Ezekiel and Four Living Creatures

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Four Living Creatures

The expansion into the three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation allowed for the return of the Solar Rishi into dimensionalization, as the first triad of light manifestations began to braid into the Founder Staff, this also began the return of the Rainbow Solar Dragon electro-tones to reassemble the Solar Rod Template. Guardian Akhenaton’s Amarna Solar Temple architecture connected into Ireland portals and acted as the horizontal base foundation, as hierogamic templating for corrected planetary rod and staff codes were being gradually re-woven into the Earth, Taran and Gaian time fields. With the return of the Solar Rishi, the Solar Rod Template in the planetary grid network could finally be seen and accessed within the Albion architecture at entirely new levels, which made Ezekiel’s embodiment as the Triple Solar Masculine Christ prototype in the 8D Galactic Core perceptible to those on the Christos Mission.

Ezekiel’s individual identity had access to his Amethyst Order Holy Father Kantarian solar dragon body memories from Gaia. In the Books of Ezekiel, he was describing the planetary grid network which generated the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons principle, connected to the Solar Rod Template that his Christos dragon consciousness was embodying from within the 8D layers of the Universal Time Matrix. He memorialized this teaching for us as the Four Living Creatures, in which he describes the mechanics of the Cosmic Clock construct in our Universe and the original Founder Guardian planetary grid networks that had been installed to protect the Earth from utter destruction, as the desired end result of the NAA invasion.

The Four Living Creatures as described in the Books of Ezekiel are the four main planetary grid networks which connect into the Maji Grail Crown Four Royal Stars which spans into all three harmonic universes. The Four Living Creatures hold the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons and the timelines connected in the galactic core that comprise the instruction sets and organic historical records upon the Earth, Tara and Gaia. The Four Living Creatures are the Great White Lion, Golden Eagle Grid, Sacred Blue Cow-Oxen and the Four Pillars of Man planetary grid networks. The Four Pillars of Man are also known as the Four Faces of Man or God which unify with the other three networks in order to generate the fifth elemental principle of divine ethers, which are the Twelve Guardians of the Pillar.

The Twelve Guardians of the Pillar are what has allowed ongoing rainbow plasma pillar networks from the God Words to secure and stabilize the lower density planetary grids during the final conflict, as well as to finally return the 8D Solar Rod principle back to Founder Ezekiel. In the Gaian matrix, the lower dimensional timelines of the Four Faces of Man link up with the Four Hands of Man golden body networks to generate the monadic family connection from Gaian timelines which merge with the lower timelines of the soul family extensions on the Earth.

Thus, the Liberation of Ezekiel and the repair of his massive solar rod consciousness body that fell during the Electrical Wars on Gaia, are directly interconnected with the corrections made by Guardian Host in the 8D Galactic Core and the Orion gateway for securing accurate Aeonic Pairings for correct male-female gender principle alignments. When Orion was invaded during the Electrical Wars, this destroyed the Universal Staff alignments collapsing all planetary staff architecture, which further disconnected vertical connections with the Founders, White Diamond Elohim, Emerald Order and the highest orders of the Aquamarine Mother Blue Ray Elohim Feline Christos families. Each section of the vertical grids had to be restored through the timelines of the Earth’s White Lion grid, Tara’s Blue Lion Grid and Gaia’s Golden Lion Grid, in which the trinity of these vertical grid alignments would finally be reconnected to the horizontal plane of the Galactic Ecliptic with Ezekiel’s 8D Solar Rod. Further the intersections made between these Triple Solar Mother vertical staff grids with the Triple Solar Father horizontal rod grids merging together in the 8D core, then transformed themselves into a new formation of Triple Solar Gates which make up the Galactic Ankh network.

The Galactic Plane Ankh network and the ongoing corrections being made in the Cosmic Clock functions are to secure organic timelines, which are required for awakening the solar dragon ouroboros bodies that form complex outer ring networks around the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices. The repairs made to the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons is restoring the organic Krystic architecture for the authentic rod and staff holders, as the Orion invasion undergoes correction which repairs the 8D portals and organic timeline records. Reclamation of the Christos continues as these developments cause systematic implosions of metatronic matrix timeline clones of many Christos Founder identities that have been used in the alien red cube system. Thus, these false identity AI clones and their anti-human systems of control will continue to dismantle into manageable units of space dust that will eventually be completely dissolved or removed from the planetary body.

Prophet Ezekiel on Earthly Christos Mission Timeline

Kantarian Dragon Kings (art by Sequoia)

Ezekiel’s Amethyst Order Father of Dragons Kantarian body became embedded in the Earth as the result of the Electric Wars and Fall of the Gaian Matrix, in which the advanced AI beast machinery from the black hole system had infected the 8D Galactic Core. Unable to incarnate into his damaged solar body, his consciousness fragments incarnated into a human soul body after the Atlantian Cataclysm event which led to several Sumerian-Egyptian Invasions and then the Babylon Massacre. Ezekiel incarnated in the Christos Mission timeline to help return the natural DNA languages inherent in the Law of One teachings after Hatshepsut and Akhenaton’s first stages of the Guardian gridwork mission undertaking, but before the timeline of Yeshua at the height of power of the Babylonian empire.[1]


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