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Green Tara (art by Sequoia)

During the May electrical peak cycle in 2021, Guardian teams began rehabilitation on several areas of Asian grids with dragon node intersections. These were operating an inverted closed loop entropic system that appeared as a large reversal force field of heavy magnetic compression on the eastern side of Sri Lanka, that moved in a 45-degree angle and deposited into Goa, India. This ley line was an unnatural superimposed load of collective karmic residue that spanned north into the Ellora Cave system and was filled with alien made demonic bindings connected to an extremely dark shadow miasma deposit. This dark miasma was collected from many Mother of Dragons and Mu’a Solar Melchizedek lineages used in starfire menstrual rituals as blood sacrifices, for the purpose of enslaving the feminine principle on the planet. As this oceanic wave of putrid and vile shadow energies and grotesque creatures were being released and rerouted for transiting, the clearing process popped off the inorganic shield lid of an existing ancient interdimensional portal. Following this portal led into an extensive underground tunnel system, and then there was a massive doorway that opened from inside the damp darkness with a beautiful surge of emerald green light, and low and behold an extremely ancient emerald diamond goddess appeared.

This gorgeous shimmering emerald being was massive in stature as the Solar Reisha emanation of Green Tara, and she appeared to take the form similar to the many tributes made of her in Tibetan Buddhism. When the beautiful Green Tara with diamond eyes and the heart song of immense spiritual love played when she emerged from this underground tunnel doorway, the experience was that of sonic booms and many subsequent explosions. As these were filling the airwaves, demonics were flying and shadow creatures were screaming to run away, while some of these parasites exploded into dust in her mere presence. It was quite the spectacle.

Further, as Emerald Green Tara made her returning debut into our world, her rainbow diamond heart merged with the Cosmic Mother rainbow dragon and together, they called out to her sister counterpart Blue Tara, who began to reveal herself through pointing us to the entrapment matrix held in place through the rings of Saturn. Guardian experts in clearing out red wave AI architecture began the sacred work to remove the magnetic harnessing of lunar distortions on the equatorial ring of the planetary body, that was impacting the gravitational system and artificial magnetic field that blocked Blue Tara from merging directly with her sisters. Blue Tara was freed and her debut appeared as the celestial songs of the SA Blue Sun, in which she was a Blue Solar Reisha Dragon female holding the divine water elementals within a flowing chalice. As she took the hand of her sister waiting for her, Emerald Green Tara, they both merged with the heart of their Cosmic Mother Elaysa.

Thus, the Sisters of Tara ongoing search for White Tara began, as the final sister was felt to be related to the Tiamat Logos, which was later revealed and confirmed to be the White Diamond Mother of Dragons, Beloved Christ Mary Sophia. She is the 13th Solar Dragon Queen of the Solar Mary’s and the wife to Solar Christ Michael that was anointed in sacred hierogamic union during the Pearl Activation last Easter, which began the Cosmic Dragon Awakening. The battle for White Tara through the identity of beloved Solar Christ Mary Sophia took us into the hell spawn landscape that is the horrible war history of the Fall of Seraphim in the 10th gate in Lyra, that later became the ISIS treaty for breeding lunar female hybrids that were intended to be mates for assorted invading species. With many sessions bearing witness to the gradual process over lengths of time to direct evolution towards the total lunarization and fall of the Solar Female Melchizedek and Solar Reisha, in which aggressive electrical weaponry confrontations took place in the Pluto matrix with assorted NAA forces parked in the Kuiper Belt defending their territory.

