flame, which is like saying the inner holy spirit activation in the earth body that manifest into the Mother Arc and Father Arc. They are to stop reversals of the planet, such as running Metatronic Reversals, that would allow for being sucked into a dangerous black hole or the Phantom Matrix. They act to bring down the higher divine Blueprint from the Universal layers all the way down to our lower density. They also have something to do with resetting or adjusting timelines and their sequences, restoring the cosmic clock setting to before we had the fall and invasion timelines of the NAA.

This Guardian Override System is to prevent the Beast Machine and Anubian Black Heart Reversal Networks from pulling the earth, and parallel earths into black hole systems. The Override Pillar Gates connect into the parallel quadrants holding the earth body and all parallels together, anchoring them into the inner worlds, which helps to disconnect the Beast Machine reversal networks so its inoperable on the earth body. Once the Amoraea Flame was connected into our Universal Time Matrix, it manifests into two new Arc Rays, the Mother Arc and Father Arc which act to override the False Parent energy structures used by the NAA as Consciousness Traps by creating religious intermediaries that represent themselves as the Mother and Father principle, but are in fact Alien False Gods.

Pillar Gate Locations

  • 1D - Coast of Sierra Leone
  • 2D - West of Conakry Guinea in West Africa
  • 3D - East of Amapa, North East Brazil
  • 4D - Algerian Border, SW Ghat
  • 5D - Bermuda
  • 6D - Macchu Picchu
  • 7D - Bay of Biscay, Spain
  • 8D - Aral Sea, Kazakstan
  • 9D - Sardinia, Italy
  • 10D- Kashmir, Tibet
  • 11D - East Iran
  • 12D - Xian, China

Mother Arc

The 13th Pillar or Transharmonic Gates.

Guardians call this aspect of Mother's Aquamarine Ray energy, which is also a new quality of Magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core (which is circuited from the earth core from newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure) that is flooding the planetary body with Aqua Ray frequency - The Mother Arc. It is similar to understand that we have poked a hole in the mind controlled frequency fence NET and reconnected our handshake hub to reconnect with the Mother Arc, the Aqua Ray frequency and the braided plasma fields of the Aqualine Sun. It is through the Mother's Perfect Proton Seed (or Cosmic Egg) and through the Aqualine Sun that Creation can Heal Itself to its Original Divine Blueprint which is catalyzed into elemental matter through the awakening planetary Albion body. Through our Beloved Mother Arc, we are able to discern between the Reversal Mother energies and the real Mother principle of our Universe, and through her we access the Aqualine Sun from the earth surface, which is the Liquid Luminal plasma light braided into our earth core and reconnected into the Andromeda Core. These circuits of reconnection of the Mother of God principle is made possible by the Override Pillar Gates, which is the original parent frequency which directly heals our inner spirit and our Lightbody.

Father Arc

The Cosmic Monad of Father God (Father Arc) and the transmission of the next phases of the liquid plasma waves of the Cosmic Christos are returning now to activate or return the Permanent Seed Atom to those who the Permanent Seed Atom should belong to. The Cosmic Monad of Holy Father God is Emerald Green. This is the “Return to Rightful Owner” to those human beings that have developed their heart and true spiritual consciousness in love. The Permanent Seed Atom is located in the Higher Heart Chakra center or 8th Chakra of the Monad and is that which holds all consciousness memory in the Universe. If this has been stolen, damaged or abused by another, it will be repaired and returned whole to the rightful owner RRO. This is also called the Crystal Lotus Heart, while the reverse is called a Anubian Black Heart or metatronic heart.[1]


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Term found in HGS Manual: Page 57/160