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LR Starseed Session Excerpt:

Theme: Hitler, Crowley, Churchill Timeline, Sexual Misery, Hermetic Dawn, Belial Suns, merging Atlantis and Hitler timelines, Denver grid tributary feeding into UK, NRG, Host matrix transplant.



We are just rehashing a little bit because we've definitely encountered very surreal successive events, which are very clearly interference to keep us apart and from actually completing what we are doing, whatever our spiritual work entails with this piece. And as we are going through the self-discovery of this session work, I noted that today I really felt the presence of a type of energy that has that exact signature of what I feel comes out of the UK Grids, the NRG programming. Now for me, when I became aware of the sexual perversions and the sexual addictions and the level that this NRG matrix was controlling, the Mind Control levels of the patriarchal programming, and how this FKOT is being technologically abused. And I understood that, ok someone is telling me... a Melchizedek just came in and said this is the one that it's feeding. Okay, what they described to me in the last couple weeks, I know I'm jumping around a bit so just to go back. Have you been a part of me talking about what happened last October (2008) in the UK and how this Sexual Misery programming in the NRG network became revealed? What it was, it's not pretty. It is such grotesque perversion, such distortions being broadcast into the earth, it's down to anal-rape, sexual abuse, sexual mutilation. And the levels of this depravity, are really beyond what we can even express.

And I saw that this network used to harvest energy from the earth grid, this was a AI consciousness grid in the holographic architecture that was being stationed and held in the United Kingdom areas. And a lot of women were being impacted by this and of course the Starseeds were also trying to dismantle the structure and clear it. But trying to get clarity on where it was coming from was so difficult, because a lot of these inserts were, as an example, I would connect to a female and they had not been raped in this lifetime as far as I could remember, but their energy field was covered with rape energy, as if they had been. And once we got into the levels of the Lightbody, we realized that this was an artificial memory insert, an Alien Implant was placed there. So that meant that the body consciousness and the person was feeling all of the energies of being raped, without having been in the physical, it was like a false memory put there to attract rape. But it was done this way to again disempower the Starseeds especially, because they're the ones that are over there trying to actually clean this structure up. And as we know, our bodies are the alchemical containers that can help to shift these particular collective energies.

Now at the end of August, I started to get more information on this. Where they showed me that the reason why we cannot go in and fully clear and dismantle it at the UK level, is it operates in a very massive, humongous organized structure that is fiercely protected by the NAA. The headquarters of the epicenter of this particular program is like seeing the Nephilim Reversal Program, and the depth of how they have used pornography and all forms of sexual abuse to create separation between the men and women, the male and female principles down here. That epicenter or core seed of anti-human or anti-Christ conflict is in the UK. So I understood that the sexual abuse thoughtforms, the planting of that idea, and these gender imbalances actually stem from that part of the planet, and it's coming from that reversal consciousness there, the reptilian consciousness that has used that Sexual Misery program to control this earth plane. So understanding that's the epicenter is the headquarters of that NAA grid of anti-human consciousness and it is being fed by multiple levels.

So understanding that's the headquarters and there are all these other tributaries coming form other grid networks on the planet that are feeding into it as a centralized system. Now what I'm feeling is that you have one of the tributaries that links into feeding the main processing hub. There is something that is a part of your genetic lineage and is a part of your legacy of whomever and whatever you are as a spiritual God being. And what your agreements with the earth are to heal and deal with, that are a part of the tributary that feeds into that energy harvesting system. And that's why we're getting this interference, they don't want us to understand or to interfere with that network. So it seems, this a part of our discovery or getting into the depths of the energetic healing. Because my feeling is I don't think they're going to send me to the UK to work on this, until a massive number of these tributaries that are feeding into that area have been dismantled, healed or cleared out, whatever. Because, my advisory teams for the longest time booted me out of that area and said you can't go there right now, because its too risky.

So what does that mean? What are we going to do? So now there's another level emerging and what it appears to be is that we need to heal or dissolve these many tributaries that are feeding into the main headquarters. Because the headquarters can't be dissolved until the tributaries stop feeding the core of it. This energy signature that I'm feeling with you is the same energy signature. It is the same when I went into the UK I felt the nausea and I felt this level, it's hard to explain but it's an energy signature and it's the same feeling. So there's something very big here, let's just say that. I really want to again honor and hold space for you, for all of us in going through whatever this process is. So does this make any sense at this point?

There has been a degree of toxicity in the field that has definitely been really heavy on my body and I've been trying to do everything I can to transmute it. I'm just on one constant detox trying to get there, because I can feel energy parasites create physical ones. I can feel this toxicity working through the collective field so it feels like we're hitting another level here. Before we open a field was there anything else you wanted to add, comments or questions on?

