Releasing Feminine Wound of Eieyani Massacre

From Ascension Glossary


Themes: Carrying a crystal containing the memory of Eieyanis and Yanas who were exploded in pole shift, this memory allows them to be reconstituted and returned, releasing energy of poleshift, Releasing Feminine Wound of Eieyani Massacre, a monadic partnership was arranged to support this alchemical process, new feminine archetype of queen, shifting from pain of birth to orgasmic energy of creation.

Opening: We are memorializing our session today, as we create the container and boundary of our space through I am God I am Sovereign I am Free. We again opened all light fibers all levels of spirit to be fully connected into God's light. We ask for the highest capacity of exchange of God's infinite light love and power. We ask our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation, our Guardians that serve the one, for their presence and support here today. We consecrate our container and our session here today to be fully dedicated to the purposes of God and the purpose of One, as as we ask to be sustained in that eternal power.

We ask for gate keeping to hold our mission, our mutual highest purpose in service to the one light source, the living light. Again our intention is unification through the crystal principle and as an energy reality here and now, and we ask the handshake to fortify our spiritual links and communication links, into the cosmic trinity into the core of one, zero point God matrix, that which is the source of our genesis. With deep reverence for life, beloved God please breathe the living light into our form, into all created form. We set our intention now to be fully remembered to that which we truly are. As we state our mutual purpose as one, we are ready to go beyond fear and shadow to fulfill God's plan on earth. We are ready to be the living like that houses God's house on the earth, and we ask to be resurrected through our flesh. Please clear any inorganic or artifice and return it to the organic living breathing light of God now. To that we say beloveds, thank you thank you thank you.

Okay, opening a trans-harmonic gateway and setting forth four pillars, in opening and securing the space. What I'm understanding is that today is the day that we apparently have been waiting for for a very long time with a certain piece of this puzzle. We're about to move into an intersection within the timelines and again the way the intersections of the grid space actually create the illusion of time space within the field. There has been a piece that has been held as a part of your consciousness for very long while. That has necessitated I would say a warrior class and a warrior kind of attitude and archetype, in order to be able to hold the energy of this, the responsibility of it and protect what you have been given. And this period of time for you is going to start to mark a shift and change as well in your experience of self, because this is very much like a rebirthing that is happening. Giving birth, rebirthing.

Eieyani Massacre

This has to do with a timeline in which you had an agreement to carry and to keep the memory of. And so what we are coming to understand at this point is something that is being referred to as the Eieyani Massacre, which was a massacre of Ascended Masters, it was a massacre of spiritual beings that were termed as Yanas. And these Yanas were high spiritual beings that returned to the earth plane at a certain point just prior to pole shift during the last cycle. And this timeline is being let's say brought to the surface of our awareness and cellular memory, because this is a part of the cellular memory that was implanted into this planet's body. This is a part of what feeds the timeline of pole shift.

So it's like understanding that this particular timeline this particular time of evolution is similar to understanding a Lemurian time cycle where feminine energy and that which is a part of the spirit bodies. That level of experience of the feminine at that point was considered Lemurian. So a lot of what's going to happen through the shifting of this is the recoding of the seventh ray, is the change of the structure of the crown chakra, is a change of the structure of the planetary logos. And again understanding that this has been a part of what you have carried, as a piece. You were given a crystal that is connected to Lermuria and you hold this in your body. And a part of this crystal in your body holds the memory of the Yanas. So it's like saying when something is decimated and destroyed to the point that it is literally mineralized consciousness or space dust. Or it's just existing within a space of torment, but does not have the self-consciousness or realization to be able to heal or collect itself.

There were those of us that agreed to hold a piece of the memory of those particular levels of beings and those levels of consciousness so that at the end of the cycle, which is what we are reaching now we would be able to reconstitute those beings. And in a sense this is where that term 'we will never forget' has come from. I know that in Judaism that is something that's very important, 'we will never forget' in terms of the Masada, the Holocaust the genocide. And what we're understanding is this is a thought form that goes way beyond the Jewish culture and the Hebrews. It's understanding genocide and massacre, this type of enemy patterning behavior and Victim-Victimizer behavior, is all intersected is all connected through various timelines.

