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World War II (often abbreviated to WWII or WW2), also known as the Second World War, was a global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945. Marked by mass deaths of civilians, including the Holocaust (in which approximately 11 million people were killed) and the strategic bombing of industrial and population centres (in which approximately one million were killed, and which included the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), it resulted in an estimated 50 million to 85 million fatalities. These made World War II the deadliest conflict in human history. [2].

What has remained hidden is that the NAA had massive influence on the cause of instigating World Wars over the powers accessing advanced alien technology for weaponization, technological mind control, space colonization, massive human Blood Sacrifice and soul harvesting on the Astral Plane, and for world domination between the government cabals. The end of World War II began the massive organizational efforts for setting up galactic conglomerate criminal enterprises hidden in some of the Secret Space Programs to administer to mass levels of Human Trafficking for slavery, supersoldiers, and sex, earth humans are used as a commodity for trade with off planet civilizations. The Power Elites refusal to reveal to the earth population the existence of extra-terrestrials, extra-dimensional entities and human off planet colonies and conglomerates hiding advanced technological abuses, while involved in committing serious genocidal crimes against the earth inhabitants, blocks access to Informed Consent of earth activities with intentional malice, deceiving every inhabitant on earth, thus, is harboring the Galactic Human Slave Trade. This allows these nonhuman and human syndicates to continue to abduct multiple thousands to millions of human adults and children for secret military projects, sex slavery, food, play-pets, free labor, genetic modification and an assortment of NAA agendas designed to enslave and torture humanity.

Reptilians and World Wars

The known reptilian races on earth appear to have made a variety of cooperative agreements with the higher ranks of human government and military, which have resulted in shadow government black projects, such as Secret Space Programs, MILABS and the creation of military industrial complex to experiment and exploit alien based technologies and craft that they have been given access through their cooperation. The Black operation timelines began in the early 1930's and exploded into a full 'quiet war with silent weapons' against the people of earth right after World War II. Dracs are a extremely militant, misogynistic and warring species that are very involved in controlling the Power Elite, financial, pharmaceutical and banking institutions, promoting war and killing through increasing militarization, Poverty Consciousness, human enslavement programming, religious violence, terrorism, and the harvesting of humanities DNA though abduction, trafficking and experimentation, as well as other species they have under their control. (See Black Sun Program)

Zeta Rigelian Treaties

The Zetas are interested in Breeding Programs to create Zeta human hybrids in order to maintain control over the earth in the future timelines. Thus, they formed covert agreements with the world governments and allied forces during World War II in order to reproduce their own race, and through which they could use the Zeta Hive Mind to more effectively Mind Control the population of the earth. During World War II treaties were made with the allied government, and as a result, several organizations, black operations and covert groups such as Majestic 12 were set up to further administer to these treaties, while secretly testing out assorted alien technologies, weaponry while reverse engineering space craft, and these activities are what began the Compartmentalization process to set up different factions for the Secret Space Programs as well as build deep underground complexes for high level testing of these alien technologies carried out by the Military Industrial Complex.

Nazi Occult Movement

Following the rise of Adolf Hitler, who discovered the Society after he had been ordered to spy on them, Serbottendorff’s newspaper was bought out by Dietrich Eckart, a Bavarian Catholic who had helped form the German Worker’s Party - and thus the newspaper was now under German rule, for obvious reasons. It was Eckart who introduced Hitler to the more esoteric ways of the world, and it was Eckart who transcribed Mein Kampf. When they came to power, Hitler set up the SS, a secret Order of the Silver Star who went out initiating people into the esoteric mysteries. Eckart himself was highly influenced by the Eastern mysticism and was a follower of Aleister Crowley’s movement. In fact, some researchers have even claimed that Aleister Crowley influenced the Nazi occult movement to such a degree that it may have been through him that the secret dark brotherhood were working and thereby influencing Hitler and his crew.

The occult was rife within the Nazi Party as Himmler’s Death Head Units were to show with their ritualized murders, harking back to Celtic head cults. Totenkopf (i.e. skull, literally dead's head) is the German word for the skull and crossbones and death's head symbols. The Totenkopf symbol is an old international symbol for death, the defiance of death, danger, or the dead. It consists usually of the human skull and it is commonly associated with 19th- and 20th-century German military use. Himmler's Death Head Units, was the SS organization responsible for administering the Nazi concentration camps for the Third Reich. While the Totenkopf (skull) was the universal cap badge of the SS, the SS-death Units wore the Death's Head insignia on the right collar to distinguish itself from other Nazi Schutzstaffel (SS) formations. ( See Nazi Occult Movement).

Black Operation Timelines

During the time that Franklin D. Roosevelt was President (1933-1945) several species of Grey Aliens contacted all the major world governments and made secret treaties with many of them that were inherently conflicts of interest, but they had no intention of honoring any of these agreements. This was the Archontic Deception Strategy to create suspicion, disinformation and spread confusion among the world governments to lead them to war with each other. The leaders would not share information in most cases, and different types of technology and militarized weaponry was given to different countries or militant sub groups. The intention was to incite continual World Wars, which is the strategy of divide and conquer the human race, keep them busy and suck every last drop of resource from the earth and from human beings. This is a strategy of handing a chimpanzee a machine gun, the Negative Aliens understood that these world governments would abuse their power, create wars and genocide to conquer territory, and thus make invasion of the planet much easier through a human self enforcement slave society based on increasing practices of barbarism. The barbarism practices are straight from the mind of Alpha Draconis/Orion Group and the Predator Mind of these dominating tyrant aliens, who are extremely developed Psionics entities, would mind control and download their thought forms and group conquering objective to the minds of the world leaders and the militant organizations, especially the fighters.

