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Christos Risen

The Holy Sepulchre may be used with many circumstances that require the alchemy of synthesizing forces. However, it is primarily a Krystic alchemical sacred chamber (or tomb) utilized for the mixing of frequencies, forces, rays and other energies, to bring the Dead Energy back to the living. Ultimately, the chamber is the wedded bed of which to perform the sacred intercourse between the polar opposites in order to merge and become energetically as One. When situations call for the ultimate in synthesizing and uniting forces of polarity, this holding chamber is required for the alchemical process of transmutation. The Transmutation of forces is that alchemy which resurrects the consciousness units back into its organic and real form. This is also the chamber of Love Alchemy, represented as the power of Eternal Love applied as a transformational force. When consciousness is ready to unite in sacred marriage or Hieros Gamos within one body, or within a divine coupling body, the Holy Sepulchre is the wedded bed to prepare for the actual consummation of Oneness. Mother and Father God embrace and unite within the Holy Sepulchre, the sacred chamber, to conceive their love child, the Christos Sun (Base Tone, Overtone).


HGS Manual, Page 164


As an Amplifier (Talisman) used in a HGS Session - Resurrection Chamber

Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 164

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