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Eternal Time Chrysanthemum Body (art by Sequoia)

The White Order Diamond Elohei have erected a golden scaffolding for the Elaysian Krystal Cathedral Network which at its highest Krystal Spire ignites the eternal Cosmic White Wedded Flame of Christos Sophia which bridges the Holy Mother Sophia's Chrysanthemum Body, together they have been building extensive White Rose coding and the Chrysanthemum Ankh Body. This seems to include the female White Mer-Lions and the Holy Orders of the Rose Trinity in which the Elohei White Rose coding appears as large blooms of multiple layers of white rose petals in assorted stages of plasma flowering from inner to outer view, microcosm to macrocosm. From the microcosm view it appears inside the Thalamus and core of the Brain as the White Rose petals Flowering, with the pure white stem of the rose flower being woven into the entire length of the vertical central channel.

The white rose is multi-layered and appears to be inlaid within the spinal fluid, brain fluid, skeletal matrix and the brain itself. The White Rose has crystal prisms in its layers and acts as a white plasma flowering that grows and sprouts more flowers as it is fully woven into the physical matter of the brain and spinal cord. This is a Cosmic Christos Sophia unified Kryst-Krystallah lightbody architecture that surrounds and protects the entire hierogamic union template from metatronic inversions or black flowering. This layer of the White Rose body extends to another layer of Cosmic Holy Mother Sophia Chrysanthemum Body which is a flowering architecture that transcends time or is eternal time.

When inquiring on its higher expression and purpose, it was shown that when this Cosmic Christos Sophia architecture of the Elohei White Rose is embodied in the brain and vertical channel, and when in proximity to black rose or anti-HG architecture, the reflection emanating from the crystal prisms of eternal light shine from the White Rose which disintegrates any black flowering or black rose coding that is used for holding or running anti-HG imposter identities and/or when used for cloning purposes.

When a person or thing has embodied this black rose coding or they are in a state of Metatronic Reversal dark flowering, the Elohei White Rose emanates the God code which disintegrates the black flower or black rose into dusty floating ashes. It appears like an instant cremation of the black rose or black flowering into dust. The black sands collect and collate this dusty ash substance and then it is returned back to the Creatrix Field or absorbed into the fields of the organic dark matter substance.

So far getting through these layers on the East Coast section of the Atlantic Ocean feel similar to the artificial frequencies of the Metatronic Spiral reset along with the related miasma extractions and clearing. Upon getting through a threshold of NETS which caused a bursting upward of waves forming plasma dragon pillars, the Cosmic Mother Sophia's Chrysanthemum Body is being bridged from here in our anchored format in time and out into eternal time.

Addressing the Christos-Sophia and Triple Solar Female Christ distortions can feel deeply emotional with a lot of internal pressure on the female parts, and so loud music and sing a long music has been the best support system to give my heart and body that feeling of greater ease while moving through the black rose coding onslaught.

Building out this latest Cosmic Christos Sophia plasma flower emanation has taken a lot from the Kidneys, so this has included the familiar lower back issues with the Du-4 point or Ming men point on fire between the kidneys on the lumbar.[1]


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