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Command for Release through Aqua Portal

Beloved God, Please open all channels of Light, clear all light fibers to be fully resonant with the Living Light Code.

I intend to amplify the Christos field in 12th dimensional current, I am connecting to 12D Christos Hub, please spark, activate and amplify our shielding.

And expand, spinning the Cosmic Christos 12 D light outward counterclockwise in order to push it outward to make our sacred space aligned for transiting.

(State name of person who is passing and request the presence of their Avatar or Higher Self. If you feel guided and this person has not developed their own 12D Shield, you may expand your own 12D Platform to include this person, so that they are fully enclosed in your light. Otherwise, simply intend to transmit to and share with them these frequencies.)

Calling upon our Guardian Families, Aurora Hosts and Councils, all Defender Warriors of Truth Sovereignty and Liberation serving the One:

Calling upon the Families of Light related to and in support of _____ in continuing the highest expression of _____'s journey, and so that my love goes forth with _____ as this transition is accomplished.


We Sound our Unity note now in the fields of Omni-Love. Our templates updated, sustained and perpetuated in the Eternal Power of our God Consecration to serve our Source, the Eternal Living Light of One.

Please open together now the Cosmic Christos field of the 12th dimensional vortex into full expansion of the crystalline platinum and rainbow light.

Spinning counterclockwise amplify: 12 13 14 15 platinum and Aurora lights. (See the vortex sphere filled with platinum and Aurora rainbow lights. See it fill the entire space.)

And NOW: North. South. East. West. Earth. Sky. Heart. We direct the corners to be sealed in the Light of the ONE. Beloved Aurora please anchor and gate keep our space sacred in service to the Law of One in Unity Wholeness Truth.

Now calibrate our Christos Shield to the Transharmonic Pillar Alignment: Core to Core to Core, Align, Activate.

Beloveds, if so in alignment with Natural Laws, please apply Core Soul Protection now, on behalf of _____ :

We request now the complete removal of all the Nephilim reversal programs or lower formed energies and misqualified vibrations. Remove all imbalanced matrices, devices and structures here and now. Further, remove any and all negative entity, negative attachment, negative elemental, negative alien influence, negative karmic implant, negative alien implant, any negative karmic pain traps, any negative manipulation. Please scan and check all dimensional bodies for and remove any mind control, mind control booby traps, thought forms, beings, phase disruptors, disease booby traps, holographic inserts, pathogen pullers, or any kind of structure interference or draining of energy through “ karmic superimposition” and their enslavement devices or programs, in any timeline of embodiment. Clear any ritual, spell, curse or symbol. Clear any negative past life artifact. Clear any and all psychic attack with any frequency of manipulation or interference. Clear related attacks of vampirism or cording and all negative cords. Remove impacts from negative mass consciousness energy or leakages connecting to those particular programs.

Further, please clear any and all imbalanced or misqualified energies now. We claim the sovereign right and liberation for all persons involved through any timeline or time zone. In the light of God and the Love of Christ we dissolve and clear any and all manipulation, enslavement or interference with any person, place or thing, both human and non human: be it removed, cleared and terminated from any involvement. Clearly stated we resign any and all involvement in any enslavement matrix; we resolve and resign from this game, fully and completely. We are all free from any entanglement, attachment or disturbance Now and Forever.

Our Authority is taken as the Christ through God’s Cosmic Sovereign Law.

We command this space as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of the One Source Light.

We now prepare this portal for transit out of embodiment and imprisonment for ______. Beloved teams please support and provide appropriate transit through Mother Arc Portal.

Holy and Divine Mother, we call forth the Aquamarine Light of the Heart of God. Beloved Mother please flood our portal vortex with the grace of your Light!

We amplify now the Aquamarine Blue Flame and Current. Hold portal steady.


All who here seek release, depart now. All who here seek release, depart now. All who here seek release, depart now. Beloved _______ , go forth in Peace and Wholeness, sustained in Love forever.

Beloved Krystal Guardians, please oversee appropriate transit.

(pause to complete -- it may feel supportive to tone here, Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La…… and repeat several times to further establish the calm and serene holding of this process.)

(As we complete, we flood our own beings and bodies with crystalline cleansing light. Breathing the Krysthala through all our systems.)

(pause for breath, 3 or 4 deep breaths.)

All beloveds gathered here we thank you. We send forth our love with _____. We hold the truth of our Oneness in God's Light. We seal and end this procedure, we seal it into the Light of Unity, Wholeness and Truth.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you God!

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