Shedding the Lunar Woman

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Humanity has been in a dark cycle of separation, which dedicated the female principle as made in the image of the Moon Goddess, as the stages of being a woman were matched to the shadowy reflections and phases of Lunar light. Being equated to the secondary reflection of the male solar light, was the set up for descending the female image to be linked with monsters of darkness and hidden mystery, where the seeds of Misogyny on earth began. The fear of the spiritual womb power inherent in females was robbed through rape, humiliation and menstrual disgrace. These fears feed the Dark Witch Female archetypes, such as the Black Widow Mother promoted by the voodoo superstitions in the moon chain lineages. This hell spawn Mother would eat her young and decapitate her husband, if she was not put in her place, kept barefoot and pregnant and commandeered by her husband. The fear of menstruation as evil, dirty, or a punishment for sin, the fears of the female sexual organs swallowing up the male, are still being massively fueled by the dark ignorance promoted to subjugate women to the status of breeders or prostitutes. In many places in the world today, women are told the only life purpose they are good for is as brood mare or for the whims of male pleasure.[1]

With the Solar Sacrum upgrade, the female principle and instinctual-emotional body within us must learn to be illuminated from within the radiant light of solar forces. The moon represents the mirror which reflects the mysteries of God, as well as the hidden shadow side of the solar light. The lunar force hides what we cannot see inside ourselves. Many times we refuse to face our inner shadow from the primal spiritual fear of falling into the watery abyss of dark nothingness. Now in this cycle, we will see what was buried as our Sacral Center is gradually filled with the radiance of solar light. This means many moon based rituals that are directly associated and implicated, as a part of the female principle, are changing their meaning now. This may create confusion or pain in women as they come to the realization, of the necessity of leaving behind moon based rituals. The sense of the connection to the Moon Goddess and its mythos will begin to naturally fall away as one listens to the earth. Many women and men, have been taught to feel empowered through the many ancient lunar teachings of cycles from the moon lineages. As those who deeply connected with the moon as a source of ritual may begin to feel estranged from the past ceremonies, which once had felt empowering and supportive.

It is time for the High Priestess to enter between the Pillars at the Temple of Solomon, embodied with a full wedded garment of light, forever dissolving the crescent moon and shadows underneath her feet. For she is the Wife of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ and it is her destiny to build the holy architecture of the New Jerusalem on earth, in perfect love and sacred marriage with her husband.

We are leaving the lunar influence behind as these lineages have been inherently responsible for the gender separation and sexual schism, which stole humanities right and ability to live in sacred spiritual marriage. The Moon Chain lineages history with the earth hold the hidden meaning behind the sexual misery programs and the main reason for extremely mismatched and unhappy marital relations promoted upon the human race. The Moon Chain lineages entered this planet through the Asian gates, and as such the epicenter of these Moon Chain belief systems will be highly concentrated in the cultural beliefs observed in the Asian regions of the planet, like China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.

The following is a summation of the hidden historical reasons contributing to these sexual distortions and why humanity must depart from the Lunar cycle and influence of the Moon Chain lines.

Moon Chain Beings

Moon Chain Beings are soulless entities, like the Grey Aliens and Zetas that have been engineered or cloned by the Annunaki, Draconian, and Necromitons, whom have placed these beings as workers on various planets. Moon chain lineages are also cast offs from other cycles of evolution, between multiple planets in our Solar System. These are beings that were not rehabilitated in past cycles when they lost their capacity to incarnate as a human Soul. The Annunaki have shaped this planet for territorial domination in the last 50,000 years, as a type of prison for undesirables that allowed Orion Groups and others to send their criminals from other planets to incarnate on the earth. For this reason, the earth became a type of galactic way station for wanderers and Refugee Races. The moon chain lineages have been directly involved both karmically and technologically with purposely creating the Sexual Misery program in the human race during this Dark Age. [2]


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