Opening:We are holding our space in the alchemical container of God. Beloved God please open all channels of light here and now. We consecrate our session our bodies to that which is in service to the living light, the organic living light code of God itself. As we command this space in the sovereign light of freedom and liberation, we call upon our defenders of truth sovereignty and liberation, our Guardian families that serve the Law of One. We ask our Guardians and guides that work with us, we ask for your gatekeeping here and now. Beloveds please anchor the field in that which is the sovereign power of One, and One alone the God source. We ask your gatekeeping to hold our mutual God purpose our missions, in service to the living light code the Christ principle as an energetic reality here and now. Again we intend unification through the cosmic Christ principle, we ask our beloved families to please create a handshake fortifying our spiritual links, our communication links all the way into the universal cosmic trinity and into the core of God. Beloved God breath your life code into our forms and into all created forms. Beloved God please open all channels of light directly to the source. We ask to state the mutual purpose of one, to resurrect the bodies resurrect any and all inorganic pattern to the organic living light now. And to that we say thank God, we are the Cosmic Christ and so it is lovingly decreed.

Okay, in bringing this forth again in the protection field of beloved God in strengthening our individual 12D Shields. Again clear and remove implants demonics entities structures devices from invisible or visible realms, through any personal or collective field that we are creating here and now. Beloved God please release all burdens of that interfering or manipulating energy. We ask that any interference or manipulation be fully and completely resolved, as we open through the trans-harmonic pillar and grid work invisible, invincible, impenetrable commanded as such in the alchemy of God's Laws, which is commanded in the Cosmic Sovereign Law here and now. Beloveds please attune the coordinates to the appropriate space-time alignment protect hold down our field. We ask in the context of our alchemical container that all that is needed and necessary in the highest light of healing, clearing and transmission here and now. And that which is again returning the sovereign freedom through the ancestors, the multidimensional identities and all beings associated with this particular issue that we're dealing with.

We ask the consciousness grid to be revealed and to be fully and completely removed and terminated from its impact and influence on the Nephilim Reversal Grid, the sexual distortions and other abuse energies, memories, triggers that exist within the cellular or any level of the consciousness. Please show us exactly how we go in to clear all of the programming? Okay monadic atomic body, first dimensional core reset the first dimensional sphere of the monadic atomic body. And I ask the Aurora to re-encrypt the elemental vehicle, elemental forms and elemental levels from any corruption attempt interference attempt and that which is seeking to interfere with this process. Ok it's coming from underneath the body, underneath the first dimension coming up from the earth or from the earth plane. Okay this would be also clearing timelines and grid connections between third dimensional grid systems and the agreements that are held within this being to clear third dimensional grid systems. So we ask that all obsolete agreements into holding the 555 or 553 grids and any of the grid timelines that constitute the third dimensional grid programming, along with Armageddon programming to be completely severed and terminated from their access to this being. Again we ask that any manipulations and interference based upon be Galactic agreements from any other time and space, or any agreements that were appropriate in another time and space to be rescinded to null and void in this moment in time.

Crowley Timeline

Something very odd is coming up, and I'm just going to speak it. I don't know what this road is about, but it has to do with magic of the Hermetic Dawn. It has to do with, believe it or not Aleister Crowley. I don't know much about him but I'm getting a vision of his face. So I know what he looks like, I don't know much about him personally to really comment from a Lisa level. I am just going to try and figure out why is that appropriate to this. We're just going to allow... to follow this timeline. This is a timeline that is being recorded somehow for whatever reason it's been recorded in your consciousness and in your body. So whether this is a false hologram or whatever the heck this is. We need, I see, they are taking us through it so we can release it. It's almost like as we witness it's allowed it can be cleared, the consciousness and this false system cannot exist in the same space. So I am seeing something very odd related to the original organization of the Hermetic Dawn, and its taking me back into the United Kingdom. What is interesting about this, do you know anything about him by the way? Was he from that area? We'll have to do some research on this. What I'm seeing is Aleister Crowley was a famous Satanist. What he did was he created a system of occult and I know that he is kind of a cult figure if you will to the Satanists. I do know that, but in knowing all of the propaganda and imbalances around what is considered or accused of Satanism. Of course as we know I mean Christian theology, with a lot of them anything that has to do with the occult is Satan. So I'm not clear about what level this is.

What I'm seeing is something very odd that is taking you through a patriarchal lineage. Do you know what your lineage actually is on your father's side? Like where was he born what nationality was he? Was he Irish was he Italian? He was German, oh my God, oh wow. The plot thickens here okay, what they're showing me is just absolutely fascinating. We're getting into historical timelines and there is something obviously very important about your father's lineage that is connected into the occult workings. Because what I'm seeing through this timeline, is it's taking me all the way to Winston Churchill time and Aleister Crowley time. And I am seeing that there was information that was shared between them.

Because before you told me that your father's lineage was German I was seeing Hitler. And I was trying to figure out what the combination of Aleister Crowley and Hitler, have to do with anything. Like how does that connect? So obviously they are taking us through the historical events in the Timelines. And the limited information we know about Aleister Crowley, I do know the man was a Satanist. I'm pretty sure he was in the United Kingdom while he was there. At some level at least what I'm seeing, is he became kind of like a party favor for the Power Elite. I know this sounds strange, but it was almost like he was thought of as a brilliant figure, I think he wrote a lot of books and kind of pondered. I'm seeing like William Blake style, he was prolific in writing and there was a occult scene, I want to say a hip scene or a trend with the esoteric. I don't know much about what that movement was at that time, but it was around that particular timeline when Crowley was alive and living in the UK, which I don't know much about.