Release Memory Crystal of Holocaust

Where it is like understanding that as beings if we do not know how to heal the past of these archetypes that have been created, we then become these puppets that just play out these same patterns over and over again. And that's what we are understanding here today. That this is cellular memory that is connected to multiple layers of massacre, of genocide, of enemy patterning and the brutalizing of beings, human beings, Christed beings. And that this was not just limited to third dimensional earth bodies this also happened at higher evolutionary levels. So what I'm understanding is that we are opening a timeline. And it's time to release the crystal that is in the core of your body, and that is somewhere around your sternum area, like literally in that still point area. There is a germination that's going to start to happen, which is going to feel like a birthing process. And the culmination of this is happening right now when our sun is about to change directions with the winter solstice. We're coming into period of time where our sun our moon and our earth are passing the galactic plane and this alignment is allowing this. It's the time for this to become revealed and for us to be made aware. And it's multiple complexities include the return of parts of the female body, meaning God female consciousness spirit bodies. That which is female principle to be returned to this planet, to be returned to this consciousness to be reconstituted and reintegrated, in different ways that are very hard to understand and explain at a human level.

However I'm understanding that tomorrow at this time, and December 18th is the alignment to the galactic center, from this point into tomorrow a process is going to start to happen within your physical being and your spirit being. So it is going to be extremely important for you to hold the neutral witness and to allow yourself to be cared for and relaxed. And possibly in water and making love as much as possible, doing things that really support the physical body through this time. And on December 21 is the culmination, where there is something on the winter solstice that is very important. Either this process is an unraveling of this or a culmination of this.

So this piece of this crystal they are referring to this as a Lemurian crystal and it has taken nine months for you to birth this thing. So it means whatever has been happening in this last nine months, there has been an attunement to the monadic consciousness and an alignment to your twin consciousness matrix. Your partner is a part of the energy signature and the genetic material and a part of the twin consciousness that can hold this other piece for you. I'm seeing that this was necessary for this to happen. So it means that there has been a very specific method in the last nine months, in terms of an attunement and alignment to pieces of monad. It's monad body, meaning parts of the over-soul started to be reclaimed and reconnected and attached to your spirit bodies.

Retrieval of the Yanas

What I'm seeing is that the only way you can retrieve Yanas is to be a Yana. Only a Yana can retrieve a Yana. Which means only an Ascended Master can retrieve as Ascended Master. And the bodies had to be linked up at a certain alignment and attunement for this to happen. Because what happened with the Eieyani massacre about 22,000 years ago, was understanding that the Eieyanis where the Ascended Masters that actually came to the earth plane to prevent the cataclysm. So it's like saying during the timelines of Atlantis, understanding okay the children down there are abusing their power they are wavering dangerously close to self-annihilation and creating a lot of damage. And it's damage that is not just on planet Earth but something that impacts many other levels of life.

So a group of Eieyanis came to this planet and they went and fortified through the 12 dimensional Stargate. And that Stargate on our planet locationally is Kauai and the other side is the South of France. When we understand the histories of Cathars and the persecution of Cathars, the burning and the killing and all of that. This is an extension of the Eieyani Massacre. So again the Cathars went to the South of France and they tried to link up healing Mother's body, female body. To hold this and embody this is something they were trying to do back then. So this is something that many light bearers and beings Starseeds have attempted to get in here to try to hold this level of frequency and light and keep the memory alive on the planet so we could do what we are doing now.