After Roosevelt died in 1945, Harry Truman took office. Nazi Germany surrendered a few weeks after Truman assumed the Presidency. Following the war, Truman assisted in the founding of the United Nations. He oversaw the creation of NATO in 1949. What the public did not know is he established UN and NATO organizations with artifacts and assets collected through the surrender of Nazi Germany. These assets were used to finance and establish the Secret Space Programs that were hidden from the public for off planet bases to keep territories stable, as he was aware of the alien "problem". In August, after the Japanese government repeatedly refused surrender demands, Truman authorized the atomic bombing of Japan. The atomic bomb was the brainchild of a team of scientists that were given asylum from Nazi Germany, later called Project Paperclip. Operation Paperclip was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) program in which over 1,500 German scientists, technicians, and engineers from Nazi Germany and other foreign countries were brought to the United States for employment in the aftermath of World War II.[3]

Nordic Black Sun and Nazism

Additionally the Nordics are blond looking humans from Orion and are also of a predatorial and warring nature, this species is responsible for spreading Religious Violence, racism, Misogyny, genetic discrimination, genetic experimentation, such in the Nazi ideology and they are proponents of promoting their belief system of "genetic superiority" through spiritually abusive methods of Eugenics. This Nordic group was directly involved with supporting Hitler's Germany and World War II, by providing military technology,and mind control technology to the SS in the meeting points in the Black forest and the Himalayas. They are interested in procuring earth based artifacts from the Essenes, Christos Templars or Guardian Host races, and supported Hitlers henchmen like Himmler, to organize archaeological digs, maraud other countries while searching for Ark tools and Atlantian artifacts, and threaten monasteries and monk-priest class humans to hand them over religious or other sacred and valuable objects to be used in rituals for controlling subtle forces on the earth.

MK Ultra Background

Dr. Sidney Gottlieb approved of an MKUltra subproject on LSD in this June 9, 1953 letter.

See Project MKUltra. Precursor experiments for trauma based mind control. In 1945 the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency was established and given direct responsibility for Operation Paperclip. The program recruited former Nazi scientists, some of whom had been identified and prosecuted as war criminals during the Nuremberg Trials from World War II crimes against humanity.

Several secret U.S. government projects grew out of Operation Paperclip. These projects included Project CHATTER (established 1947), and Project BLUEBIRD (established 1950), which was renamed Project ARTICHOKE in 1951. Their purpose was to study Mind Control,SRA techniques for dissociative states, interrogation, behavior modification, Psionic ability and related topics.

Nuremberg and Informed Consent

Informed Consent was implemented into the medical system when the scientific research conducted in Nazi Germany was discovered, and contained some of the worst human rights abuses and crimes made against humanity. This is an important distinction, to connect the creation of the informed consent culture in our society, to the actions behind the Nazi Black Sun agendas. This timeline is when the silent weapons for quiet wars was declared in collaboration with some of the off planet breakaways, and the extradimensional parasites. The same Controller factions are busy destroying informed consent in every way possible today and distracting the masses to ignore its deeper meaning, which is to serve and protect personal autonomy. The Nuremberg code was established in 1949, for the purpose of developing standards by which to judge the Nazi scientists and doctors during the Nuremberg trials. The Nuremberg Code states that all who are participating in such an experiment are required to give voluntary consent that is free of coercion, fraud, duress or deceit. Informed consent is an extremely important marker for guiding the ethical principles necessary to the creation of a humanitarian based society, and is relevant in all segments of society impacting human rights, sexual ethics, business ethics, bio-tech ethics and political ethics. It is the primary ethical principle and philosophy to prevent rampant corruption that harbors abusive conduct that allows lies, deceit, intimidation and partial disclosure of the facts that innately steal away the consent of the people.[4]

Persecution Complex and WW2 Holocaust

People mimic what they have learned in the macro of what is expected of them at the social level, self enforcing the same style of persecution of others in their personal life, and repeating the persecution complex dynamic in others, and it spreads like a virus of oppression and hatred. Persecution is definitely a Mind Control manipulation tool to keep the masses of people in line, to keep people obeying the "hidden master" that is shaping the social standards for mass consensus. I have noticed that the areas of the earth that have older historical landmarks to massive wars that are still visible, say Europe, UK are really damaged with a lot of death, war and killing all have this severe persecution layer, signature of this psychic energy residue running into it. It seems that in order to rightly justify killing other people in the mental belief system that is formed in a human, that person must believe that he has an enemy, and that enemy is a threat to him, and thus that threat must be eliminated, and then its made okay the need to kill people. Religion has been a powerful way to enforce this belief in the masses. So instigating the Victimizer software, in order to keep this twisted war game going, they are running this persecution off the crucifixion energies, so that people will automatically accept attack/killing as okay, because the majority of the human race is under constant stress of feeling persecuted and oppressed by someone or something else. This seed of unconscious trauma goes back to NAA invasion of our planet, as that dark force is the true source of why the human race feels this way. There are areas on the earth that are littered with massive war histories involving mass death and killing based on persecution of a certain ethnic group or any group that they found it convenient to scapegoat in order to gain more power and control, these areas are an epi center of massive psychic residue of persecution running in the grid that feeds the Crucifixion Implants and Black Hearts. If we enter these areas, and they are largely uncleared, the feeling of persecution energies for the Intuitive Empath will be extremely magnified.

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Hitler, Crowley, Churchill Timeline

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