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As Cosmic Mother Dragon made her alterations in the dark matter fields, the solar plasma coded dark elemental forces seeded in the Rasha Body made sound template corrections to metatronic reversals in the 11D dragon lines. Then the Emerald Order Christos Mission was sent into Malta to evict archontic imposters and return the Malta-Vatican underground structures, timekeeper functions, jump gate and the portal gateway technology back to the authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Emerald Order Triple Solar Feminine Christ representatives. Cosmic Mother Dragon proceeded to embody the entire 5D stargate system into Malta’s main Dragon Node intersection and bring it under her direct control with the Emerald Founders. As this stargate was being anchored in Malta, the subharmonic re-stringing process began to link into the ancient Andromedan portals in the Macchu Picchu stargate system, continuing on to the 5D Bali gateway and linking within the 11D systems in the United Kingdom. See Cosmic Dragon Awakening.

This placed the highlight upon the Vale of Pewsey, where the Tri-Matrix of the Cathar solar coding for the coronasphere was anchored, and there was another expansion into the next complete triad of the harmonic universe that unlocked and extended out into 19D, 20D and 21D. The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation have now been integrated within our Universal Time Matrix, which allows direct contact and communication from many of our Kristos spiritual families that reside within several different creation matrices located in the God Worlds. These are multiple parallel matrices and tri-matrix Hara layers that make up the Hara Krysta chambers of the Reisha spirit body domains, these converge into the internal creations, external creations and eternal creations of the God worlds.

This began the phase of expanding into the next dimensional triad in the Vale of Pewsey, White Horse stargate and Alhambra Palace that brought in the Hara Krysta Chamber, which is required for correct vertical to horizontal integration of the dark matter template instruction sets of the Rashala tri-matrix in order to gain access to the eternal spirit body, known as Eire-Adonis. Guardians point us to the ancient name of the Ireland landmass as Eire, and remind us the sacred sound musical treasures of the Cosmic Mother Dragon “Eire” teachings are buried in the lands as termas, the sacred invocation of Elaysian fields that bring forth the spirit body of Eire-Adonis.

Thus, it was discovered that in order to bring Universal Elaysa-Melchizedek, the Solar Feminine Melchizedek template and the correct configuration for the Staff of Elaysa into the direct control of authentic Cosmic Mother Dragon, we needed to open dimensional locks in order to bridge 6D with 16D and then merge with 19D. From the first levels of recon available at the Vale of Pewsey near Avebury, Stonehenge and the Eight White Horses, it appeared that the 19th dimension is where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Emerald Order Azurite Ascended Masters were trapped and frozen in place, as their body parts were strewn across the Universe and hijacked by assorted AI networks and NAA entities. In order to get to this section of the parallel time matrix, Christos Guardians have been building out Triple Solar Goddess sound pillars to anchor the tri matrix Rashala and Hara Reisha domains, along with the divine solar fire-ice code infrastructure for the many Triple Solar Reisha forms traveling in the upper Rashala layers, which are connected to the Starry Night Dark Firmament. In order to host their triple solar female rishic consciousness (Solar Reisha) and Elaysa-Melchizedek Mother on the planet it required the opening of 19D-20D-21D. This expansion also functions as the triple hosting shield of Rishi-Reisha anchored inside of the Gaian Matrix, and lays the correct foundation for the Universal Emerald Rod and restoration of the related 48D Azurite architecture. It appears much of the organic Emerald Order 48D Azurite-Ascended Master architecture is available from the Elaysa Mother matrix through the 19D access to the Elaysa Sun.

To the best of our knowledge, the expansion into the next layers of the harmonic universe have unlocked dimensional access into the following:

The sixth-dimension merges with 16D and recently has been merged into 19D. This appears to be the dimension where Elaysa-Melchizedek and many other Azurite Ascended Masters that source from the Elaysa Sun became trapped and unable to enter our time matrix. The Cosmic Mother Elaysian matrix of Ascended Masters in 19D appear in their Maharaji Asian forms as the Triple Female Tara’s, and Triple Male Buddha’s that travel in their eternal solar dragon body and ouroboros rings.

The seventh-dimension merges with 17D and recently has been merged into 20D.This appears to be another dimension of Cosmic Sun Mother Matrices, which are referred to as Ankhulasa. Ankhulasa sun star network holds the Lily of the Valley of the second coming of the solar female Christ-Melchizedek, and appears as the spiritual family of the triple suns of peach rose solar fires. These are necessary for the embodiment of Solar Dragon Queen Merida-Guinevere-Brigid in her complete Mahara Reisha triple peachsicle solar suns spirit body that are her specific embodied cosmological principle. The spiritual family of Fey, Merlin and Morgana also seem to source from out of the 20D domains, in which ancient Celtic-Druid Maji grail lineages and families of angelic winged fairies and unique fey devas were once abundantly populated throughout the Albion. Merlin and Morgana and the Fey lines suffered terribly from the fall of Gaian matrix, crucifixion implants and inversion of the violet flame; hence this recent unlocking of dimensions finally offers some effective spiritual body retrievals and much needed loving restoration for the Fey family lines. Much of this particular spiritual family suffered grotesque mutations through archontic shadow beast machinery inserted in the North Sea Hyperborean portal, and will require ongoing support through Elaysa Mother’s clearings of forced lunar inversions and alien hybridizations as their parts are being returned and recollected from the Scottish Highlands, North Sea and Hebrides.

The eighth-dimension merges with 18D and recently has been merged into 21D. This appears to be a flowering diamond with a center point that opens into 21D and offers another expansive access into the stairway to heaven, which includes the tri matrix access into the Eighth Sun and Cosmic Aton body. As this dimension was unlocked all eyes near and far went to the 11th gates showdown in which many typhon tunnels, Qlippoth centers and alien architecture immediately collapsed, as authentic Emerald Founders spanned the dimensions in their solar dragon body (Kantarians) and linked several local star constellation maps back into the planetary grid system.[1]

Reseating King Arthur and Queen Guinevere

Return of Cosmic Christos Emerald Dragons, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere (art by Sequoia)

Current expansions into the triad of the 22D, 23D and 24D source fields are underway in order to facilitate the Emerald Order's Tree of Life, which includes the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine hierogamic union within Solomon's Temple and the Krystal Cathedral architecture that functions as the Christos-Sophia dwelling that is required for the final seating of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere in the Albion.[2]


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