Meaning that what we are able to achieve now is mostly because so many of us have been here, and quite frankly sacrificed through pain to keep these frequencies, codes and other things alive. And again we are a part of that family that has agreed to do that work here. So at this particular time the timeline of this intersection of when the Eieyanis or the Yanas came to the planet, and the process of doing this was to come to the 12th dimensional gates and fortify the 12th dimensional gates. Which again are aligned to the liquid silver or the Christ blueprints and to try to weave parts of this blueprint back into the earth. Connecting these into the earth body so the earth body could have access to these energies to these frequencies to these levels of consciousness and entities.

And when they came here they actually came through the gate system and they were I would say ambushed or something very traumatizing happened. That not only damaged the gates, meaning the 12th dimensional stargates were damaged from this, but these beings were absolutely devastated. Because they risked themselves, understanding that when you come into a lower dimension you have to fragment yourself in order to bring a piece of your consciousness into this earth plane. These Yanas these masters did this and they did this at a risk to themselves. Because again when you reverse yourself in this kind of method, it's not always clear if you are going to be able to reassemble yourself again on the other side when you get back.

So they used the gate and they came in through the Kauai and Hawaii area over there, because that is where most of the Lemurian continent was. And they were putting in a sonic gate network that is known as the Easter Island Grid. So when we see this these are the Mu, these are the Mu beings the Lemurians, the Mu Priests of Ur. These are the priests of the light and they tell me that's what your name is about, you are of the Mu and you hold the light. Meaning the light bearer of the Mu, the Muvarians the beings that were a part of the Lemurian consciousness here.

So that gate or that attempt to stabilize earth and to reconnect this consciousness to the earth was brought into areas in Peru. And it's very interesting for me because this has also been describing why I've been getting nailed from Peru lately. A lot of the dark arts and black magic grids that have just been vicious lately, I keep sourcing them out of Peru and now I know why. So this has been helpful for me too as well, because clearly they did not want today to happen. They didn't want us to come into this realization of understanding what we were. Because as we participate with this consciously and we bring it into the human world into the human flesh we are embodying this in physical, we are becoming aware of this and the physical. We are bringing the consciousness to it which allows it to change it. And they're none too happy about this.

Four Faces of Man

So what we're understanding is first of all, the Eieyani came down here and they tried to stabilize the grid by putting in a grid network that had to do with the Four Faces of Man. It was the specific grid network that they put in that would connect the three earths. Through one singularity point you would be able to connect the three parallel earths, to stabilize each other. And they did this somewhere on Easter Island. So understanding that Kauai somehow intersects with Chile over on the other side meaning some kind of grid network was placed there and those faces on Easter Island are like a marker for this. I don't know how many of those faces are there, but this is what their saying is called the 12.

This is like saying that there are four pillars that make up creation. We know these pillars to be, when they talk about City Four Square, these are four pillars of consciousness units that make up the elemental basis of our creation. And we have three parallel earths moving in the same universe, each connected to those four pillars. When the four pillars aligned to the three realities, we got 12. And that means again, all of what we're doing here is building and changing the architecture of this planet back to the house of God, the architecture of God, which is a base 12. Meaning that our reality our architecture has a base 12 imprint and encodement and current and frequency of the base pulse rhythm of 12. Which is the basis of our frequency, our DNA, the Christ consciousness.

So when we understand genetic mutations and the hijack of our particular frequency these are the reversal forms that have been placed as usurped architecture. So this was something that was designed to realign the planet back into this architecture, which would connect into the God source supply. Again that's what we've not been getting here. It's like they we're in a trapped field a finite space that has X amount of energy left, because we've been disconnected from our source light. So this is the architecture that returns the perpetual supply to the planet, brings life force to the beings down here. To actually again connect to the eternal light and to grow the consciousness and expand the consciousness instead of fragment the consciousness, which is what has been happening down here.

