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Return of Emerald Order White Solar Queen (art by Elizabeth)

The Goddess of the Holy Swan, White Queen Brigid as a Mary Magdalene Grail Maiden Solar Dragon of Éire, is one section of the Cosmic Mother's White Diamond Sun trinity that unites the Triple Solar Reisha's Merida-Guinevere-Brigid, which are being retrieved for the seating of the Bride of Christ architecture throughout the Albion network, which includes the magnetic field restoration of her Holy White Swan consciousness body in Avebury Henge. Through restorations, it was revealed that Avebury Henge and Stonehenge were instrumental in supporting the NAA death cult worship of assorted Black Dragon Archon Imposter Spirits forming the lunar force hierarchies running inverted magnetic force patterns of the Dark Mother global network. Through Guardian Host projects, the return of the Bride of Christ includes the restoration of Solar Dragon Queen Merida's White Rainbow Peach Solar Dragon, seating into the 11th dimensional Stonehenge Stargate.

The symbolism of the Holy White Swan in oriental philosophy also represents the sound tone in the Sanskrit word AUM or OM, which is the symbol of the entire process of creation in the Cosmos.

During Guardian Hosted grid projects, the Holy Risen Cosmic Bethlehem Lady assisted by Brigid's Holy White Swan in Cosmic Mother's Solar Dragon started to appear in through Cygnus Constellation and the Cassiopeia reclamations during the 2021 Electrical Peak cycle. [1]

Holy White Swan and Holy Mountain Architecture

The Cosmic Mother Dragon appears in her Triple Solar Reisha Merida-Guinevere-Brigid form when encircling the planet with her silvery ouroboros line, emanating silver white flames from her Elaysa Sun consciousness streams of Holy White Swan, which appears to reconfigure the distortions of artificial holograms and reversal blueprints. As she ignited the Avebury Umbilicus with her massive Bethlehem Star of silvery white flames during the Summer Solstice, the tri-waves of braided silver and gold pulsed through the dragon lines, which intersected with the floating bridge or Blue Rainbow Arc above Mount Kailash. This seems to be the primary focus of building the recent Holy Mountain architecture for seating the Blue Rainbow Bridge. A type of Cosmic Christ Consciousness distribution center in which different star patterns that are connected to the returning Ascended Master Rishi-Reisha identities, can heal their light body and reunite with their spiritual sun-star home and divine counterparts.[2]

White Elohei Mother Ériú

Divine Lady of Éire, Ériú (art by Elizabeth)

In Irish mythology, the sovereign triple solar goddess and protector of Ireland is Ériú, she is often still correctly interpreted as the Mother Goddess personification of Ireland. Ériú was the ancient White Elohei spiritual mother of the original Tu’Atha, the Elohim descendants of the original Hyperboreans that subsequently embodied within the Celtic-Druid Maji Grail lines of the 11th and 12th Essene Tribes.[3]

Celtic Origins

The Celtic Imbolc, or Brigid, is known as the season for purification and new beginnings, the Goddess of the Holy Swan is the Mary Magadalene grail maiden Brigid, it is she that announces the arrival of spring through the Imbolc festival. The Irish Brigid or Bridget served as a goddess as the divine patron of the Brigantes, the powerful northern tribe led by the warrior queen Cartamandua [4] at the time of Roman Conquest. With the arrival of Christianity, Brigid became a Saint celebrated as Jesus's nursemaid and sometimes as his mother under the name of Mary of the Gaels. In Britain, the cult of the swan is likely to have come under the protection of Bride, whose feast day, 1st February, marked the northern departure of the migrating swans.[5]


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