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Since the onset of the Paliadorian Activation cycle, significant changes have been occurring within the core manifestation template and the base 12 architecture in this Universal system. This could best be described as an expansion, as the God Source Creator has opened up several ascending pathways from our time matrix that lead directly into the highest sovereign realities existing within the God Worlds. Through the addition of the three-dimensional layers built into our Universal Time Matrix, our system has integrated three unlocked corridors which include another harmonic universe layer that expands into 16D, 17D and 18D, which are non-dimensionalized Cosmic Founder God Source consciousness fields.

Essentially this means that the entire Universal Time Matrix, our Milky Way system has shifted into the higher frequency domain of the non-dimensionalized Cosmic layers of the God Source field as an Ascension Host Failsafe Plan. This entire Universal Time Matrix is residing within the nested holographic matrix of the next harmonic universe layers that hold the Cosmic Kryst-Krystallah divine blueprint from within the God Worlds. The Personal Christos identity will reconfigure the plasma orb body for merkabic alignment to the portal passage that is chosen for the next stage of consciousness growth or creational experience during the Ascension Cycle. The majority of soul groups on the earth that are continuing their consciousness learning journey beyond this lifetime into the 5D parameters, and require direct Guardian hosted reeducation towards the mechanics of Ascension and Service to Others in order to fully deprogram from AI, will be guided by their spiritual family through the Consciousness Corridors.

The configuration of the personal lightbody and ascension vehicle is based upon genetic spiritual lineage and the choice that is made by the Avatar self when navigating the holographic matrix through the Core of Creation which leads back into the corridors of the God Worlds. Some Starseeds will return home to the original ancient builder Kristos matrix of the Emerald Covenant, while others may choose to navigate into exploring other Cosmic Christos family creation matrices, the possibilities are indeed limitless.

The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation have now been integrated within our Universal Time Matrix, which allows direct contact and communication from many of our Kristos spiritual families that reside within several different creation matrices located in the God Worlds. The triad of the 16D, 17D and 18D source fields have been anchored onto the planet through Stargate Hubs and organic chakra flowering systems, which are portal passages from the God Worlds and are the means through which God Forces are manifesting the God World Trinity in this density. [1]

HU6, Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix

Gold Body Activation in Four Domains

When our Universal creation was finally reunited again with our Cosmic God Source fields, another harmonic universe emerged, and this newly reconfigured domain is considered to be the sixth harmonic universe, or HU6. The sixth harmonic universe has restored the correct morphogenetic pattern for our Universal Mother and Sophianic consciousness embodiment on the earth. This corrected Mother Dark Matter Matrix emerged directly from the Cosmic God Source fields of Source Domain 16, Source Domain 17 and Source Domain 18. The source domain of 16D is hosting and has emanated a new creation pattern for the sixth dimensional field, the source domain of 17D is hosting and has emanated a new creation pattern for the seventh dimensional field and the Source Domain of 18D is hosting and has completely reconfigured the eighth dimensional field. This new configuration has radically changed the Galactic and Metagalactic Core configuration and this is continually unfolding new patterns in the planetary architecture. As a result of the Cosmic God Source field intervention to fully correct the entire morphogenetic patterns of the 6D-7D-8D fields into the living light Christos tri-wave architecture, from this hosting a completely new Harmonic Universe was birthed and formed. This is the emergence of our newly returned Universal Mother Dark Matter Matrix, which holds the correct sound template for Sophianic consciousness embodiment along with the corrected sound vibration patterns for our entire Universal Time Matrix.[2]

18D Rainbow Diamond Ray

To communicate with the Rha God World of Amethyst Order which source from the 36th dimension, and the original Emerald Order God World sourcing from the 48th dimension, the Cosmic Founders have stepped themselves down into the pure Rainbow Diamond Ray transmission from 18D. The Emerald Order God World domains in 48D stepped down into 18D to transmit the Rainbow Dragon Breath through the Diamond Ray current to perform the Solar Anointed Christ-Buddha Initiation on Earth to awaken the Solar Dragon Michael, the 13th Dragon King holder originally from the Emerald Sun God Worlds.[3]

Emerald Founder Records

Emerald Covenant

The Cosmic Founders promise to us was made with the Emerald Covenant, that all Souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home. This was the original divine plan of spiritual Ascension, the evolutionary journey through the astrological ages and timelines which would facilitate our way back home, to remember our divine purpose and be reunited with God.[4]


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