So when the Eieyanis came down here and it was for this purpose, they knew that the place was going to be severely compromised, something like a pole shift again the Atlantian Cataclysm. And upon coming down here which was a risk, they did it anyway and they were able to install pieces of this. And I'm seeing that over the last 26,000 years this is what a lot of us have been doing down here on the earth, on the physical side trying to reconnect what the Eieyanis and the Yanas were doing back then 22,000 years ago. Because they didn't finish it. They got parts of it in here but they didn't get all of it in here because they were massacred and they were killed. So when they were killed they were either caught in an explosion or caught in the Stargate, which mutilated the Stargate and mutilated them. Because it's like saying they were using a part of their body a part of their own consciousness, a part of their own being to project the stability of that mind-field of frequency, in the planet trying to restore it.

And again when they were not successful they became trapped down here and sucked into what we would call a void or a phantom space. And what is happening now is this is the way it works and it's a little weird and it's hard to explain. But it's like saying their bodies because they are so big, meaning that these beings are I don't even know they are Ascended Masters, God beings that are part of the progenitors of creation. And they project themselves onto parts of the planetary body and into the consciousness in order to help it or to steer it into a more positive direction. And when they did that they became trapped down here in the physical matter, meaning a part of them is literally like impaled or stapled down here. And because of who and what they are and there being trapped in a particular space that they cannot get out of, the intruders the forces that want to create pole shift on the surface of the planet are using their bodies.

They are using their consciousness from the trauma they had, meaning that they have been sitting here for 25,000 years or more in torment. Meaning being blown apart and the memory of that, you are in a nothingness in a void, you can't connect to anything. You're just in that space suspended but it doesn't mean just because you don't know who you are, what you are, that the pain isn't there. So it is literally like a field of pain and it's them. And the crystal that you hold is the memory that allows them to be reconstituted and sent back. Because the only way we could do this was to actually be able to hold a physical embodiment here, that would allow us to develop the link to the monad.

Twin Matrix to Anchor Transit

And I'm seeing that the monad and the twin in your case, is the help. So your partner was brought in because he has the genetic memory and the material as a part of the twin matrix, to come in and hold and anchor with you. Okay he has a piece that is going to start to birth through you the female archetype of what is known as the Queen. So this piece this female energy is part of these Ascended Master races or part of the Lemurian time cycles, again a part of seventh ray energy, which is female. And it was also part of this planet. When we understand all the correlations to the seventh ray we also understand the seventh ray was the logos of this planet, which had the blueprint and was where hijack occurred. When they came in and took over the planet it's like saying if the planet was a body, they took her head and cut it off and ran off with it. So we have a planet without a head, its brain it's head is not here it's been hijacked. This is what we are returning now.

And this is really interesting because as we come into 2011 this is about reconstituting 7th ray energy. So this is really when I see the sequence of this it's really amazing. Even though I had no idea this was going to be happening until this morning really. That this process is now beginning where we're going back to the timeline of where the Eieyani massacre happened and it was right before the pole shift. The Eieyani bodies hold the memory because they were massacred and then the pole shift happened. They have that memory of pole shift and all the trauma around that and they are also trapped in a space that they cannot get out of. So we are like the linkup. We are the linkup between the Yanas that have come for the Yanas here, and they are going to be birthed through us. And that crystal that you have been holding is going to return with them as they pass through.

So this is a group project. This means that even though there are those of us that will not have access to understand or hear this particular session. The beings that are on this planet that are embodied with this purpose of genetic material, meaning they're here to restore the feminine, they have more genetic memory that is connected to either Lemuria or Cathar or these female pieces. They are probably going to be feeling that over this period of time again from 12-18 to 12-21 and probably for that week of Christmas. Because this is going to be a process of actually being a conduit, not only a transduction point for this because what's happening is we are the transduction of the Yanas now.

So that means that the Yanas that have been in this sort of exploded soup are going to be transduced through us, in our aura. Those of us that have connected monad are then going to be directed by the Yana on the other side who are literally going to take them or reconstitute them or bring them back into the merged source light where they need to be. So when this happens, when these beings are no longer trapped on this solar plane and impacting planetary consciousness like they are, this also means that the intruders lose a big chip on pole shift. Because again they've been working this hard lately, they want us to think that that's what's going to happen. The negative alien agenda is keeping us in fear around cataclysm or terrorism of some sort and there has been a lot more propagation of this.

