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Orion's Belt

With the newly available Cosmic Melchizedek Blue Sun Triple Solar Masculine hosting shield, along with Elaysa and access into the Elaysian fields, the restoration of authentic Melchizedek blueprint records brought deeper comprehension of the Orion Groups alien machinery called Orion Matrix, and its many wormholes connected in Orion's Belt. Orion Matrix AI had failsafe programs blended with multiple other AI systems that were covert and hard to track, as the system had several back doors built in for survival of the AI's master programs running in Orion's Belt. This section of Orion Matrix AI was designed to reformat itself through Orion War and Electrical Wars timeline histories, to boot up automatically in case its main server location was destroyed. It also appeared to have a master control access on the planet, underground Westminster Abbey and Cleopatra's Needle in London.

The Orion's Belt alien machinery complex is another Pindar-Thoth-Azazael artificial technology network that was utilizing the Emerald Founder records and cloned azurite identities to generate false holograms in the phantom timelines that appear as the original Solar Rishic Founders, similar to the findings during the Thuban reclamation last year. The Emerald Order, Amethyst Order and Gold Order Imposter inorganic consciousness architecture was embedded in Thothian AI systems connected to each star in Orion's Belt, designed to emulate the falsified Threefold Founder Flames of the unified Solar Dragon king body of the Solar Rishi and the Melchizedek lineages. The authentic Solar Rishi sun-star bodies and Melchizedek patriarchal lineages were cloned out in the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines and their inverted mirrored holographic imagery was used to place energetic overlays upon power elite identities of the NAA's preferred genetic lineages, that comprise the Luciferian or Satanic alien hybridized bloodlines.

This particular site in Orion's Belt is the basis of assorted looking glass programs that contain project blue beam and project star beam technologies that were given to the Controllers on the Earth surface by the Orion Group to project extensive holograms of fake alien invasions, nuclear wars or assorted religious icons or spiritual figures into the upper atmosphere, depending on the agenda chosen to mind control the population. Additionally, the Solar Rishic imposters stationed in Orion's Belt were holding an extensive network of 8D artificial wormholes connected into 11D Typhon Tunnels that were functioning as an artificial umbilicus system or inserted artificial silver cords, which linked into the planet's collective human tribal records and monitored all of the invading races modified gene pools or hybrids, being claimed in ownership by their assigned False Father Alien Gods. This is a group hybrid soul routing process during the death passage, in which those identified by genetic library implants are claimed by the assorted factions of the NAA groups that have been involved in the genetic modification or hybridization with certain groups of human lineages, along with the main Luciferian bloodlines of the power elites. Thus, this discovery of the extensive false umbilicus network used as a soul harvesting mechanism came with the realization that Orion's Belt was the source of an extensive NAA false umbilicus network, using artificial Magenta-Violet-Silver cords and red cube magenta-pink entities that mimic or clone the Pink Diamond Sun presence of the Amethyst Order Holy Father. The false umbilicus is an artificial energy cord generated by wormhole technology to attach into human souls that have been tricked into worshipping them through inverted practices taught by organized religion, inverted spiritual beliefs or through Blood Sacrifice. The NAA goal was to achieve the total disconnection of humanity and the planet from the eternal living light of the Cosmic Holy Father presence, along with the insertion of a False King of Tyranny archetypal dark force or Archon wearing the cloned alien version of AI Father God to take his place. [1]


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