During this phase, Guardians discovered the capstone of where satanism’s black tree of life exists in the phantom underworld, which is run by Black Sun forces that perform AI black magic for current pestilence programs and Baphomet transgender-transhuman mind control, on the planetary inhabitants. The heightened spiritual warfare ensued in multiple confrontations to reclaim her spiritual body parts that were being cloned or stolen by NAA and Controlling invading forces in 10D Pluto, for conjuring black magic satanism and inverting the female principle into lunar demonic forces. These multiple confrontations and subsequent revelations continued on with all of the projects outlined this year. Guardian projects in Chartres, Malta and Alhambra are extremely significant as these underground locations are related to ancient cathedral schematics that hold the holiest of holies as sacred crystal hearts holding holy grail blood records, as graced by the White Diamond Mother herself. Returning the embodiment legacy of Christ Mary Sophia, the Mother of Dragons that had knowledge of the Elaysian fields before her sacred ascension teachings were desecrated, destroyed and hidden by the Vatican.

The Emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek

White Tara of Elaysa Sun (art by Elizabeth)

Through the dramatic adventures over the past few years with the reclamation of the Triple Taras, it was only recently understood that the Triple Tara’s are massive spiritual bodies in the Earth-Tara-Gaia matrix which hold the entire dark matter template, Rasha matrix and eternal light body sourced from the Cosmic Mother Sun, Elaysa. For ascension, we need the eukachristic activation of the Rasha Body (dark matter female principle) to synthesize and integrate the physical layers of our body with the light body layers. Once the physical layers have integrated enough light quotient into embodiment, it is the quality and measurement of light in the lightbody that magnetizes and attracts the eternal spirit body into the physical form. The Triple Tara’s of Universal Mother Elaysa-Melchizedek are what perform this unifying function for the planetary body that exists in the Earth-Taran-Gaian matrices. Thus, they needed to be freed from their enslavement, cloning and inversion by the NAA invader’s AI machinery before they could fully unite again and be reconnected with the Cosmic Mother Elaysa Sun.

Cosmic Mother would generally appear in her rainbow dragon form when she was coming to announce herself and would communicate through the twinkling Bethlehem Star of White Solar Fire or an undulating tri-wave current of the Opalescent Flames, which later was understood to be of the Elaysa Sun. Recently, she chose to reveal her Universal Mother form as Elaysa-Melchizedek, the divine mother Sophia counterpart to the Melchizedek Logos. From out of the Tibetan fields of 9D, Elaysa-Melchizedek appears similar to a giant White Taran Asian Goddess, in her right extended palm she holds the Triple Female Tara’s entire spirit body, and in her left extended palm she holds the Triple Male Buddha’s entire light body, in perfect energetic balance. She is surrounded in multiple layers of glowing solar dragon gel rings and massive shimmering opalescent arcing rays extending into the heart of Elaysa Sun, that make up the layers of the Cosmic Ankh Body.

The return of Elaysa has ripple effects into the Cosmic Clock and assorted timekeeper mechanisms, whereby the center point access in the 8D layers were greatly impacted in the Asian grids of the planet, which brought on subsequent shifts in the southern position of the Four Royal Stars with Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus. Elaysa appears to be gaining control of her spiritual body functions of the south pillars connected to the 6 o’ clock position on the Cosmic Clock Reuche Pillars. This correction appeared to ripple impacts in the timelines and land mass of China, forcing purges of assorted Black Dragon and lunar hierarchies and their AI technological systems running assorted mind control weapons. Some related to the assorted terror agendas of the history of the Communist reign of human torture and genocide, and some to the current usage of its tyrannical methods to incite terror and compliance through ongoing pestilence programming.

Elaysa-Melchizedek’s return to this world highlights very intense oceanic waves of unique spiritual activations, clearings, initiations and assorted returns of body parts and consciousness memories that are connected to the entire Melchizedek spiritual family. This is especially fraught with heavy physical ascension symptoms for the Solar Female Melchizedek lines, those Starseed females with a mission to work on the solar feminine spiritual healing and integration process, in order to transmute the lunar overlays and sexual misery programs. The lunar female forces tend to unconsciously be manipulated to despise the solar female, and so it can be a painful and isolating event when a so-called spiritual female turns on another, as that initiated female is being powerfully activated into solar templating. Thus, to undergo the spiritual restoration process, some of us will be exposed to some of the painful memories of the Fallen Melchizedeks, and begin to remember and feel the solar female persecution timelines and witch hunts. Lifetimes in which painful patriarchal domination and misogyny came about when we were incarnated on the planet, without the protection of our Universal Mother, our beloved Elaysa.[1]