Again when they understand that if they can get enough of us in the human consciousness to believe or think that this is real and it's going to happen, then of course we can manifest this. So their working that angle. This is a big piece that when this is gone they don't have the power. Because again what they're doing and how they've been doing it is very similar to like Archangel Michael. They take a being with a massive consciousness and they reverse it or twist it on itself and then they use it against itself. And that's exactly what they're doing with the Eieyani massacre. It's like the pain of that particular event is still recorded in the planet, still recorded in human consciousness genetic material. Because again we're a part of these beings and the being itself, however we want to actually try to describe it. So when this ceases to be a memory that is connected to the planetary field, this removes a lot of power on their part in manipulating the field in a direction.

False Archetypes as Traps

Because what they've been successful in doing if we look at the planet here today, is they use archetypes, false archetypes painful archetypes Hitler-esque archetypes. What ever these are enemy patterning, victim-victimizer, perpetration these things, and they place them. They are actual archetypes that influence perception, very much like in a videogame. In a game you choose an avatar and you become the avatar of the victim or hero or something. And you're playing this game and you don't even know that you are in an Avatar, your in a body that's being programmed with that particular archetypal program. So these archetypes are changing. So I'm seeing that this is a very complex process because there are so many things that are tying into it at this time that are really immense, that are preparing us for next year.

And for some reason this December 21st day feels really intense and it has to do with our female energy, it has to do with bringing the female energy back. So simultaneously as this is being retrieved and reconstituted what I'm understanding is that we have to build bodies for them. It's like saying even though these are beings that are sort of formless in order for them to move up, I want to say Jacobs ladder, they are going to need some forms at the monad level. So I'm seeing that the Ascended Masters are formless they look like suns or just like balls and sheets of light they are a different level of being. The monad has a body, I'm seeing that it's almost like we are doing a stair-step. We're getting them to the monad level and then the Yanas from the other side are going to take them.

It's like once they are at the monad level you can get them out here. But I could see that they couldn't do it at any lower-level, meaning that it had to be connected to the monadic twin consciousness. And this is what your agreement and mission I would say is with your partner. He is holding the complement that allows the monadic connection to be arranged and connected into your bodies together. And it's almost like he's a stabilizing point for this, because you're holding this other piece he's the stabilizer point. So in a sense he is acting as the rod, he's able to anchor it into physical. Or he is able to be the rod function of the earth, which is very much that masculine feminine balance, the vertical to the horizontal. So as he does this it's going to be interesting to see, because I also feel that this is going to change the dynamics in your relationship. Because I'm really getting to tell you to understand that he can do this.

Masculine Warrior to Defender

It is almost like saying there has been a part of you that has been fierce, because you have had to be a warrior. And your male came out like a tiger and said I'm going to take this on and you're not going to frick'n touch this. And there was this almost cellular overpowering kind of masculine energy in you, because somewhere inside you knew you had to protect this. And I really get that. This is something you had to fight for, meaning that you may not have understood it exactly. But you have been protecting this thing in your body for a long time and it's necessitated you to be really tough. And you are going to have to I think as you go through this, you're going to have to allow yourself to surrender and feel the change happening within yourself. Because it seems like this is the end of that, meaning this is the piece that you have been holding for so long and feeling so heavy and so tired, trying to figure out what the the heck it is. And now that it is starting to be released and returned, the level of the female energy is now going to change on the planet and within you. Which means you will start to become the new archetype of the female.

