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The Solar Rishi have returned with the Kingship Arcs that oversee the Pillars of Cosmic Justice, which is the Holy Father architecture that enforces the Cosmic Law Evolution Edict from the Christos Founder Races. There is nothing that can stop the edict for the mandate of evolutionary Ascension, no further negotiation will be given to invading Vandal Groups which include: nonhuman egos, predator minds, Fallen Angelic consciousness, moon lineages, and other violent egos in nonhuman species, which have invaded the earth with the purpose of imprisoning humanity. These species are in violation of the Cosmic Law.[1]

Rise of Arthur

The Albion Solar Dragon King and Maji Grail King is rising as the Christos King of Kings from within the awakening Albion to restore the lost kingdom of God and Christos. He [Arthur] now awakens in the United Kingdom to begin the global awakening of Christos Stasis Beings through the Kingship Arcs, thereby returning the benevolent divine masculine Christos warrior in order to bring cosmic justice to the planet. As he awakens in the planetary body, he remembers the entirety of history, events and timelines, he remembers every detail of life and nature in which he embodies and preserves the accurate cellular memory as it is recorded in angelic human DNA. When Holy Father awakens and returns to embody his creation, nothing is lost or forgotten. [2]

Rainbow Rounds

Once all nine dimensions of Kundalini frequency are activated in the human lightbody and unified in the heart, activation into the liquid plasmic light commences activating the Christos Avatar consciousness into the higher rainbow fields known as Kunda-Ray. In this next phase, running the rainbow round tables and installing Kingship Arcs and Holy Father Cosmic Rod and Staff pillars are designed to support the awakening of the Albion which catalyzes the global awakening and disclosure timeline.[3]


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