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Persecution Complex presents itself in deeper ways to study trauma based fears recorded in the collective fields of humanity,and how this thought-form stems from the Crucifixion Implants and salvation ideology Mind Control that is recorded in the planetary brain and Magnetosphere. As the magnetic field shifts, this piece is also getting activated in the larger collective earth field. Persecution is used to influence people's unconscious fears or set them up into role playing drama archetypes that lead them to the experiences of never ending cycles of the Victim or Victimizer. In observing how the Persecution Complex is used in just about every area of earthly life, in every demographic and structure, to separate and label people based on some kind of social profiling, prejudice and bias, this information is collected to put people in mental boxes that can be a label that is used to sequentially single out a single group for a "flavor of the month" type of public attack. This is a method of Psychological Operations that are designed for Victim-Victimizer targeting and is used for public persecution and demonization. This tactic is used to spin mass media perception into sides of favoritism, for public shaming and microscopic scrutiny of any person or group, in order to uphold a hidden agenda for derailing or distraction. Any person or group that may be a useful scapegoat to create an imaginary enemy or threat to incite divide and conquer. Generally that person or group being targeted for scapegoating does not follow a certain set of mental beliefs that have been organized into some narrative that the Controller uses to hide behind to carry out their agendas.


This is why light-workers and truth seekers are such a convenient scapegoat for persecution tactics, many of us feel this complex very personally from being outside of mainstream acceptance. Other times they just attack others for convenience as its a way to create a derail and distract agenda - don't look here, but look at this 'bad person' - 'they are really the source of all of your problems, and why you feel oppressed.' Then the average people get on the bandwagon and believe what is being said in the media or Character Assassination campaign, and carry out the persecution agenda of their fellow human or target group, usually without having done any due diligence or personal research into the actual facts in the matter. With this tactic, most people get worked up emotionally and get angry based on spin doctored lies and half truths reported by the controlled media, much of what never actually happened.

A good example of creating a Weaponized Narrative or reality box of which the masses are expected to follow, is the religious control mechanism. So somehow when a person does not want another person to have a different religion or spiritual belief system, they are set up to be perceived as a threat and persecuted. Many times derogatory words are thrown around to discredit people or spiritual learning environments, such as accusing people of being involved in Cults, or they are a crazy Conspiracy theorist. Most of the time this is purely imaginary, it is only a 3D perception being used to spin out fear to divide the groups. However, Controllers will aggravate the perception and try to incite conflicts until it does evolve into real threats, something like the cultivation of religious fanatics in ISIL. When people are dehumanized, persecuted, starved, poverty stricken, and uneducated, they will rise up against their oppression and be influenced by psychopathic forces that carry out insanity and violence. This manipulation method of divide and conquer is used all the time everywhere, to keep the enemy pattern and war consciousness alive in the human mind. This tactic has been a historical theme of collective consciousness Mind Control promoted by the NAA for a long while. It is no wonder why this programming has left such deep scars of psychological and emotional Trauma for the human race, humans are basically psychologically or emotionally tortured for not adhering with the current consensus group of control, and if we step out of line with the Predator Mind consensus narrative being shaped by the NAA, then we are put in the line of fire for Victim-Victimizer targeting persecution style.

It is positive to understand how this tactic works for divide and conquer of groups of people, as this is a global problem. All people may identify with some larger group of which they feel that they rightly belong, and that group may have a specific label or classification. However, everyone feels and experiences the exact same V/V persecution programming for being who they are, at some level. The mental labels for generating reality boxes to promote a narrative use forms of persecution or to isolate experiences from others, and is never ending. Why is it that people cannot realize every member of the human race feels or has felt the exact same way in some area of their life... persecuted and oppressed? Who is behind the enforcement of a culture that regularly uses rampant persecution and oppression of the individual? Why do people self enforce the pattern of their own persecution and oppression onto others? Why would we accept this destructive behavior as acceptable? This is the face of Trauma based mind control, and its ugly.

People mimic what they have learned in the macrocosm to subconsciously know what is expected of them at the social level, self enforcing the same style of persecution of others in their personal life, and repeating the persecution complex dynamic towards others. Thus, persecution tactics spreads like a virus of spiritual oppression. Persecution is a mind control manipulation tool to keep the masses of people subjugated and in line, so that people obey the "hidden master" that is shaping the social standards for mass consensus in the Death Culture.

