Release into Aqua Portal

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Command for Release through Aqua Portal

Beloved God, Please open all channels of Light, clear all light fibers to be fully resonant with the Living Light Code. Amplifying now the 12th dimensional current: Connecting to 12 D Hub, spark and activate and amplify shielding. And expand, spinning the 12D Ray light outward counterclockwise. May all spin points be calibrated to the Liquid Light of Krysthala. Calling upon our Guardian Krystal Star Families, Aurora Hosts and Advisory Councils, all Defender Warriors of Truth:

Sovereignty and Liberation serving the One: We Sound our Unity note now in the fields of Omni-Love. Our templates updated, sustained and perpetuated in the Eternal Power of our Consecration to serve our Source, the Living Light of One. Please open together now the 12th dimensional vortex into full expansion of the crystalline platinum light. Spinning counterclockwise amplify and connect into the heart, Mind and Body of God. (See the vortex sphere filled with platinum and Aurora lights. See it fill the entire space.)

And NOW: North. South. East. West. Earth. Sky. Heart. We direct the corners of the intended House of God in our Krystal Cathedral sealed in the Light of the Order of Krystic Ones. Beloveds, please anchor and gate keep our space in sacred service to the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One in Unity Wholeness and Truth.

Now calibrate Transharmonic Pillar Alignment with Holy Mother Arc: Core to Core to Core, Align, Activate. Anchor Lock and Seal, Lock down NOW.

We prepare this portal for transit out of imprisonment for all beings now seeking liberation here. Beloved teams please support and provide appropriate transit through Mother Arc Portal: Now we call forth the Aquamarine Light. Beloved Mother Arc please flood our portal vortex with the grace of your Light!

We amplify now the Aquamarine Flame and Current. Hold portal steady.

Command: All who here seek release, depart now. All who here seek release, depart now. All who here seek release, depart now. Beloved Guardians, Krystal Star host, please oversee appropriate transit of all beloved beings requiring assistance or transport towards the exiting point.

All is received in the Heart of the Mother.

There is no death.

In deep gratitude for your ancient service, we ask you to come forth in Mother’s peace and safety.

Within the Crystalline Field a path is open before you. Aurora pillars light your steps and guard your way.

Beloved, Come forth now.

There is no death.

You have the right to your own sanity, and to Choose Wholeness.

The Heart of the Mother receives all -- come forth, come forth now.

In the Name of the One God Source and within the Authority of Christ, we call you forth:

You have the right to choose, and are FREE in God's Light.

In deep gratitude for your ancient service we call you forth into the healing field of God.

Beloved Ancestors and Natural Spirits, Come forth.

Your Sovereign Freedom now is claimed and consecrated in God's One Source Light.

Be at Peace. May Gods sovereign Light fill your heart with love and peace.

We seal and end our communication now. The Infinite Stream of Love is with you in All Ways.

(pause to complete) As we complete, we flood our own beings and bodies with crystalline cleansing light. Breathing the Krysthala through all our systems. (pause for breath, 3 or 4 deep breaths.)

All beloveds gathered here we thank you. We seal and end this procedure and our communication. We seal it into the Light of Unity Wholeness Truth. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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