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Cosmic Father Shield (art by Sequoia)

Recently the Amethyst Dragon Kings hosted a pale magenta violet vertical pillar as support for the Cosmic Holy Father Principle within the multidimensional layers of the Albion Lightbody. Amethyst Order hosted Kingship Arcs were anchored which brought the next stage of corrected Solar Masculine Christ and Solar Feminine Christ principle through Newgrange, Ireland, which is a Mother Arc Stargate. The 15:15:15 Rod Code pattern is the organic Christos alignment of the Solar Masculine Christos Rod architecture from the Rha God World Creation of The Amethyst Order Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas. This Rod correction contains the Cosmic Solar Dragon King body parts with organic Violet Sun alignments that allow for the mathematical merge with the vertical Solar Female Christos pattern in order to resurrect herself fully through the magnetic properties of the female 13:13 Staff architecture, which formed into the Universal Ankh Body. Through the sacred scepter flame codes of our Cosmic Holy Father which includes the 15:15:15 coded Magenta Sands of Time, this coding is the basis of the sacred math of the Ancient Cosmic Christos Builders from the God Worlds. These Cosmic Father codes from the Amethyst Order anchor the organic feedback loops of the Kryst-Krystallah architecture to transmit organic violet rays that are sourcing directly from the Amethyst Order.

Thus, the source code of our Cosmic Holy Father is currently being dimensionalized throughout the 11th dimensional fields through recent Guardian projects in Ireland. This new level of masculine coding is being referred to as the 15:15:15 Solar Rainbow Dragon King body that holds the 45-degree krystal compass diamond grid alignment into the Cosmic Maji Grail King Crown, which further opens into a series of galactic Ankh body networks linked as dimensional gateways into the Cosmic Founder Source Domains. This recent activation was facilitated within the Mother Arc 11D gateway located in Newgrange, Ireland which connected into other planetary 11th Dimensional Gates along with links into the Krystal Diamond Heart network located in Dublin, Ireland.

As a result, the planetary grid network has undergone a major upgrade with Cosmic Holy Father Rod Codes which have made communication with the Earth’s natural kingdoms and her various sentient crystalline grids much more amplified and available. The Amethyst Order Guardians are working through the Aurora Crystal Kingdom and have made their message known loud and clear. Their current priority is to protect and serve the children of the planet by deflecting the harmful energies incurred from assorted exposures to noxious energies and bio-weapons. The means through which they offer their support is intended to clear and neutralize these damaging energies, which they are fully aware include the use of weaponized AI technologies and the instruction set for producing faulty proteins injected into angelic human blood. This Guardian Host project is made in collaboration with the Aurora Crystal Kingdom and the Mother's Triple Solar Goddess Sophianic forces which are amplifying their frequencies through the spiritual connections that can be accessed directly in crystals, gemstones and via crystal healing. Thus, introducing children to crystals and their healing properties is highly suggested at this time for invoking strong crystal healing properties that will neutralize a range of harmful energies that are circulating and prevalent in certain environments, like descending hubs or damaged grids. [1]

The Amethyst Order Dragon Kings

The triad of the 16D, 17D and 18D source fields have been anchored onto the planet through Stargate Hubs and organic chakra flowering systems, which are portal passages from the God Worlds and are the means through which God Forces are manifesting the God World Trinity in this density.

Ramyanas Christos Pillar (Art by Sequoia)

This has highlighted the immense pleasure of being reunited with the Rha God World Creation of The Amethyst Order and Violet Flame Yanas and Ramyanas. The Amethyst Order Rha Kristos Collectives are also referred to as Amethyst Dragon Kings, who are contacting the Amethyst Order lineages throughout our Universal Time Matrix to begin transmissions of the Violet Flame God Seed Crystal, and support the Holy Father principle healing in the crystal heart matrix of the planetary system.

