Violet Flame Holders

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Ramyanas Christos Pillar (Art by Sequoia

During the Ascension Cycle, those from the Holy Father Amethyst Order lineage came to the earth with the mission to embody as the Violet Flame Holders, quietly assembling their fire letters and higher DNA imprints which would be required to restore the true benevolent Maji Grail Kings upon the earth. The Violet Flame Holders act as the embodiment potential of carrying out the Holy Father’s Book of the Law, and function as the portal transition teams to help soul groups in the lower densities to correct their Violet Ray aspects, reclaiming their original etheric identities from the Gaian timelines. The Keepers of the Violet Flame gradually embody the complete planetary cellular memory banks that are stored in the crystalline matrix field of the earth parallels and the future earth Gaia, and when they are spiritually activated gain access to have clearance to the 15D timelines that link into every portal in the Universal Time Matrix.

When enough of the Violet Flame Holders have embodied their corrected fire letter sequences as a result of the ongoing corrected Violet wave plasma activations, this aligns with the Metagalactic Core and generates major shifts in the planetary architecture that correct the alien machinery reversals that had previously distorted the planetary 7D Violet Ray current. See Inverted 7D Violet Ray.

The Violet Flame Holders have embodied sufficiently to generate an activation of violet wave plasmic transfusions throughout the planetary grid network and in the global population. During this phase, many awakening during the ascension cycle will begin to notice rapid increases of Violet Ray colors and magenta-violet spectrums of frequency current surfacing in ascending areas, as well as Violet Flame Yanas appearing in our manifested reality as they are communing and working with the new earth elementals. These are new elemental devas that have been born through the God Worlds source creation fields and the Sophianic plasma shields of Mother’s Stream that is pouring through the twelve Reuche Pillars.

This recent event began to activate the dormant sixth dimensional DNA strands in the population of Indigo children of all biological ages. There have been retaliations and counter attacks to suppress Indigo activation that have been recently witnessed in the planetary field, which is specifically designed to target and derail awakening Indigo groups with Blue Sword distortions and Michael-Mary Reversal technology. Many in this group are indeed still school age or college aged children being targeted during this particular stage. Those Indigo children soul groups that were incarnated after 2005 as energy placement holders for running corrected sixth dimensional Indigo frequency spectrums were and are being targeted with splitter technology designed to corrupt their DNA signal and third eye development. It is suggested that parents run 12D shields and parent-child calibration to help fortify their children’s lightbody in AM and PM if this recent grid agitation has noticeably increased anxiety.

The Keepers of the Blue Flame and Violet Flame hold the genetic configuration of the Crystal Gene in their Mitochondria and this holds the entire 12 Strand DNA imprint. This is designed to help support the Paliadorians with the ongoing planetary grid repairs necessary for correcting fallen and artificial timelines and remaining on the Cosmic Father’s divine plan for ongoing planetary ascension. The Keepers of the Flames act as genetic time keepers in which the planetary memory banks, such as the Hall of Records, can transfer its information to be coded into the planetary grid and then this data becomes accessible to anyone on the earth that can translate the recorded information. The Keepers of the Blue Flame are sourcing from the original Cosmic Mother spiritual lineages, while the Keepers of the Violet flame are sourcing from the original Cosmic Father lineages. Both the Holy Mother and Holy Father lineages eventually merge to unite as One, and through the embodied Holy Mother Sophianic principle, emerges the true Holy Father principle, when reunited together they give birth to the new fields of Christos-Sophia Cosmic Consciousness in One God Body.[1]


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