But I can feel that he was almost a socialite, even though he was working with the occult and esoteric ritual. Because it almost looks to me like his early innocence and his incredible mental intelligence got corrupted by the NAA, very much like Hitler did from the Black Suns. Meaning there was a corruption in the Soul that happened when they open the esoteric doors and these people, Crowley and Hitler, they didn't understand the kind of massive dark power that was being unleashed within that. It is kind of like when you go and you open astral doors, you open Portals, and you don't know how to close them, you let monsters run rampant in this spirit realm, this wreaks havoc with your own energetic being and with those around you. Something went on like this with Crowley when he was young, where I'm feeling his inherent goodness was corrupted and he did indeed become some kind of distorted and depraved figure, he was being manipulated by alien handlers. We use the word Satanist but he was being directly controlled and manipulated by these interdimensional negative forces. He seemed to have ... Okay, somebody's coming in and telling me. Crowley was like a wizard from Atlantian period, this guy. He was powerful during the Atlantian Cataclysm and they are saying he was a Solar Lord in the times of Atlantis.

World War II Timelines, Hitler

So what happened in this timeline, again when we realize the corruption and the imbalance that's happening in 3D is directly related to what happened during the Atlantian timelines and those histories and the choices that were made by the Collective Consciousness. So we know or at least it's been told to us by the Guardian Host, the same dynamics that happened in Atlantis are happening right now, again. The same players are here, it's just more primitive. Humanity had a lot more advanced technology and knowledge going on then. But the same war over the brotherhoods, war over the powers here are the Illuminati powers. I am seeing a deep illuminati connection coming in to this timeline, somehow from your patriarchal lineage, something to do with your father's line and it goes all the way back to the Aleister Crowley time and into the World War II timelines triggered by Hitler, and all of the games that were played for gaining power and control over the earth, during that time. See German Esoteric Societies.

Because what they are basically linking us to is this understanding of the intersection used between Crowley that was given to Hitler. This is going to be fascinating to figure out. I am seeing Winston Churchill and Aleister Crowley had a conversation. It's almost like, understanding that Aleister Crowley was being used as a esoteric consultant for what he knew, whether it as connection with dark spiritual forces or realizing that he was contacted by the aliens. ( See Aiwass) Because he understood, I remember one quote that he made. He used to like for fun which is cruel, he would tell his friend or somebody 'do you see that guy over there' and he would make the guy fall down. He would mess with people for fun, the innocent bystander walking to work on the street or somebody just trying to get somewhere. And he would have them fall over, or do something to energetically impact their Aura field. And this is like a joke for him. He was arrogant and would show off his powers this way, he was able to manipulate people's energy fields this way. So at a certain point he became kind of a notorious figure on the high society and political scene in the UK, I don't know how or whether it was underground. But I'm seeing that he was hobnobbing with the higher levels of the government, the Power Elite of that time, he got to either be invited to government parties or something went on where he was introduced to those Controller lines that are laying the blueprint for their architecture of control over the planet.

Belial Programs Mind Control

And I'm seeing that this method of mind control, Social Engineering was beginning to be orchestrated by the British and Germans at this time. Meaning that Britain was interested in becoming I want to say a world power, to rule the world, just like Hitler wanted. I'm seeing Britain has more power now int his time, than we understand, but it's not public awareness how much control they exert all over the World, and into other nations, all of their influence remains hidden. It's understanding that there was a time in civilization where the British power, powered by the NAA and Belial groups was the main world power. And what I'm seeing is that that Belial lineage is very proud of that. It's kind of like Patriarchal Domination and patriotic pride of a genetic lines or nationalism that exists within that specific thought form. Britain's power, the crown, the hierachy and rank of status, it's hard for me to relate to. But I'm seeing this is a thought form that there is a hierarchical snobbery and there is an intellectual coldness, bloodlines and status, wealth and resources are everything. Which is so interesting because when we look at Britain and we see the importance of titles, elitism, social manners and protocol. It makes sense and it's interesting the humans living there picked up the Belial thought programs, because I know the reptiles feel that way. They believe emotions are useless, they think emotions are a weakness, if you will. So I can see this thought form carrying out in the patriarchal lines coming form these reptiles, as they pushed all of what was going on in Britain to maintain as a world power.

This was the kind of hierarchical, cold, calculating mentality of accumulating resources and power at any cost, and this mentality is not human, it's reptilian hive mind. So we are seeing reptilian overlays manipulate British power for their agenda, in attempting to create World Wars and divisions and problems based on economic terrorism. Because again what I'm seeing is like a map of stratego, I'm seeing a divide and conquer strategy to gain full domination of the world resources that was being employed by these Belial reptiles during the time of Winston Churchill's notable reign. Which again I'm not sure where we're looking in the timelines, but I'm seeing that Winston Churchill was like a point man at one level, there were different levels of government allies coordinating for the again of the power for the Crown, under the manipulation of the Belial groups.