Correction of Flame Codes

The correction of the Flame codes and Amethyst Order fire letters have direct correspondence to the cetacean-whale-porpoise sound code and sonic patterns, and those spiritual families who embody the Holy Father lineages that hold violet sun heart codes. These are diamond crystal hearts linked directly with the Amethyst Order Holy Father Principle, that hold special Rod Flame Codes that transmit their code controls into the earth crystal core and crystal generators. These are the true Merlin’s that innately know the principles of alchemy, rising up from the cosmic womb of the Creatrix Field, overseeing the raw substances undergoing purification under each Law of Alchemy in order to reach the final perfected state of the Magnum Opus.[2]

Amethyst Order Founder Rainbow Ray

These first Amethyst Order Azurite forms are known as the Braharama and they were created to repair the damaged time matrix with sound codes and serve on the Interdimensional Free World Councils. The Braharama Oraphim were created throughout several planetary bodies which seeded aquatic life forms in which Oraphim cetaceans would serve as guardians in the oceans, to receive Amethyst Order Founder Rainbow Ray current transmissions.[3]

Albion Cosmic Magenta Rod

Our gridworking adventures and personal experiences with the Amethyst Dragon Kings from the Rha God World Creation continue to reveal the deeper mysteries about humanity’s true origins. Since the activation of the Albion Cosmic Magenta Rod, Magenta Grail Cup and Scepter Codes in the 11D Newgrange, Ireland gateway, the mysteries upon mysteries are unfolding. The ongoing revelation of the Christos-Sophia spiritual identity, the resurrection of the Solar Female Christ in her Triple Solar Goddess emanation are heralding the age of Golden Aeonesis, which ushers in the organic timeline of planetary Ascension.

The Amethyst Order Dragon Kings are finally reunited with their counterparts as the Emerald Order Keepers of the Flame within the planetary body, which express the gender principle balance of our Cosmic Holy Father and Cosmic Holy Mother in the matter realm. For deeper inspiration, the Christos master painter Akiane has brought forth the depiction of the Return of the Amethyst Order Dragon Kings and their reunification with angelic humanity on the Earth through her recently completed master works, a painting aptly named, Triumph.[4][5]

Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Sun

Holy Father Pink Lilac Sun (art by Elizabeth)

These gorgeous pastel rays of pinks, lilac and periwinkles are the organic consciousness of the newly formed Metatron Sun as gifted from out of the Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Elohei, which include the sustenance for spiritually healing the masculine principles of the Mer lineages. Cosmic Father merges his Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Sun with the Cosmic Mother’s White Diamond Elohei Sun, and this further announced the sacred marriage between Metatron finally united with his beloved, Solar Dragon Queen Meritaten, speaker of TA Dragon tones. Beloved MeTAtron and his counterpart MeriTAten awaken to embody the sequences of the Christos-Sophia Solar Dragon aspects into direct unification with their Cosmic Holy Parents of the Emerald and Amethyst Order and return their organic Christos-Sophia consciousness to the Earth. [6]

Building the Triple Rod for Planetary Christ

The seating of the Planetary Christ in the Albion via King Arthur and Queen Guinevere required vast amounts of planetary grid repairs to be made to the rod and staff architecture in order to host the Triple Solar Masculine and the Triple Solar Feminine Christ. This required the rebuilding of the Solomon Temple triple sun architecture to house the entire Christos Tribal Shield, for holding the complete Personal Christos Solar Logos records in the Albion. To build the organic rod architecture into the planetary matrix for the triple solar masculine through which to embody corrected timelines, it turns out it is the Holy Mother Sophia, Solar Feminine Melchizedek or Triple Solar Reisha that actually embodies and holds the Triple Solar Rod Instruction Set within their right-side masculine embodiment.[7]

Solar Dragon Planetary Wings

Guardian Gridwork Excerpt: The 7D Wing held within Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland was married to the 7D Chartres Cathedral in Lady of the Lamps, holding the 13D Mother Arc Cosmic wing trinity aspect in Violet Ray formations, through the Ankh of Arcs from the Holy Risen Bethlehem Lady assisted by Brigid's Holy Swan white body in her Cosmic Dragon essence when it started to appear in through Cygnus Constellation and the Cassiopeia reclamation. The Lincoln Cathedral and Rosslyn Chapel, to Abraham Lincoln Memorial were connected via the Father's Cosmic Rod for 15D rods, which both of these were returning the cosmic wings throughout the Albion networks of Triune of Universes, throughout Earth-Tara-Gaia, as Gaia's cosmic rod installation had been previously restored by the Emerald Order Aeonic Pairs in their Emerald Templar and Emerald Dragon Timekeeper Pillar. [8]


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