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Recently it's been clear that more of the public are not faring well physically as well as psychologically or emotionally from the massive impact of the magnetic shifts that are shifting in the global brain resonance. This is not an easy discussion to have but this issue needs to be drilled down further so that those of us that are observing this phenomenon in the collective can have a point of reference for Compassionate Witnessing and this particular theme of mental fracturing is Lunacy.

Lunacy is disturbing and many of us will need to gather strength from the fact that this is happening in greater numbers on the planet and in using the word "lunacy" in this context this is to help reframe mental illness or erratic behaviours in people to understand that this shift in the magnetic field is changing in the shift to the moon lunar forces and the soul fracturing and the artificial magnetic field that transmits Mind Control programming into the lower Earth atmosphere. Mental illness is directly related to soul fracturing and the Moon and lunar forces are deliberately used to keep people fractured. The moon's artificial structures are interdependent on the planet's magnetic field and the remaining lunar forces to co-exist within a certain parameter of the 3D frequency circulation in the planetary grid network. As these lunar forces are being replaced with more solar plasmic light in the planetary grid network this event can be the trigger that catalyses either spiritual Awakening or psychotic break in the mental body of the masses. Transcript by Mary. [1]


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