NAA Contact with World Governments in 1930's

Okay somebody's telling me that, just go ahead and say it out loud. They are telling me Winston Churchill had contact with aliens, the negative ones. That he actually was one of the first people they contacted around that period of time when they were making deals with the world governments. Okay they are showing me that around the 30s, there were secret meetings with the Grey Aliens and Negative Aliens. And that these secret meetings are what created what we know today as the secret society fronts for the aliens, or shadow governments, and the various military complexes that are working behind the scenes, and that these particular infiltrations into the world government are actually being controlled by these draconian reptilian forces. There are so many different levels of the hierarchy of clearance into confidential top secret information, that the humans involved in this half of them don't even know they're being manipulated by aliens. They're carrying out orders from someone else and they don't even know where the order is coming from, many times it is sourcing off planet in the name of national security.

I'm seeing this very pyramidal structure of hierarchical control carried out in many layers of organizations with all of this Compartmentalization. This idea, this multiple layers of organization was created during this time period, the 1930's, and what I'm seeing is that Winston Churchill was very much a part of the orchestration of carrying som elayer of this out to protect the interests of the UK control. And that somehow the occultism and the esoteric information that Aleister Crowley had was being utilized for his purposes. And this is where they started to really get the esoteric information on how Hitler and the SS used a reversal 7D Geomancy. The swastika is a seventh dimensional reverse coding that came from the Asian grids and the Tibetan portals. So what he did, was he took the creation symbol, the light language coding that represents communication with the earth Planetary Logos and the elementals. Because the seventh dimension is our planetary logos and Magnetosphere, it's where the original creational mind, the global brain of our planet exists. Our planetary creation code includes the divine plan of the Morphogenetic Fields and all of that blueprint that generates timelines. Through our awareness and our knowledge we've come to understand that our planets creative expression through the divine plan was usurped though NAA invasion of the original blueprint and architecture of this planet. So it's like they came into our planetary body, and they cut her head off, ran off with her brain. You know what I'm saying? There is no head. The thinking and the mental body process of the actual Laws governing our planet has been completely taken over in the alien hijack.

Now this is a whole new take on this event of planetary brain takeover, it I've never seen before. Because what they are showing me is that was a part of the information that was given to Hitler to help him gain control over the planetary brain, or Magnetosphere. Because all of this was a section the NAA needed to implement all the AI architecture to run all the mind control programs into the earth, and what they're basically showing us here is that that Hitler was being manipulated form the forces controlling and being carried out by Britain's Power Elite. So this is going to be so interesting trying to figure out the histories of what really went on with this. So the swastika is Tibetan, and the Tibetans were using this symbol in sacred context, but they had it rotating in the other direction. So Hitler was given the access to this 7D code, what he did was he took the symbol of the seventh dimensional energy which is also female principle, remember Violet Ray is female. The Violet Ray is also the wave spectrum of energy current that comes to the planet to liberate the souls from reincarnation into the lower worlds during the Ascension Cycle. Hitler and his SS took that 7D symbol and they reversed it in carrying out a bunch of SRA rituals and blood sacrifice. So what he was doing is he was using Satanic or reversal code. Reverse code is how he created anti-life structures and is how we got into this mess.

I wonder at what level he understood what he was doing, but one thing we are clear about is that he became corrupted in order to carry out the plan. Because ultimately what they were trying to do even then, was to go through the depopulation for control, which is what they're trying institute now. So this was an age where they were attempting to eclipse the 2012 from actually being able to happen. If they were able to kill enough of us if they were able to enslave a lot of humans, because what we've seen them do, is they take the suffering soul, which takes the consciousness that it takes with it when it dies right into the astral plane. The astral plane is an enslaved plane, so they were playing between the third and the fourth dimension.

It's almost like understanding how stockbrokers work how they play between different companies. You'll see two companies that seem totally unrelated, but the companies are competing against each other but actually both ends are making money. They just have an agreement you know what I'm saying? It's like they're always creating an illusion that there is a winner and a loser, but in 90% of the cases both of them are on the same team. This is what they're showing us. They are showing us that what we thought was that Germany or Hitler's sick perverted vision, that this was being totally funded by the secret societies. And was being orchestrated by Britain as the power. They were using Germany to be the fall guy or the surface story of whatever it looked like. But behind the scenes something else was going on, there was a new modus operandi already there.

And a part of the draconian and reptilian agenda for this is because that landmass is where the Stargate's that they control are. The 11th dimension and Stonehenge, the UK territory in that area is a prominent area for them. Meaning they have their grid secured in that area. This is obviously why we're starting to see the mind control systems and all the crap coming out with sexual perversion and how it's existing in the UK grid. Because this is how they have been treating humans, they sacrifice them sexually or through blood and then they use the energy of the soul to power their systems. This has been going on for a long time now and we're starting to get to the core of how these powers of the government have been put into place, to be orchestrated into this off planet and galactic agenda. Which really has to do with the enslavement of souls, or the war over consciousness down here.

