Isis Treaty

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The planetary grid damage incurred by the invasion, the violent patriarchal mindset against females, and the magnetic distortions of the moon were devastating to the Essene Christos angelic human culture, which over time led to the Isis Treaty. This was an agreement made between Guardian Host and the alien invaders under the guise of genetic rehabilitation of fallen and damaged biological templates, but was a deception the NAA used to genetically alter the diamond sun template of the angelic human race in order to insert their preferred race lines of the NAA. The Isis Treaty generated a lot of difficulty for the solar females on the planet who were co-existing with their lunar sisters who had a natural affinity to be subconsciously possessed by Dark Alien Mother, and thus had tendencies to despise and attack them for no apparent reason other than carrying the inner solar light.

As the result of the havoc caused by the Moon, Guardian Host negotiated the Isis Treaty as the short-term solution to get Founder, Starseeds and Indigos with partially operating Christos diamond sun templates incarnated into the timelines, and to find lost spiritual family members and help to prepare for the final conflict of the 2012 timeline. The Isis Treaty was connected to the lunar female lineages of avian Egyptian-Serres modeled from original female staff holders in Taran timelines, which the controlling forces wanted to impregnate for the purpose of breeding programs aimed at genetically experimenting with the Code of The Blue Nile. These were of the highest and most complex Blue Flame Melchizedek genetics of the Emerald Founder’s diamond sun body design, which the NAA wanted for their own purposes of incarnating lunar consciousness and shadow entities onto the planet and in order to have superior genetic forms to gain dominion over the Earth and other territories.[1]

Guardian Akhenaton and Neferiti

During Guardian Host gridwork and ongoing revelations about Guardian Akhenaton's authentic Ruby Order mission, we learned that Nefertiti was negotiated to be the Queen wife consort as a result of the Isis Treaty. The Isis Treaty was connected to the lunar female lineages of avian Egyptian-Serres in which the controlling forces wanted to impregnate for the purpose of breeding programs that were designed for alien hybridization.

The marriage between Guardian Akhenaton and Nefertiti was orchestrated through the Isis Treaty by off planet controllers in order to allow a Guardian presence with 9D Ruby Sun DNA template to incarnate upon the Earth. Akhenaton fulfilled his marital duty in generating offspring with Nefertiti, however his hierogamic union partner was made minor wife. Thus, the marital bed and marriage with Nefertiti was not a happy one.

Recent reclamation of Akhenaton's solar female hierogamic partner and genetic equal effectively cancelled the Isis Treaty from the 18th Dynastic timelines, rendering it null and void.

Lunar Female Demonic Forces

During the Return of Solar Rishi and Guardian Host clearing happening in the planetary grids, we may come to face the clearing of these Moon Chain archetypal patterns and their entity attachments related to these Lunar Female Demonic Forces. The true divinity of the angelic human female is Solar Consciousness based on the Solar Feminine Christ, thus the Ascension Cycle will require us to explore the shedding of the Lunar Woman within, in order to transform our sacral energy centers from running lunar force to solar force to embody our highest divine spiritual expression. See Lunar Female Distortions. [2]


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