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Portals are a natural and organic part of the Quantum Mechanics of the Universe, which includes openings through certain access points in the electromagnetic vortices in our planet. Portals are spiraling electromagnetic doorways that connect two or more locations, dimensions, or points in time. Portals open into several layers of time or realities, including the astral world; the far reaches of physical, interstellar space; and alternate parallel universes.

There are ancient interdimensional portal systems on the planetary body that were placed in the earth in collaboration with the ancient builder races, or progenitors of the human race, such as the Guardian Host.

Additionally, there are technologically placed portals that are unnatural and some of them are dangerous and unpredictable, as they create rips in the space time fabric.

When expanding our consciousness through Meditation and developing loving kindness and Compassionate spiritual practices while being reeducated toward Service to Others, our expanded Lightbody is capable of creating portals, such as the Shadow Vortex used to clear out imbalanced or negative energies from a local space.

Plasma Filaments Open Portals

Plasma when exposed to magnetic fields, create filament structures that form bonds that interconnect with all other states of energy, including matter, and in certain rotational spin, these filaments form and open Portals within the matrices of the unified field. So as an ascending human develops the ability to embody plasmic light, these filaments are directly experienced as interconnected lines of light that connect to everything and everyone. As one develops higher consciousness, they can travel, connect and communicate with anyone, anything, anywhere in the Universe, through the intention they create that is directed through one's personal consciousness. Thus, in higher states of consciousness where the plasma light body is made strong and stable, projection of the consciousness body into other locations of time and space is made possible through opening Portals. Portals can be opened and directed through the direction of higher plasma light through a variety of applications, technology designed with this purpose, or from ones own developed inner light and Lightbody. This is the state of achieving Universal consciousness, that which a person can truly experience Oneness or Unity through the purity of their inner light. Hence, this state of Universal Consciousness requires transparency, honesty and clarity within the functioning of ones consciousness, living in alignment to the Law of One. In Universal Consciousness, all is seen as it is represented in energy and light signature, thus, nothing can remain hidden in deception as it exists inside that beings consciousness level or spiritual light source.

Planetary Stargates

Planetary Stargate Systems are the Earth’s connection points or Portals into the Galactic and Universal Stargate Systems. They were once sealed off and closed, but now these Stargates are progressively opening during the Ascension Cycle. See the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The organic Planetary Stargate System or Universal Tree of Life Templar opening has been damaged from NAA and the Alien Machinery abuse from the Negative Aliens collaboration to control the earth. This necessitated Krystal Star Guardian intervention and this intervention is referred to as Ascension Plan B with Mission Upgrades.

Science knows these energy vortices as wormholes.[1]

Torsion Field

A Torsion Field (also called axion field, spin field, spinor field, and microlepton field) is a theory of energy in which the quantum spin of particles can be used to cause emanations lacking mass and energy to carry information through vacuum orders of magnitude faster than the speed of light. Currently, main stream science does not accept this theory, as its an unapproved area for public dissemination. In physics, a field is an assignment of a quantity (vector, tensor, or spinor) to every point of the space containing it. The word "torsion" refers to any variable that describes rotation. [2]


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