They need from their perspective they need the souls to power the system. If they don't get enough of us to die or suffer or to believe whatever exists exists, then their systems start to lose power. So that's the way they've used it, they use our consciousness to power systems for their agenda. So what were seeing here is an elaborate system and that this elaborate system what is born in our history, what I'm looking at here is this is a replay of the Atlantian conflict that began during this time line. And then we see the distortions of how, because I do think we do have written record that Hitler had this idea, the reason he was killing everybody is because he wanted to create a perfect race. Right, wasn't that his whole thing?

It is getting clearer. So interestingly enough okay in looking at this timeline, the question is now that we are aware of this? We're going to ask our beloved founder races the Aquiferions and our Guardians to please assist in removing any burdens of these consciousness grids as they are represented through the consciousness that have been made aware in our presence in this moment of self. We ask that any and all issue be applied to the resignation of programming specifically through the singularity point of this being in the here and now and releasing the ancestral grids multidimensional grids and the consciousness grids that are influencing or attached to her being, her body her ancestral lineage or genetic lineage here and now. Please show us what our next step is?

Okay again what this has to do with, and as bizarre as this is, again please know that somewhere around the understanding of this is the understanding that you in your benevolence as a starseeded being chose this to clear. Because we're getting to the crux of how big this is and how it's one of the keys that unlocks our awareness as to how we got here. How did this enslavement happen how do these powers maintain control over the masses? Because when we look at it doesn't make any sense. When you think of 7 billion beings and you think of the very few that have the power the resources the money on the planet, you go well how did that happen? Why is it that out of 7 billion people you know 90% of us or more are starving.

It's again a complete imbalance in the power structure. Because the reptilian consciousness, their whole program is that there is the elite and then there is the slave. Their attempts with their agendas to work out these wars and to kill a lot of us and to do these discrimination programs is ultimately about their divide and conquer mentality. How if we kill each other they don't have to do much, you know what I'm saying? So this is clearly a part of the desire to create a slave race that they want. They have been dumbing down and genetically manipulating the human form so that we just become biological robots and we just do whatever we're impulsed to do in the field, without even realizing that were being mind controlled this way.

So this is a humongous piece of understanding how the mind control programs work and how what we're dealing with here is this history. Which is interesting, the recent history how it connects into Atlantis, right. Because what we're looking at is Atlantean technology, this "occult" came from Atlantis. They are showing us that Alastair Crowley was a Solar Lord from Atlantis. So apparently what that man or that consciousness did, he was able to access that power from that time and bring in here. And he brought it here and when he brought it here clearly there was an orchestration to give it to those that were in governmental power.

So he was like the point man, whether that was his contract with the dark or whatever I don't know. I'm just seeing that Alastair Crowley was actually very significant in bringing the hidden power tools from Atlantis, through the occult information and symbolism that he brought here. And that he organized something called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and that this was a direct timeline merge. What he did is like he brought Atlantis here. He went there and he brought it here and then he gave it to them. He was obviously being orchestrated to do this then he gave it to Hitler and Winston Churchill. He gave it to those beings that at least had weaknesses at the human level to sell the rest of us out, because that's what they did. They basically accepted power for the enslavement of human beings for their own bloodthirsty ego rationale.

Because as we know even with the Bush family, that had a tamer but kind of a similar view. There is a theology that has taken over our planet about persecution and sacrifice. So just like the Christians believe all the heathens need to be eradicated, it was the same thing with Hitler. It was like we are going to create a perfect race and God will return to the earth in the age of light. But this was the way in their twisted sick minds that they were being convinced to play out this role. When in actuality what they were doing was enslaving the human race, killing the human race genetically weakening the human race by their actions. So what were seeing is a massive manipulation history and somehow your lineage that is connected to your father. Now again what is interesting about this is that, and I want to be really clear about this. There is an impersonal level to this because I'm not at all trying to say your father was bad or corrupt or anything like that.

What was happening was that somehow in this lineage that involves your dad and your grandfather and the patriarchal line, they are connected to this, and somebody along the line in the masculine lineage was corrupted or a part or had witnessed this. And either allowed it to happen or created it? Do you know of any one in your family in your father's line that was in the war over there? Because what this feels like to me is that this is your big burrito honey. What we're coming to understand here is you've been waiting your whole life to get here. This this is the big burrito as to causation and why because what we're looking at is a method of global control. And your experiences were micro-versions of that. It's like you're being, as a star-being was actually attempting to heal this larger grid consciousness. Because what we're talking about is obviously planetary and not personal, it is and it isn't.

Your contract, a part of your healing here was obviously to dismantle or heal the structure. And this is what we're getting into understanding, how big it is and why there is so much interference with it. And why there have been attempts in your life to create fear or to keep you down or to keep perpetuating the sexual abuse, so that you would not come into your full knowingness. And yet at the same time as you know as polarity synthesizers as polarity integrators, it was a part of the alchemy process of getting us there. Because as unfortunate as is it is, it is extremely hard to talk about sexual abuse. It's extremely hard and yet we know that this is something that is being perpetrated against the human race. And from your experience of it, of having that field of energetic experience in your consciousness, is what allows you in your human form to heal massive amounts of this out of the planetary level to impact a group.