Enemy Patterning

There are certain areas of the earth that have older historical landmarks to massive wars that are still visible, say Europe, UK are really damaged with a lot of death, war and killing all have another severe persecution layer, an energetic signature of this psychic energy residue running into the grid and land. In order to rightly justify killing other people, the mental belief system that is formed is that person must believe that he has an enemy, and that enemy is a threat to him. Thus that threat must be eliminated, and then it is made okay for the need to kill people, perceived as an threat. Religion has been a powerful way to enforce this belief in the masses, by instigating the Victim-Victimizer software, in order to keep this twisted War Over Consciousness game running. The Controllers are running the persecution program from the crucifixion implant energies, so that the masses will automatically accept attacking and killing those perceived as threats is acceptable. The majority of the human race is under constant stress of feeling persecuted and oppressed by someone or something else in the environment, as that is the set up to keep the masses in fear based thinking. This seed of unconscious trauma goes back to the point of the NAA invasion, as that dark force invading the earth is the true causal source of why the majority of the human race feels to exist in a constant state of fear and perceived threat. There are areas on the earth that are littered with massive war histories involving mass death and killings that are based on persecution of a certain ethnic group, Genocide or any classification group that they found convenient to scapegoat in order to gain more power and control over the population. These areas are an epi center of massive psychic residue of persecution complex running in the grid network. If a sensitive or Intuitive Empath enters these areas, and they are largely uncleared, the feeling of persecution energies for the Intuitive Empath will be extremely magnified.

  • North Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Islands -Lemurian Holocaust
  • Oklahoma, USA - Trail of Tears - Native American Holocaust
  • World War II, Concentration Camps in Europe - Jewish and other groups Holocaust
  • United Kingdom, Florida, Bermuda - Atlantian Holocaust
  • Tomar, Portugal - Convent of Christ - Templar Torture and Crusades
  • Jerusalem, Israel - Assorted holocaust and rampant persecution
  • 7D gridwork, as it runs Crucifixion archetype, implants
  • South Eastern States or Carolinas, USA - Black Slavery related Persecution and Holocaust
  • Balkan, Bosnian Kosovo Wars - Slavic people holocaust

Obviously, this residue of psychic pain and uncleared Trauma is everywhere on the earth where the histories of persecution happened based upon another's perception of people that were being profiled by their belief systems and that resulted in human holocaust and genocide. One has got to ask the question, why are belief systems so important to the human mind that they are willing to kill and murder for the sake of preserving their beliefs? Persecution has a basis in not letting go of beliefs, being intolerant of others, and seeking to control every person to be an exact reflection of what you want them to be (agree with you), rather than allowing them to be who they really are. Why are so many people hell bent to take full control over other people, and for what purpose does this serve?

Seeing the Larger Picture

Hopefully, when we can see the larger picture of events and how certain Controller programs were placed into the planet, such as persecution complex via crucifixion belief systems, in order to incite and maintain a warring society in the mind of humans. This awareness helps us to source the uncleared pain we may be carrying from our own accumulated emotional experience when feeling persecuted. This is the same persecution complex that is feeding into the insecurities of the lightworker community and it is important to know that it is a global human race problem, no one got away with not experiencing persecution in some way. If we can see it as a macrocosm problem in the way the masses are taught to think and perceive, we can begin to understand how it works to eliminate its control over our own behavior, and continue to work on clearing our own fears of persecution. I hope that together, we can form a spiritual community of loving and caring people, that truly work to become self aware not to feed into these mass persecution programs, knowing that we are all in this together. By sharing our individual feelings authentically, more people can realize they are not alone in this journey, they are not crazy. They are not the only one being persecuted for being authentic, spiritual, awakened, a Starseed, or doing their best to develop Personal Integrity and be who they feel they need to be in the world. This is helping all of us to generate more Compassion, tolerance and developing Humility in our interactions with each other, which is important to grow the foundation of trust in our communications with each other.[1]

War over Holographic Discs

Thus, the sacred knowledge included in all 12 of these holographic discs that make up the Emerald Founder Records, are the ascension mechanics that describe the unity principles of the Law of One, have been violently fought over by many negative intruding groups. These NAA groups competing for earth domination have repeatedly sought to either control humans as puppets for carrying out their agendas, or massacre the Maji Priest Kings and their human tribe team members. Lightworker persecution memories include being hunted down as a part of the Christos family mission and remembering lifetimes in the 12 Tribe Essene lineages that have currently incarnated during the Ascension Cycle as Indigos. The NAA seek to gain full domination of earth and beyond, through gaining unrestrained access to all of the Emerald Founder Records, Ancient Builder Technology and all related sacred knowledge that is ultimately the divine birthright of every angelic human being.[2]


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