So I'm understanding that through this explosion and through this pain and the history of what happened here, was also a part of what created all of this "wounded female" energy on our planet. It's a part of the memory that really created pain in the female. So a lot of us that are female are holding that wound and most of us don't even know we are holding that wound. So there's a piece of this wound that's going to heal and this is indicative of another level of somehow understanding that we are going to be able to embody feminine power in a way that has never been embodied before. And that we are being, in this case with you and your partner, this individual has been assigned to you for that very purpose. He is here to bring that female out in you. That is his role with you, he is the protector he has the ability to protect you. And he is being given that power and he's being given let's say the class, to get conscious in his participation with that. Even though he's already doing it unconsciously, he already feels protective of you and wants to protect you. And this is why, because this is his role with you. It is a part of that twin consciousness matrix thing. And understanding that as he does his role with you, you are able to birth the new feminine.

Returning Queen Female Principle

Which is birthing literally I'm really getting this is a birth of a new archetypal pattern, which is the queen energy or the female energy. Whatever we want to call the highest emanation of this God feminine principle, that has not been on this planet and has not been able to embody. We're going to start embodying it. It is going to start next year and this is the kickoff. This is what I'm feeling, this is the event that kicks off the physical embodiment of this female energy in a new way, so that we can be what's known as the Queen archetype. So it's like saying that every race has a highest archetype emanation and that's usually called the king and queen. What happened on our planet here when they came in and they usurped everything is they took away our king and queen.

They give us a false king and a false queen, they distorted it. Like understanding Michael and Mary or Jesus and Marry and these archetypes. The highest emanation of the balanced spiritually connected male is Christ, is that Jesus figure and that's our king. And then we have the queen, which has been obliterated as we know because it's been patriarchal domination down here. But there is a king there always is a king and there always is a queen. So the Queen at this point is being returned and this is not just consciousness, it's an archetype it's an embodiment. And we're understanding why it was so hard for us as females to try to embody this and even understand what it is, because we've been raised into something else, that is completely opposite of what this is.

So what I'm understanding too is that in the twin consciousness matrix of this monadic arrangement that you have, he is holding the female code. So it's like as you hold this Lemurian Crystal and it is about reconstituting these bodies and allowing a segway of retrieval for these Yanas, these Ascended Masters to move from the grip of this plane and how they've been used at this level and taken out of here. Upon that release there is a replacement. So it means that these beings held not only this pain and this memory as it's recorded in the memory of the planet itself and therefore in our bodies. It wasn't just about pole shift, it was also about this reversed female and how the female energy was used and abused.

So because of that memory that archetype becomes a part of the gender distortion, becomes a part of what we think it is to be that consciousness. And when we're not conscious when we are just human and we are just doing what we think it is to be human we are automatically influenced by this. We just kind of sink into it because it's embedded in our DNA now, it's embedded in our genetic material and it's embedded in the structure. We've been programmed to death down here by this patriarchal domination crap.

So now the archetype of female is changing. So it looks like the process is from today and through the Galactic alignment, which begins tomorrow. This process of aligning the female energy based on recollecting Lemurain histories and the bodies that were I guess explode or destroyed at that time, are being reconstituted and removed out of their current state of pain and fragmentation. And being taken into merge with monad where then they will be met by a Yana, an Ascended Master. Who will then further their journey into whatever the next level is, into the merge of God or all the way out of this matrix, however it's going to work. But it is like saying they had to have a body they had to have a vehicle to do this.

So I'm seeing that there was no way to do this until the monad level. Meaning we had to get the monad bodies together and heal the polarities of these monad reversals, and all the splits with the twin. Once we got monad bodies together we were able to do this. So I'm seeing that that was what the hurry was nine months ago. So when you and I connected then we didn't know this. But now I'm seeing that that was why they were so firm and they were all; 'we have got to get this done' kind of thing. Because we had nine months to birth this thing and get you connected into your monad, and to get him in there so he could start working his piece in bringing the twin in and unifying consciousness with the masculine feminine.