It's almost like you couldn't heal it until you actually experienced it yourself, and that's a part of alchemy. So it's almost like looking at the compassionate aspiring beautiful magnificent soul and God-Self that you are that actually chose to do that. So that you can get to this point that we're discovering right now and see how large it is, why you would choose that. Because it was the only way it would lead you here. Because this is what we're uncovering now, is that as we are able to witness these histories fully without judgment and we understand the mechanics of how the structures have enslaved humans and how they have done it. We know how to heal it, we know how to override it with source code we know how to reverse it back into its natural state.

Because what I'm seeing with this is understanding that the power of timelines can feed the now. It's like understanding that in the state of no time, what I'm seeing them do, is almost like seeing a thread. I'm looking at your energy field and this is a part of a history of cellular memory that you hold, and it's a timeline. When we erase the timeline they can't feed off it anymore. It's like saying everything there has led into a sequence of events in the time fields, that have created the cause-and-effect in this moment of self. So it means everything, this is bizarre to say it, but understanding your sexual abuse that you underwent is directly related to the moment Alastair Crowley said he would give that information to Winston Churchill. Even though that sounds so surreal and far off, that's what it is. Seeing that this timeline directly impacts you and that they, the energies of the controller forces, use these various timelines. This is how they control consciousness. If you can't feel the pain or the abuses stemming in your own being from the histories, the cellular histories cease to exist. Everything that made you in the past will cease to exist as well, and you become the fuller part of yourself that is connected to God. Because all this is really, believe it or not, is an illusion right. But it is the memory that consciousness has had while it's been down here going through it's shenanigans.

So here we are and we have an opportunity. Okay they're showing it to me again. This is a seed that is held in the timelines that lead into World War II from Hitler. And what they are showing me is the Atlantian conflict I'm seeing the power tools that were brought here by Aleister Crowley got to Hitler. It is how Hitler managed to do the damage he did. If he did not have occult forces if he did not have the Draconians and these.. they are showing me Son's of Belial, sons of Belial. I don't know who that is. Okay they are showing me okay New World Order. All right Sons of Belial is a tag name or something it's an energetic signature that means this particular agenda and its New World Order agenda, because they just took me to Denver.

Denver Grids

So here we go, Aleister Crowley, Winston Churchill into the British power manipulating Germany, Germany to Hitler, the whole World War scenario and the horrific Holocaust and discrimination and all of that that went on there. Is based upon again the Atlantian illusions that we we're going to create a perfect race. And then we go all the way down into the current base, which is they are showing me Denver. So they are showing me the Son's of Belial at the World War level at that time, are the same energies that are orchestrating the New World Order in Denver Colorado, what's underground. I've seen a monument there and I know I'm in Denver somewhere. They are showing me a blue horse and some kind of sundial looking thing and they're there showing me it's the same race, it's the same energy it's the same agenda. The agenda is the New World Order so what this is about with the New World Order is, they have been orchestrating for thousands of years to infiltrate not only our planetary logos and the human mass consciousness mind that exist at that level. But they have also infiltrated us with false religion, which is based upon the Armageddon story they want us to take.

So the Bible and a lot of the sacred text that have been given, even though some of them obviously had some God inspiration. If we get into Revelation and we look at end times, the Armageddon scenario talks about the horsemen. And the horsemen are the horsemen of pestilence, the horsemen of war blah blah. These "horsemen" are grids these are consciousness fields. They want us to activate those consciousness fields, because if we activate the "horseman" it reaches a critical mass. It then chooses the vibrational reality of the timeline that were going to move into, right. So the New World Order and these agendas they have been working it. This is so thought out and planned this is unbelievable mastermind here. Because we're going all the way back into when they infiltrated in the Roman Catholic times with the Crusades, it's all the same thing. They've infiltrated this at different timelines because they were all ultimately working for now.

Now is the big burrito, now is when all the Stargates open and where frequencies and energies and entities and ET's and everybody's down here in this big mix. And the war for territory is on and this is it. So this piece is also, if we come into current time and space is connecting into the timelines. They are showing me Denver. This is something that is being fed in terms of a grid system or matrix, that is feeding into a tributary. Denver... okay what they are showing me is Denver grid, Denver is connected into the UK. When they're talking about the headquarters and the subsidiary tributaries, this is a tributary.

So we're looking at a tributary in Denver. So we're going to ask again. As we state beloved Guardians beloved God, again as we fully and completely hold the space in the sovereign power and right, for our selves and that which represents all of humanity. We ask to fully apply the resignation from the programming from all matrices of these consciousness grids that have been revealed to us through us now through this moment of self. Again as we command this space in the sacred power of God, we ask for this beloved being that all contracts or what I would say timelines that are associated with this particular issue, to clear them from their impacts from the body. Please clear consciousness grids, the horseman, those that have been fed through the system through thought forms, souls, beings, retrievals, entities human and both nonhuman. Please clear any either hyper-dimensional cones or booby-traps in the Ley Lines.

