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The grail line of the Ruby Sun DNA are also referred to as Indigo children and hold a hybrid Diamond Sun DNA template that is the result of hybridization made between the Nephilim and Elohim genetics. Representatives of the Guardian Host, such as King Arthur and his Templar team, as well as Guardian Akhenaton, chose to embody in a Ruby Sun DNA template when they came to the earth in order to help reclaim and restore the Fire Letters and Time Vector Codes that were stolen from the grail line specifically. The DNA template was hijacked in which its coding was used to engineer the 911 Timelines, based upon the hijack of 9D and 11D Diamond Sun DNA coding inherent in the Ruby Sun DNA template. The remaining pure lineages of the Ruby Sun DNA imprint, exist on the earth and off planet, to which they are in alignment with the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in service to others potential evolution to be able to choose spiritual freedom for themselves, and to be released from reincarnation into the AI timelines in the lower densities.

During remote session work, Ruby Sun DNA has been mentioned to have correspondences to both competing agendas that involve the War Over Consciousness, currently transpiring on the earth during the Ascension Cycle. The Guardian Host agenda is to help Earth humans and hybrids become aware of what is happening on the earth, and to continue to evolve in order to fulfill their 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA potential for ultimately achieving spiritual liberation and Cosmic Citizenship. The Belial and Black Sun agendas have combined forces in order to collaborate together and are the NAA, intending to hijack the evolution of the planet for a full domination agenda that is intended to enslave the inhabitants into a forced New World Order, as well as the ongoing continuation of recycling human Souls into slaves, forcibly incarnating them into the lowest densities with soul capture technology. The Guardian Host makes reference to the 911 Timelines agenda that is designed to incite Armageddon upon the earth surface, and the timelines are specifically coded to 9-11 DNA Strands, and that the 11th dimensional Annunaki strains usurped the Ruby Sun DNA for achieving their purposes to gain domination and access through all time portals in the Universal Time Matrix.

The Belial Suns engineered bodies with a digressive DNA template that is based upon the original Ruby Sun DNA template, as a method to hijack the grail line created by the Guardian Host in order to corrupt the lineage and run Fallen Angelic consciousness into the incarnations. Through the Ruby Sun DNA they engineered an 11th reversal DNA strand in which their consciousness race line could inhabit. Hence, Fallen Angelic Annunaki hybrids usurped the Ruby Sun DNA template to gain control over the 11th dimensional Stargate, Stonehenge and in order to generate the bi-wave holographic architecture that was needed to enforce their creations througout the lower densities. In the second harmonic universe, the Ruby Sun DNA became further mutated through the Draco-Annunaki 9 Strand digressive DNA, as well as other Annunaki Hybrid Fallen Angelics that carry 9 Strand mutated DNA. These race lines were used to infiltrate the Power Elite or Illuminati blood lines in order to incarnate the Fallen Angelics onto the earth plane, that would serve the NAA to gain full domination on the earth, and to enslave the planet and her inhabitants.

In order for the Ruby Sun DNA to function as immortal bodies for the Fallen Angelics on the earth that were incarnating their essence into the human DNA template, they required extensive Blood Sacrifice of angelic human beings in order to continue to impersonate and appear as human beings, in so authentic angelic ensouled humans would not know the difference of the impostor having hijacked the human body. Many of the Controllers that appear to be human, actually are not human souls, but Fallen Angelics that have infiltrated human civilization in order to carry out the NAA agenda.

Arthurian Grail Takeover

Reference from Historical Timeline Trigger Events: 1,400 YA, Invasion of UK to take over territory and 11th Stargate, kill Templar Grail King Arthur and his support team, last benevolent Grail King, False King of Tyranny replaces rulership, King Arthur is in Stasis in UK. Related to the Awakening Albion and stasis beings.[1]

Adam Belial

For the satanic or Luciferian ritualist or conjurer of Adam Belial, the dark power they are looking to collect from others and embody is the anti-life reversal of the male Rod principle that exists in the organic Krystal architecture, the higher horizontal layers connecting directly into the Metatronic body in the 8D and 9D time matrix. Essentially the opening of the Daath would lead directly to the Black Star Abaddon as described in Revelation 9:11. Essentially, the ritual involves the hijack of the organic Solar body and Ruby Sun DNA of the Michael-Nephilim Consciousness, using pieces of the masculine solar body principle spark to ignite this process into the planetary field through artificial and organic 11:11 gateways. To be able to access these Gateways, they cannot sustain the life force energy inside themselves, so they use Blood Sacrifices to hijack the energy required to attempt to carry themselves into these higher dimensional planes and through Stargates.


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