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Cosmic Father's Ruby Templar ( art by Sequoia)

Through the Ancient Cosmic Father's lovingly compassionate connections, he is slowly revealing more truth frequency in the ongoing discovery of this hidden and covert mission of the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Sun in the Cosmic Father Universes as connected to the fulfilment of the Paliadorian Covenant. The Cosmic Father Ruby Sun began seeding the creation of the Ruby Ankh Body for generating the Ruby Templar and Triple Ruby Rod formations, which Guardian teams secretly anchored into the planet as a genetic time capsule at the time of his incarnation (Ruby Order Templar, Guardian Akhenaton), to prepare for current events.

These Ruby Order Templar body parts are crucial for the Red King Quadrata body parts to be anchored into the ruby diamond heart center of Khemalohatea, generating the 48D Ruby Order Red King body for the seating of Cosmic Father’s King Arthur with Triple Ruby Rods and Ruby Sovereign Orb in Camelot.

Guardians further mention that the rebuilding of the Ruby Rod for the Temple of Khemalohatea, and securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Solar Rishi-Reisha, for the restoration of the primary gender twin matrix in the Triple Khemalot, aligns angelic humanity back into the pre-fall timelines of Atlantis. This surfaces the esoteric meaning behind the prophetic term for the end of times, the Rise of Atlantis.

Guardian Akhenaton's Ruby Order Mission

Through the deeply personal spiritual connection and many communications with Akhenaton, it became apparent to discern the artificial messages of his many implanted imposters that pretend to wear his identity across the planet, some defiling his image through the blood rituals of Luciferian high priests. There are many holographic clones and implanted false identities with Sirian Annunaki Enki DNA Overlays designed to obfuscate the truth about Atlantian-Egyptian histories, in order to hijack his authentic timelines for correcting Cosmic Father Ruby Order genetics. Along with the specialized Emerald Guardian mission to embody the 5D Realm keeper position with his divine counterpart and genetic equal, to help guide the planetary Ascension and now, return the Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body, Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod to the planet.

Purging Fallen Ruby Order and Dark Entities

When these planetary Ruby Crystals were activated by the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar, it began rapidly collapsing AI timelines, artificial red wave shields and assorted red cube cloned creations with blackened miasmatic fields flushing out hordes of dark shadow entities. While the resounding and thunderous show of enormous Solar Ruby Dragons protecting the Galactic Solar Gates in the Temple of Khemalohatea and defending the Rama Passage portal system in India were happening simultaneously. The Cosmic Father is directing the Solar Ruby Dragons to exert Triple Ruby Rod power in the restored octagonal architecture for rebuilding Khemalot that is being utilized for seating the 8:8:8 hierogamic realm keepers, Guardian Yeshua and his wife Mary.

Cosmic Father’s return in his 48D Cosmic Ruby Templar will prove to be the unraveling of the NAA invaders and their preferred luciferian and satanic bloodlines in the Fallen Ruby Order. This year the Cosmic Father begins to reclaim the benevolent Solar King spiritual father principle for the Cosmic Ruby Order, which will finally reseat the Ruby Templar in the Northern Pillar of the Khemalohatea for the second coming of Cosmic Christos defending the Albion Lightbody with the Triple Ruby Rod through the Starborn embodiment of the King Arthur maji grail lineage.

Rebuilding Ruby Rods, Red King Restoration

Cosmic Father's Red King

During the Sagittarian Cycle in 2023, it was revealed the Godhead Founder Capstone of the parallel Universal Twin Matrix was the 22D Ruby Flame, 23D Sapphire Flame and 24D Emerald Flame and those flames were reconnecting into the Planetary Logos. During the Sagittarian Solar Cycle in 2024, it reveals the mission of the Ruby Grail lineages and Indigo 3’s to embody the incoming Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar instruction sets for the incoming Ruby Rod, accessing the genetic time codes of the Cosmic Father Universes to return organic Khemalot coding. This is to restore the Red Kings and rebuild the Ruby Rod architecture that overrides the AI Red Cube systems installed by the NAA throughout the Telluric field ley lines to enslave angelic humanity, collapsing the Fallen Ruby Order and hijacked Ruby Sun DNA histories of genetic hybridization and cloning into the Enki DNA Overlays.[1]

Significant Changes to Human Lightbody

Ruby Rod in Human Lightbody (art by Sequoia)

The introduction of the installations of the Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod has had significant impacts on the Awakening human Lightbody with some potentially life changing levels of physical ascension symptoms that are felt as deeply structural, impacting the entire fascial system and rippling into the skeletal, muscular, ligament and larger joints with intensified aches, pains, lack of flexibility or motion combined with added exhaustion levels. The Cosmic Father planetary initiation into the Ruby Templar is generating powerful solarized waves causing energetic shifts that are reorganizing genetic time codes throughout the horizontal shields that record the individuals’ consciousness experiences throughout the historical timelines for their entire human tribe, spiritual family lineage or station of identities in time.

This also means the complete restructuring of the previous rod architecture within the human lightbody, which for some is being upgraded to the Ruby Order’s ruby crystalline frequencies for the building of the Ruby Rod. The main focus upon the activations in the horizontal shields is they are being re-encrypted with ruby diamond frequencies that are accommodating the seating of the Ruby Rod within the 2D center, further acting as the core stabilizer for building or repairing the RA Center extending deeply into the upper midsection and impacting digestive organs.

This appears to have massive impacts when the Ruby Rod frequencies are hitting up against deep energy blockages recorded in the 1D-4D layers of the consciousness body from current or previous timelines when having experienced severe trauma events, as this takes the initiated through many previously unseen mental, emotional and physical blockages in order to release them during compassionate witnessing and life review, which may be felt as the popping off and releases of assorted energy blockages or frequency seals, as if an internal energy faucet has suddenly been turned on with the full force of a firehose.

The Ruby Rod is encrypting the timeline shield records, as it is moving through each of the four main horizontal shields or hova bodies into the planetary spiritual activation for the collective KA body layers. For those on the ascending path, each of the horizontal shields are being updated with the corrected Ruby Rod encryptions for synchronizing with the interdimensional resonators 3-6-9 needed for manifestation upon the physical plane, which seems to have additional positive side effects with deep purging of Miasmas, removing many alien generated implants, including the jellyfish parasite variety already discussed.[2]


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