What we're doing is we're doing grid work around Denver at this time. Okay and I'm feeling like there's something coming from the mountains. They are showing us you work with the mountains. There is something that you placed in the mountains, there is some grid that is coming through the mountaintops to amplify. And it's allowing a certain level frequency of God and light to come in. We ask that all that is interfering with the free will of expression and self-determination and that, which is of course connected to all God selves and humanity. We ask again as we claim the sovereign right of liberation and freedom in this timeline, through any timeline or time zone that this has tributary or relationship to. Again we command this space in the light of God and love of Christ to dissolve and clear any and all manipulation enslavement interference within these grid systems and specifically through and between her body, her consciousness, her being, her work and any person place or thing human, nonhuman, entity or non-entity. We ask that any booby-traps and interference within sexual distortion, sexual perversions, and sexual addiction and addiction programs to be fully and completely relieved and terminated from their impact on the body, individually collectively and at all levels that support the balance integration and harmony of the God source fully and completely embodied in this being.

We clearly state here and now, remove clear and terminate any involvement from this being this body and this consciousness, through any of those time fields and grid consciousness and ley lines and systems, that have been feeding through any and all of these grids and specifically the Nephilim reversal grid systems and the timelines which have been feeding through the multiple warring systems that have impacted or have led to the New World Order agenda. Again we clearly and completely resign from any and all involvement in this matrix. We resolve and resign from this game, from this grid fully and completely. We ask to be completely and totally freed from both. I am feeling we are representing a group as well. All beings that are attached or have been used or bound by this particular grid system, we call and we ask the founders God-itself and the Guardian races to assist in escorting each beloved being to their appropriate transit station time and space and that which assists in their full and complete ascension liberation and merge with God consciousness here and now.

We ask fully that this also happened at the micro-macro levels through all layers of the hologram for this being and her body. Please resign all involvement in this matrix and free any entanglement, attachment, disturbance related to this particular grid now and forever. Our authority is taken as the Christ in God's name. We command this space as sacred in the name of God and consecrated to the service of the One light source.

Okay there are entities involved in this. We are going to ask for a container. I'm going to ask the guardians, I'm seeing humongous beings opening a container field containment field. We're going to ask any phantom matrices, phantom beings, demonic beings, energies of dark shadow, misqualified or inorganic. We ask that all creations that have been abused or programmed to serve these anti-life grids of reversal consciousness.

We are reading you your rights fully as a sovereign being. We ask that all spirits human and nonhuman involved in this consciousness grid and it's game are claimed in your sovereign God right. You have the right to self determine you have the right to your own sanity and to choose wholeness in the name of God. You have and must, as commanded by the authority of the Christ leave this matrix and end this game. You have the right to choose and you are free in God's light. Beloved God please open all channels of freedom, please remove all burdens through the mind control or mind matrix. We ask these grids to be fully and completely dismantled, dissolved and terminated from their impact and influence upon us both personally individually and collectively. As we hold the space in full representation for the human race, we asked beloveds please assist at the highest levels, and remove and clear all of these entities. Okay there is... I'm seeing a container field that is connected to an Orion opening. Because I can see it's like an Orion portal.

So okay… let's just hold and build this, circular counterclockwise and again I ask the cosmic and God Mother to help us hold the womb of the space. Beloveds please strengthen and fortify us individually as we expand into the cosmic womb and void of the God Mother herself. Beloveds thank you much. As we open and open an open. Opening the space and again we ask through all benediction and blessing here granted through this dispensation, any and all being fully desiring release here and now, is offered this.

Okay this is also about clearing miasmas these are plugs in the matrix. Beloveds please clear any miasmatic plugs distortions implants that are within the inherited disturbances created within the genetic lineages and ancestors. We are requesting all here present be cleared of this miasma of, I want to say it's a miasma of sexually transmitted disease or sexual abuse related with it. It's just imbalanced sexual energy. Please strengthen us beloved God, beloved Mother Mary, again strengthen us, strengthen our female, strengthen our power. Strengthen our power, amplify, amplify, amplify. Thank you, move it out. Beloved God please receive, be received and delivered of all of this in full and complete merge with the source. Again we ask to fully and completely heal this part of the grid of our matrix. What I'm seeing is a hole in our dimension, this is creating a hole.

Where is that? Astral Plane. Astral plane hole, okay we need to, it looks like that needs to be sealed. Please seal any harmful holes or tears the astral plane to help can contain this particular field. (this takes quite a while).

Host Matrix Transplant

Okay, in its place we are bringing forth the Silicate Matrix, this is the 12 strand DNA blueprint. And again what I'm seeing is almost like an insignia if you will, of the Cosmic Christ Blueprint. Which for me is looking at the tree of life, in it's 12 spheres being imprinted on this container. So it's almost like I'm seeing there is something happening. This is a host matrix transplant, wow. Okay I have never seen this before. It's almost like the unity consciousness, the 12 strand DNA consciousness is being matrixed into this field. It's really interesting I'm seeing a field. And these beings and entities that were bound to a particular consciousness field, the energy signature is now the 12 strand DNA. Which is again the insignia and signature of the divine blueprint of all humanity to be freed in the light of Unity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Shifting Timelines

Okay goodness. Little did we know this would come up. Okay so what I think is actually really good about now, is even though I feel really tired now, because this is big energy. We were able to accomplish so much in a small period of time. So it actually makes a lot of sense why there was so much dark interference. Because there was obviously something large coming together, now we know. But honestly I feel so incredibly optimistic about it, because I'm noticing that we are getting to a level a frequency stabilization on our planet and within our bodies, that is allowing us to do massive things like this, shift timelines. Because what we were just able to accomplish, was basically a retrieval of an entire timeline that was being used as a tributary to feed into the sexual enslavement networks that are in the UK.