Releasing of Carrying the Burden

So that now you can complete this piece, which to me this feels like lifetimes. This feels like your big burrito this is something you've been carrying. The weight of this sucker has been immense. So the thing with this is that I really feel in application to your personal life, that this is going to make you feel free. That you are going to feel freedom. I don't think we can even try to understand what it all means, but it does feel like a burden and a release and a freedom. And then as well an understanding of what your context is and why all of this has gone down the way it has. And then the ability to release it, because after that process... which I'm seeing it as a visual almost like a cord it feels very much like a birthing. I'm not seeing my body in this, but I know it's not just your body. I'm looking at your body and I know that there's going to be more of us. Meaning females that are birthing this and it's like our body is being used as a stand in that literally births the bodies as a portal through us.

And it's through our new connected umbilicus and monad staff that which connects us into the God core and I'm seeing that's the umbilicus. It's like that body is coming through the umbilicus and it's going to the monad level where I see a Yana meet it. I see a sun come to meet it and then I know that it is safe. So these are levels of what I would say are Blue Ray family members. These are definitely what I would call parts of the family that have been somehow damaged and lost through some of the histories down here. And couldn't incarnate into physical human body like us and somehow we made it out and were able to do that. And probably is one of the reasons why a lot of us came in after this. To try to retrieve family members that got exploded into bits trying to rehabilitate and help this planet not destroy itself.

So this is a very big piece and I just want to ask Mother Arc? Okay, yeah there is an attunement we're working with what they call the Hall of the Sacred Mirrors. Okay so I'm seeing that there are these points being connected. I see, that's why your guy and I had our conversation yesterday this was to begin the attunement process. So it's like in your field I see you both individually and as a unit. And there are these little points of light in the external that are connecting to what I want to call merkaba fins? It's like how the genders of these merkabas actually spin and rotate. I'm seeing these are being adjusted and each of those points of light are connected to a mirror, in what's known as the Sacred Hall of Mirrors. As far as I'm understanding it the Sacred Hall of Mirrors which is starting to show up is like understanding we are reintegrating fragments and it's a part of that the architecture of God's house. And I'm seeing that a part of what we are doing down here is becoming the embodiment of the schematic, becoming the embodiment of this architecture of God's house literally. And this is a structure I'm seeing in our auras. It's something that is also quite curios because I noticed that the others can't seem to see it. Meaning that this is an architecture that these beings like the reptiles or beings that are working the reverse don't seem to see. They see a phenomena they don't understand but they don't see the structure, which is really interesting to me.

So I'm not sure what that is going to mean for us. It definitely feels positive, very optimistic about supporting our purposes. But God knows there has been a tremendous amount of physical body attunement necessary in order for this to happen. Meaning it's a lot to carry this, so that the physical self and aura have under gone a lot of adjustments to carry this. I'm seeing that this is something that is being carried by the two of you as a unit. I don't know it feels like it is going to be brought together. But right now I'm seeing he's got an attunement, you've got an attunement and this is to stabilize you as this processes is happening. Which apparently is a group process meaning it's happening to you and it's happening to him, but you each have different roles with it.

So I guess what I would say is that in allowing to the best of your possibilities, to surrender to the process of this. And knowing that this is a big piece of your fulfillment as a spiritual being, as well as completion as a spiritual being with this burden that you've been carrying for a long time. And that this being that has been brought in has literally come for you and he's come for you because it's time. Meaning okay enough is enough now it's time to shift this. And the process of how this evolves is, I think to allow your new feminine your new female archetype to come in. Which I think is the best I could describe it is the Queen archetype, meaning the power of the female. And we know what the female is it's receptivity it's magnetic it's being-ness. It is that which connects to all things that connects to the abundance it's being able to fully be the embodiment of this.

