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Mother's Aqua Ray, 13th Pillar

The 13th Gate Bio-Circuitry system has been connected and is being held down by a very small group of embodied Cosmic Ascended Masters that can hold one or more of the Aqua Ray/Blue Ray levels of coding. These are the Aqua Blue Ray Holders and those of the First Order are very few in numbers embodied on the planet. Systematically Indigos with the genetic coding capability are being circuited and linked to become links or holders of this Aqua Ray out of necessity to stabilize it permanently into the planetary field and the Earth Core. This is to link the 13th gate opening to connects into the Andromeda Core to access the star body of the original body of the Mother earth. This is a inner core alignment to the inner core of the Mother Earth body in Andromeda of which the ultraviolet liquid plasma field is generated from the crystal in the Aqualine Sun.

This process of recoding the 6D Indigo Field is a massive project underway that began with a major planetary power grid takeover-conflict that began last December [2009]. Small amounts of Starseed beings (in agreement to help with this project) have been experimenting on how to recode the Indigo (6D) harmonic with the Aqua Ray of Mother Arc which leads us into the Aqualine Sun to override distortions existing with the 6D consciousness field, such as the 666 Seal.[1]

Mother Arc

Guardians are calling this aspect of Mother Aquamarine Ray energy, a Magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core (through the newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure - The Mother Arc.... It is similar to understanding we have poked a hole in the mind controlled frequency fence NET and reconnected our handshake hub to reconnect with the Mother Arc the Aqua Ray and the Aqualine Sun through Andromeda Core. It is through the Mother's Perfect Proton Seed (or Cosmic Egg) accessed through the Aqualine Sun that Creation can Heal Itself to its Original Divine Blueprint. Through our Beloved Mother Arc we are able to access the Aurora fields, the Aqualine Sun as well as the plasma rays of the Seven Sacred Suns which are the Krystal Liquid Luminal light and Seven main Krystal sound tones that heal us.


When the Mother Arc 13th Gateway was ignited in the earth core, the inner gates which connect to Andromeda were opened through the Crystal Core of the earth. The protectors of the crystal core are of these krystic races called Aquaferions or Aquari lines.


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