So that whole line there, that was a timeline. And that was a timeline recorded in you, in the ancestral line, the genetics that you carry. And it was clear that what has just transpired between us today, I can feel no doubt you waited, we waited, I've waited. You waited your whole life for this we had an appointment to do this timeline shift through ancestral clearings. Because this is a massive piece of understanding how that particular timeline generates the consciousness field that has existed and has been controlling humans into a certain direction. This is definitely planetary grid work. And really helps me to understand why I was feeling, I couldn't put words on something so large, something that was impersonal and in the collective consciousness fields, yet we are connected to the history. I knew it was not personal, I could feel that whatever this was it was a big planetary grid record. It was something big that had to do with what is recorded into the grids. And yet it obviously has some personal implications, because of your experience with it connected to the ancestral relationship. But the overall ability for us to do this, because our star seeded bodies, hold pieces of the consciousness field that most of the other 3D humans are not.

That's why of course they try to derail us and interfere with what we are doing to clear timelines. Because many times, when we clear something we're clearing out something from the collective planetary field. And when a 3D human is clearing something, they are usually clearing something that impacts them personally, you known in their individual aura, ike personal emotional pain or Trauma. This was really big, this was a timeline and it was feeding into an consciousness enslavement field with an enslavement software program. That particular timeline is completely dissolved. Obviously this timeline collapse is going to bring residue though. Similar to when we saw the twin towers collapse and then we saw the dust and the debris and all the subsequent cleanup. It's a similar thing. So as we stay with this in neutral observation, we'll know what to do.

Clearly with the Health Upgrade, there's been such an emphasis on really supporting the physical body right now. That would be really good for you to just strengthen your core, strengthen the physical body. Because it was holding a lot, really holding a lot. You had to go out to the wilderness to be able to get yourself in the power that you needed to do this. I really feel that it is the power of nature and the power of where you are, really helps to support you to be able to take a load like this off you. Because it's something, you can't do this kind of clearing and release work, when you're feeling energetically weak. It's something I feel like you were preparing for. It's like inherently inside, at a cellular level you understood you had a big job and you were going to have to prepare for it. And you did. It's taken a lot of preparation for us to get where we are here. As I've said many times, if anybody knew what I'd gone through to get here, they wouldn't believe it. It's definitely been a process. Because were really getting to the core of it and it's amazing.

Because we cannot heal this until we know how it happened, you know what I'm saying. It's like how they've been able to trick us and manipulate is by making sure the belief systems were so closed that we couldn't fathom anything like this existed. It's like if we are in total denial they are able to deceive and manipulate us, and that's really what's been going on. We misunderstand what we see. We don't understand the hologram we don't know how it works down here. So we are misunderstanding, we see something and we think it's what it is and it's not. And this is definitely one of the big pieces of the mind control program. I mean certainly since April, I've noticed that's been the focus. It's all about the patriarchal domination that was being promoted in the male behaviors from that mind control. And getting to one of the big numero uno pieces that they use is the sexual energy, because again the sexual energy has a lot of power in it. It has a lot to generate. So yeah this is this is amazing. And it makes me want to at some point, when I have some time before I go to bed I'm going to Google some of this.

Because the real history of these events are absolutely fascinating, how human beings were being completely orchestrated and manipulated to do this reversals and promote reptilian hive mind programming. Someone's reminding me, a part of the reason I think why there hasn't been disclosure is that the governments are in over their heads with their relationships with the aliens. I mean there probably are a couple of governments that have figured it out, but don't know what to do about it. Yes and thank you so much for the opportunity.

I do want to hold a moment of gratitude and thanks. Because we had a tremendous amount of Guardian Host beings come in and help us and work with us. And it was awesome they were huge light beings too. The ones that were holding the container today were huge, they were big as the planet, they were absolutely humongous. That felt really good to be able to participate and help with that. I could feel a release in myself as well. Because obviously not all of us are independent of this, it is a part of the human dilemma it's a part of the timelines of which are connected to all of us. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Closing: Thank you beloveds for your help and support. Again we ask in all processes as needed and necessary to fully and completely complete and terminate our session, our work. As we consecrate it into that which serves God and the one source, we ask it fully and completely to move through its entire processes until full completion ana alignment to God's plan, God's Law, God's light and wisdom.

Thank you so much, as we again seal our field. Please anchor lock and seal through the timelines and through the time matrix. Ah, it feels so good. Oh my God it feels really good. Thank you, thank you. Again as we seal the field and our container now. Our infinite stream of love is with you. Thank you so much. And so it is. We seal and complete our communication and our session, thank you.[1]


  1. [LR Sessions, 9-23-09]

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