Fall of Solar Dragon Queens

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During the Atlantian Cataclysm cycle, after they conquered Solar Dragon Queen Merida and stole the 11D Emerald Founder Records that were entrusted in her Guardian protectorate, this was the last stand of the Solar Feminine Melchizedek’s that embodied the Blue Staff of Mu’a. The 11D Arthurian Grail lines are the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines that reside within Ireland and Scotland, which has the highest percentage of people with naturally red hair. Thus, sadly the ongoing covert genocidal agendas to eradicate these lineages that hold the genetic records of the Celtic-Druid Grail Bloodlines have a long history of repeated campaigns known as the Celtic Massacres and Druid sacrifices.

Approximately 22,000 years ago, the NAA began the genocidal agenda to eradicate Celtic Kings Grail DNA and Melchizedek Christ Teachings from Atlantis, with RH Negative tracking, spreading disinformation, and destroying the records of humanity’s star origin and historical artifacts. See Historical Timeline Trigger Events and Ascension Timeline Rebellion.

Eieyani Massacre

Lemurian Holocaust and Eieyani Massacre

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: Approximately 22,000 YA, Eieyani Massacre, Essene Breeding and Emerald Tablet. Females taken to Nibiru by Thoth-Annunaki for forced breeding. Thoth stole CDT plate; wrote down Emerald Tablet. Trigger timeline for Hermeticism, esoteric Kabbalah, Mystery Schools and Secret Societies formed to hide ancient knowledge from the common people.[1]

The Dracs went to the Lemurian continent to finish off the genocidal massacres in Kauai some 22,000 years ago, in order to kill off all the remaining tribes of Solar Female Melchizedek’s that were also Mu’a staff holders. This was to prepare for a completely patriarchal society on Earth as run by the invaders which formed into the Atlantian Brotherhood of the Snake containing; Nibiruians, Thothian Leviathans and those connected to the Orion Group who later formed the Luciferian Covenant. This was the final genocide of the matriarchal society lineage of Solar Female Melchizedeks running civilizations on the Earth surface, that was aided by the Annunaki negotiations and agreements, and was the last stage of the Lemurian Holocaust and the end of the Atlantian Golden Age.[2]

Atlantian Cataclysm, the Dark Age

After the utter destruction during the Atlantian Cataclysm, the NAA brought in the Moon craft which generated the dreaded lunar female principle, enabling the Moon Chain parasitic infiltration with Sexual Misery programming and the rapidly growing satanic force infection that resulted over the next thousands of years. The insertion of the Lunar Matrix was accomplished in part through dragging in the Moon satellite, to be used as a base of operations and for transmitting lunar broadcasts for magnetic field manipulation and Mind Control programs on NAA’s Prison Planet. Over generations, this digressed the human female principle through merkaba magnetic spin damage, molecular compaction, and associated reproductive distortions as lunar forces filled up the breath channel, sacral energy center and womb.

Most women on the planet lost control over their conscious choice to have sex, their higher participation in when to reproduce and bear children, and thus became enslaved through the NAA’s assorted Genetic Modifications for Breeding Programs and Alien Hybridization agendas, with their violent rape and misogynistic mindset being instilled into the population. Patriarchal organized religions, spiritual leaders or shamans started to crop up with narratives that women were infiltrated with unclean spirits, menstruation and black holes existing inside their wombs, making them prone to demonic Possession and committing evil deeds. Thus, it was commonly thought that women were not to be trusted, were less than men, committed the original sin by disobeying God, and could not become enlightened or spiritually developed, thus they had to be owned and dominated by male brute strength. The Solar Feminine Melchizedeks who were commonly holding powerful roles supporting their community as legitimate Mother of Dragons and as the High Priestesses intermediating between the earthly kingdoms and Mother- Father God, were targeted for extermination.

Such are the many histories across the globe that ensued with the stories of female witch hunts and erupted hysterias of false accusations made of women supposedly doing the devils work, through which to effectively persecute and kill off the solar female with embodied sophianic wisdom, not unlike the misogynistic targeting that still persists even today.

This twisted NAA misogynistic narrative sourced in regard to this horrible history of lunar infection, of SRA human Blood Sacrifice and Moloch tanks that corrupted the planet, was indeed very damaging to the inner female principle existing within both the male and female biology. It is accurate to say in some cases, that the heavy distortions of human race Miasma and the lunar magnetic spin in the lower section of the female reproductive organs made sacral solarization and lunar Transfiguration of the breath channel much harder to achieve for women, unless they were holding Solar Feminine Melchizedek genetic records within their Lightbody.