And so this shift feels like there's a sequence. What we've been speaking of is going to happen starting in the next few days now. And then the shift once there is a completion cycle with that, which feels like somewhere around Christmas. Oh how interesting that's a birthing isn't it, when you think of birth of Christ even though it's not accurate. But the birth of Christ was supposed to be on Christmas. It's really lining up it's kind of interesting. But they are really signifying important days tomorrow and Tuesday, so I don't know what your schedule is on Tuesday or whatever but just honor yourself and take care of your body. I know this sounds funny, but I mean I can't help but say on Tuesday if you can, just make love all day. Just be in that space if you can of self-care of love of letting your body be protected all of those things because it feels like that makes it effortless. It's allowing, allowing, allowing. It's all about this female energy allowing letting it come through. And shifting I think the birthing process from the pain of birth to the orgasm of creation, which is really what the divine birthright is, of all of us.

The whole thing down here is that women are told when you give birth you are going to have pain and that's also a distortion, because the process of creation is supposed to be orgasmic. So I feel like there's a piece of this to learn as well, that what we are witnessing is something that is incredibly painful. I was actually really crying a lot this morning as I was starting to feel it. I thought oh God I hope I can maintain myself in this session, because I could feel the pain of it and the intimacy of it, to me because it explained some of my own events too. I had come across a crystal beach that was absolutely stunning and I just started wailing my heart hurt so bad. And I was like what is going on with me? And I kept hearing invasion. And I'm understanding that that's what this is. It looked like Hawaiian islands pristine beaches, beautiful azure blue seas and somehow this memory was surfacing. And I knew something really painful happened back there and this is kind of cluing me in to that piece as well.

So I know that I have a piece with it you have peace with it and I also know that there is a group. There are probably going to be many people in our ES group and many other light workers as well, that carry these feminine pieces that are going to be having a birthing process over this next period of time. But with you I got a very clear emphasis and understanding that you've been holding a piece of a Lemurian what they are calling a Lemurian Crystal. A Mu Crystal, Muvarian Crystal and it holds literally like the memory of the bodies. It's very similar to saying okay we had these family members go and get exploded, and you kept a memory of them before they exploded so that we can return them to who they are. Without that if that was destroyed we wouldn't have a way to return them.

So it's like saying the crystal is a map that says this is how this consciousness, this is how these bodies, this is how this master was or is really. And this is being returned in its form in its sentience. It is not going to lose its sentience of itself so to speak. We're not going to let that happen and that's what this crystal represents. And they're telling me you've been holding this thing for a long time, multiple lifetimes not just this one. And it has been a part of the toughness, warrior-ness that you've had to extract from your own self in order to protect this in your body. So it's now time where this is going to be released but it's in a birthing and I see it's happening through your umbilicus, and it's happening through the body of your monad. And it's happening in the body of the monad twin with your partner. So it means he's holding it down while this is going on, it's like the two of you are blending and merging your energies so that it protects this exchange, and this exchange can occur as it needs to. Oh my goodness.

Okay so beloved's is there anything else that we need to know here to support her in the here and now with this information. Something coming about Lemuria rain the Lemurian rain of light? It's like a bath or something that's happening in the aura in the higher levels. Okay. Well sweetie how are you?

Our bodies have a genetic material and a sentience that is God technology and that God technology is starting to work it in a really big way now. And from our years of purification and our meditations or all of our inner work that has been nonstop, seems to be a part of the process which has allowed the body to become a vessel of this. Because I don't think it could you know 5 or 10 years ago, this just wasn't possible. I think a lot of it has to do with that. When I started to feel how big this was, I mean the pain of it was pretty awful.

Closing: I'm really glad I was able to shift that and just come into the clarity and the neutrality, because I know it's where we need to be with this in order to bring it through. But I think it is because of everything that we have undergone to get here, this has finally ripened and has finally matured. We finally made it to a level with these bodies where we can be human, but we also have bodies that have this ability to do this type of alchemy and transmutation, at these levels that are just unthinkable from the human mind.

This is the new female. Thank you thank you. Take care, you are welcome. Thank you, lots of love. Ok bye-bye. [1] Transcript by Paige.


  1. [LR Sessions 12-17-2010]

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