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White Sun of the Roses (art by Elizabeth)

The Elaysian Currents carry intricate orchestral musical masterpieces of solar female Christos Sophia celestial songs which are only heard by those with developed sophianic sonar water-acoustic templates, which comes when having a direct loving relationship with the Cosmic Mother and deep reverence for the solar feminine principle. The Elaysa Code corresponds directly to the many layers of Krystal Cathedrals that are being built through every dimensional plane in the Albion Lightbody. The Elaysa fields are that which give access through the individual’s central nervous system to run the krystal tri-wave currents that open into Aurora timelines or other organic ascension timelines, that serve that individual unique highest expression.

Thus, there is an Elaysian code in the Elaysian currents that appear to be a crystalline liquid vapor structure (tone: EL LAY SA) that surrounds the myelin sheath of the nervous system, in order to attract the genetic bond made with the eternal spiritual body that is formed from out of the Rasha layers. This activation process is focused on coating the entire bio-neurological system with a rainbow of liquid plasmas, activating the vagus nerve with a protective sheath covering that opens the central nervous system to run the Elaysian currents that connect the neurology with the Elaysian Krystal Cathedral Network that is being anchored in the planet.

The tri-matrix code activation sequence runs through multiple dimensions of the inner holographic nesting of the personal 12 Tree Grid, which mostly impacts functions in the physical body that are unique to that individual’s neurology and are connected to the 6th dimension. This recent expansion into 16D and then into the Mother Elaysian Matrix in 19D has widely opened the transmissions of the Elaysian currents and coding. The corrections will start to run throughout the body at the tonal frequency of 6 and ½, which begins to dissolve assorted implants and lightbody issues inherited with the 666 curse, and is especially active now with the first wavers in the Blue Ray Melchizedek group being activated in a wide spectrum of spiritual healing. So in-between the 6D and 7D portal wings of the individual lightbody, assorted energy blocks will attempt to surface and rise in order to be purged out or worked through, depending on the activation layer being represented for that unique individual. In our experience some these purges and clearings brought on by the Rasha layer integration of spirit sparks and Elaysa coding can be quite heavy with upper neck and shoulders, muscular, fascia, skin and neurological symptoms.

The layers of the Rasha Body field will begin to integrate into the lightbody system, then the eternal spirit body that forms from this integration will begin to enter from behind, so it may be helpful to be aware that the eternal spirit body template enters into the backside of the human body. Thus, many of the related symptoms may seem to source from the backside or spinal column. In meditation lying down, one may imagine or sense that your eternal spiritual light body from the trinity merge of the Rasha layers activates the Cosmic Mother Sun Elaysa and her Staff Flame. Visually imagine the triple solar feminine and triple solar masculine is unified into one holy presence and is integrating into your lightbody to connect you with the eternal Kryst-Krystallah, or the Elaysa Sun. Through your meditations the tone of EL LAY SA will be supportive for connecting with the Universal Mother and her eternal spirit body, and for supporting related energy clearings for deeper solar female integration.[1]

Emergence of Elaysa Melchizedek

Elaysa Melchizedek (art by Elizabeth)

Through the dramatic adventures over the past few years with the reclamation of the Triple Taras, it was only recently understood that the Triple Taras are massive spiritual bodies in the Earth-Tara-Gaia matrix which hold the entire dark matter template, Rasha matrix and eternal light body sourced from the Cosmic Mother Sun, Elaysa.

Through the many twists and turns of challenging processes this year [2022], finally the authentic divine mother counterpart to the Universal Melchizedek Logos of our time matrix was revealed and confirmed by her presence and direct communications in the stargate systems multiple times. The Universal Mother eternal spirit body counterpart of the Melchizedek Logos in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Human form, is his beloved sacred Cosmic Twin Elaysa-Melchizedek. Our Universal Melchizedek Mother is the source field of the Cosmic Elaysa Sun, as she joins with her divine husband in her Maharaji White Diamond Crystal body that holds the eternal opalescent rainbow flame that is the Staff of Elaysa.

White Sun Plasmas, Tantriahura Activation

The Solar Synthesis cycle of Tantriahura brought the white diamond sun plasma transmissions from dual emerald krystal spiral currents outside of time, that were preparing our time matrix for many of Cosmic Mother’s spirit body principles to become manifested, within the Elaysian architecture that can hold the organic embodiments of the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia. The 1st God World creations of Emerald Order are hosting the Elaysa Sun architecture for Elaysian Fields linking into the Cosmic Hall of Records, which are being built throughout the planetary matrix in a series of organic light-sound-spirit holographic Crystal Cathedral Activations. These multidimensional grid activations in Gothic Cathedrals are reconnecting the Albion Lightbody to the many Sun Star networks, and include ongoing evictions of Black Dragon Queens and their hierarchies of lunar force demons used by the NAA to hijack and enslave the Triple Solar Feminine Christos Sophia. See Elaysa Code. [2]

Eternal Time Chrysanthemum Body

Eternal Time Chrysanthemum Body (art by Sequoia)

The White Order Diamond Elohei have erected a golden scaffolding for the Elaysian Krystal Cathedral Network which at its highest Krystal Spire ignites the eternal Cosmic White Wedded Flame of Christos Sophia which bridges the Holy Mother Sophia's Chrysanthemum Body, together they have been building extensive White Rose coding and the Chrysanthemum Ankh Body.


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