Isis Treaty, Lunar Female

The planetary grid damage incurred by the invasion, the violent patriarchal mindset against females, and the magnetic distortions of the moon were devastating to the Essene Christos angelic human culture, which over time led to the Isis Treaty. This was an agreement made between Guardian Host and the alien invaders under the guise of genetic rehabilitation of fallen and damaged biological templates, but was a deception the NAA used to genetically alter the diamond sun template of the angelic human race in order to insert their preferred race lines of the NAA. The Isis Treaty generated a lot of difficulty for the solar females on the planet who were co-existing with their lunar sisters who had a natural affinity to be subconsciously possessed by Dark Alien Mother, and thus had tendencies to despise and attack them for no apparent reason other than carrying the inner solar light.

As the result of the havoc caused by the Moon, Guardian Host negotiated the Isis Treaty as the short-term solution to get Founder, Starseeds and Indigos with partially operating Christos diamond sun templates incarnated into the timelines, and to find lost spiritual family members and help to prepare for the final conflict of the 2012 timeline. The Isis Treaty was connected to the lunar female lineages of avian Egyptian-Serres modeled from original female staff holders in Taran timelines, which the controlling forces wanted to impregnate for the purpose of breeding programs aimed at genetically experimenting with the Code of the Blue Nile. These were of the highest and most complex Blue Flame Melchizedek genetics of the Emerald Founder’s diamond sun body design, which the NAA wanted for their own purposes of incarnating lunar consciousness and shadow entities onto the planet and in order to have superior genetic forms to gain dominion over the Earth and other territories.[3]

Lunar Female Demonic Forces

During the Return of Solar Rishi and Guardian Host clearing happening in the planetary grids, we may come to face the clearing of these Moon Chain archetypal patterns and their entity attachments related to these Lunar Female Demonic Forces. The true divinity of the angelic human female is Solar Consciousness based on the Solar Feminine Christ, thus the Ascension Cycle will require us to explore the shedding of the Lunar Woman within, in order to transform our sacral energy centers from running lunar force to solar force to embody our highest divine spiritual expression. [4]

The Search for Mother of Dragons Begins

Cosmic Mother Reclaims Malta Temples (art by Elizabeth)

During the magnetic peak cycle in 2021, Guardian gridworker teams became aware of several fiery interdimensional battles happening in the Kuiper Belt, the 10D Pluto Matrix, and 10D gate that plunged into the watery depths of the Seven Seas to recover the strewn dragon body parts of the Triple Solar Mary’s. Explosive spiritual warfare ensued in order to find, retrieve and reclaim the Triple Solar Mary’s diamond sun sophianic consciousness template and Universal Ankh Body. This level of warfare and recovery was by far the most vile and vicious of the retaliations made towards the Emerald Guardian projects fulfilling the reclamation of Christos Mission.

Solar Christ Mary is a title of the spiritually embodied triple solar daughters of the Cosmic Mother Dragon, or Holy Mother Sophia. Retrieving their spiritual parts and their identities meant facing our planet’s devastatingly painful history of invasion, and would take us through the dark maze of discovery that she was once completely embodied as the intelligent creator of this planetary matrix. It was her head or global brain they removed from the planetary logos or Magnetosphere during the Gaian Wars. During evolutionary rounds, she embodied and took the Solar Dragon Maji Grail Queen position in an angelic human diamond sun form, and one such identity was during the Atlantian timelines when Solar Dragon Queen Merida embodied as the 11D CDT plate holder and was a prolific ancient builder architect and city planner for the colonies.[5]

Tuatha Dé Danann

Although the Irish Goddess Danu is generally expressed to be the progenitor of the Tuatha Dé Danann, we take the position that this narrative appears to be stemming from later renditions of historical accounts crafted by the Thothian-Enki-Enlil collectives to cover up the authentic Israelites from Éire, after the fall of the solar dragon queens during the Ascension Timeline Rebellion. Subsequently, the stolen material was issued as the Emerald Tablet in Egypt, along with cloned lunar female deities generated by the Annunaki’s Isis Treaty, beginning to show up in the Planetary Grid Network as “witches” to control the Collective Egregores after the Atlantian Flood, which is also when they brought in the Lunar Matrix.[6]


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