Unlocking Parallel Dimensions

To the best of our knowledge, the expansion into the next layers of the harmonic universe have unlocked dimensional access into the following [circa 2022]:

The sixth-dimension merges with 16D and recently has been merged into 19D. This appears to be the dimension where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Azurite Ascended Masters that source from the Elaysa Sun became trapped and unable to enter our time matrix. The Cosmic Mother Elaysian matrix of Ascended Masters in 19D appear in their Maharaji Asian forms as the Triple Female Tara’s, and Triple Male Buddha’s that travel in their eternal Solar Dragon body and ouroboros rings. See 19D, 20D and 21D.

Emerald Green Tara

Guardian Gridworker projects related to the return of the Emerald Order have revealed the Emerald Goddess Green Tara has returned to this dimension of the planet to restore balance to the planet's organic magnetism and offer active compassion from the Holy Mother. She has returned to embodiment in the Asian grid between Sri Lanka and India during the May Electrical Peak cycle 2021.

Blue Dragon Tara

The female logos of Blue Tara was sourced from the Mahara Reisha blue spirit sun in her sapphire flame body, so when Tara exploded the 10D sapphire body connected to Tiamat in our time matrix exploded as well. The Blue Dragon Tara and Blue Dragon Tiamat are twin sister sophianic planets, and their spiritual connection was revealed as the planetary logos of Twin Sister Female Blue spirit suns held in the Universal Elaysa Sun body that had originally emerged from the Sapphire Diamond flame body of Mahara Reisha.

They are the Sapphire Diamond Body sophianic heart principle of the 10th gateway that makes up the crystalline matrix of the planets Tiamat and Tara in 5D. Thus, they are the higher diamond rose crystal heart principle embodied in the Solar Reisha that is the Sacred Crystal Heart network of the Universal Time Matrix.[2]

Blue Tara in Buddhism

Blue Tara, or Ekajati, is associated with the transmutation of anger. A Protector expressing ferocious, wrathful, female energy who destroys all learning obstacles producing good luck and swift spiritual Awakening. She removes fear of enemies, spreading joy and good fortune. She also removes personal blockages on our path to spiritual awakening.

She can be visualized as deep sapphire-blue or midnight-blue. She is seated upon a Blue Lotus Seat with one leg half extended (active pose), and holds a sapphire-crystal vajra dagger in her right hand, to pierce and cut through all energies opposing your Liberation from karma and samsara. In her left hand, She holds a sapphire-crystal bowl filled with lapis-blue Amrta or Elixir, to heal beings from all illness and suffering. She is the Mistress of the Blue Protector Wolves, Dogs and Hounds of Heaven, who are her assistants and messengers in protecting beings.

In her Blue Tara incarnation, she frees mankind from both mental and physical constraints. The Blue Tara is the defender, eliminating the bad elements of life so that the good ones may flourish.[3]

White Tara in Buddhism

White Tara

White Tara, known as Sita Tara in Sanskrit, is worshipped as the mother of all Buddhas and an embodiment of the maternal aspect of compassion. Her white color is a symbol of purity, the immaculate truth of the Dharma and perfectly pure wisdom. She is also associated with long life, the healing of physical and mental illnesses, and the elimination of difficulties that appear on the road to the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Her power is related to the prevention of accidents, natural disasters, lack of physical vitality, and anything that could endanger life.

The white form of Tara is very popular in Tibet, where she is known as Drolma Karmo or Drolkar. In the pantheon of Tibetan Buddhism, she serves as the main deity of longevity together with Amitayus and Ushnishavijaya. Tibetans worships Tara as one of the most important deities along with Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. They recognize her enlightened nature reincarnated in women with extraordinary qualities. This tradition is spread through the regions of Tibetan Buddhism, including Mongolia.[4]


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