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Cosmic Father from the 1st Creation returns during the Cosmic Energy Cycle to set into motion and to guide humanity’s ascension during the planetary liberation events. There will be ongoing spiritual revelations occurring as the consequence of anchoring the authentic Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar into the Albion network, which sources from the 48D Cosmic Father Universe in the God worlds. We have learned that the Cosmic Father’s Ruby Templar installations denote the restoration of the Northern Pillar position of the Temple of Khemalohatea connecting into the Triple Khemalot White Rainbow Templar in the Addondra. Which is the 48D Ascended Master rainbow capstone linked between the Solar Logos and Founder Solar Rishi that protected the entrances and gateways of the entire planetary stargate network that was functioning during the pre-cataclysmic flood timelines of angelic humanity’s Golden Age of the Atlantian global civilization.

Guardians further mention that the rebuilding of the Ruby Rod for the Temple of Khemalohatea, and securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Solar Rishi-Reisha, for the restoration of the primary gender twin matrix in the Triple Khemalot, aligns angelic humanity back into the pre-fall timelines of Atlantis. This surfaces the esoteric meaning behind the prophetic term for the end of times, the Rise of Atlantis.[1]

Emerald Order Templar and Ruby Order Templar Merge

The Temple of Khemalohatea represents the Alchemical Laws encoded in the merge of the Emerald Templar and Ruby Templar within Cosmic Father’s Book of the Law located in the rainbow diamond capstone of Addondra and Addondra Rha in the parallels, in which the spiritual transfiguration within the Holy Sepulchre for Sacred Marriage with God or Hierogamic Union between the primary gender twins is made possible throughout the timelines and lower dimensions.[2]

Universal Partiki-Partekei Grids

The merge between Universal Partiki - Partekei grids of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns is reconnecting with the sun-star networks which are securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha. This next level merge is allowing for the restoration of the dark matter Rasha Spans and Rasha Ring sound tones which are the corrective measures for dark matter corruption and for rebuilding the primary Gender Twin Matrix in the Universal Khemalohatea. Thus, significant architectural shifts are occurring within the entire planetary matrix, and for the purpose of focusing upon current themes, our directed attention is upon the radically shifting interior of the subterranean areas of the planet, which correlate to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets being significantly upgraded through the Rasha Spans in order to alchemically transform the elemental fields that exist within all dimensional states of consciousness on the planet.[3]


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