Paliadorian Dragon Kings

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Rainbow Dragons

Eternal Cosmic Solar Christ Consciousness gestalts or Creator Gods from the God Worlds, that descend into lower matrices through the central point of union that make up the Godhead trinity principle for creation. They are the ensouling principle embodiments that organize into planets, stars, celestial objects, ley lines (dragon lines), and are the eternal source feedback loop which inspirits into consciousness units that are the matter substances that form into physical manifestation. We are the living cell animated within the body of God, they are Eternal Cosmic Suns that hold the living light blueprint structure of the body of God in a form of Christos expression.

The Albion Solar Dragon King and Maji Grail King is rising as the Christos King of Kings from within the awakening Albion to restore the lost kingdom of God and Christos. King Arthur now awakens in the United Kingdom to begin the global awakening of Christos Stasis Beings through the Kingship Arcs, thereby returning the benevolent divine masculine Christos warrior in order to bring cosmic justice to the planet. As he awakens in the planetary body, he remembers the entirety of history, events and timelines, he remembers every detail of life and nature in which he embodies and preserves the accurate cellular memory as it is recorded in angelic human DNA. When Holy Father awakens and returns to embody his creation, nothing is lost or forgotten.

This is the divine plan of the Holy Father in compassionate action, to restore balance and unity within the eternal light of Cosmic Christos Consciousness in which all of humanity is connected to the Solar Logos and Star systems within the Albion Lightbody. We come from the stars, for we are the stars. This holds the profound meaning of the return of the benevolent and rightful Christos Solar King to planet Earth, the restoration of the beloved Maji Grail King Arthur, the resurrected Solar Michael Anointed Christ is rising to be the protector of the Holy Mother and Sophianic Grail, which is the Cosmic Heart principle of Earth. [1]

Correction of Sound Body Templates

These sound body code transmissions are unprecedented in that they contain extremely high consciousness coding sourcing from the God Worlds, and they are designed to burn away and remove an array of anti-female architecture that has been used to invert and reverse the Mother principle throughout the manifestation in the densities. From the Krystal Star Guardian Host, these are rounds of transmissions being overseen by the Paliadorian Dragon Kings which involve the restoration of the many sound wave bodies that make up dimensional spaces and were previously distorted from the insertion of Alien Machinery and AI Timelines which corrupted Gender Principle into reversals. This phase of architectural repair to the organic timelines especially involve rehabilitation of the sound body templates that were aspects of the female principled body. These were inverted to separate sound and light, to hijack the creation of sound waves in the time matrix so that they could control the Holographic reality from that which becomes the instruction set for the dimensional light fields.

Carnac Activation

Recently, in the area of Brittany, France, the Carnac standing stones have been revving up some kind of ancient machinery in the ley lines related to powering up the Sophianic diamond heart diagonal lines. The destruction-vandalization of Nantes Church was a dark attack on the diagonal lines to wreak havoc in order to prevent the success of this Sophianic diamond grid being activated into the field at this time. These particular Ley Lines were previously dormant, and are now linking up into the Stonehenge network. The Carnac stones are connected to our Christos family, these are Solar Dragon ancient networks being activated into the crystalline lattice work, and the Paliadorian Dragon Kings are bringing this network online at this time. This activation in the earth body is related to being able to go back to the Atlantian timelines for many corrections in the holographic matrix, of where the cataclysm and explosions appear to be when this network was shut down completely..[2]


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