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The merge between Universal Partiki - Partekei grids of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns is reconnecting with the sun-star networks which are securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha. This next level merge is allowing for the restoration of the dark matter Rasha Spans and Rasha Ring sound tones which are the corrective measures for dark matter corruption and for rebuilding the primary Gender Twin Matrix in the Universal Khemalohatea. Thus, significant architectural shifts are occurring within the entire planetary matrix, and for the purpose of focusing upon current themes, our directed attention is upon the radically shifting interior of the subterranean areas of the planet, which correlate to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets being significantly upgraded through the Rasha Spans in order to alchemically transform the elemental fields that exist within all dimensional states of consciousness on the planet.

These upgrades to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets are unprecedented in that angelic humans have never co-existed upon an ascending planet during the Rasha Cycle while undergoing this level of interior construction that is rearranging the main powers of cosmic intelligence hidden within all of creation. This is especially impacting the three main primal qualities that are contained within the subtle forces of consciousness existing throughout the Universes. The Three Primal Forces of Electromagnetism have been discussed previously in terms of Positive Polarity, Negative Polarity and neutral forces, or yellow, black and white subtle forces respectively (Geomagnetism March 2017). These energy units are currently being expanded to describe the divine scalar language of God and spirit through the sub-units of Partika (electrical) and Particum (magnetic), which form into strands of Partiki Grids (particle and anti-particle).

These living light-sound grids form into all energetic substances, breathing in and breathing out, expanding and contracting to energetically connect with the consciousness gestalts of cosmic energies found throughout the unified fields that are linked into the parallels. In this way we can connect with the smallest units found within the building blocks of creation, Partiki, which are the energetic source or identity of God, the organic consciousness units of the eternal substance of God that is found within all things. Currently there are differences denoted between Partiki Grids associated with various stages of matter, such as semi-etheric and etheric, while Partekei Grids are associated with various stages of dark matter, and are being utilized to describe the incoming transmissions of Rasha Body Instruction Sets during the Rasha Cycle.

When we entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns, every living being, angelic human in this Universe began to merge some layer with the Partiki Grid of their Spiritual Double or Gender Twin that exists in the parallel universe.

Partiki Grids are electromagnetic instruction sets which are arranged with both light and sound in which anti-particle and particle forms are interconnected and merged together. To better understand the interconnection of the unified fields that span even into parallel matrices where we have corresponding spiritual doubles, is knowing that during the Universal Ascension we can learn to draw in higher frequencies to expand our consciousness. This growth process includes merging with our spiritual double’s Partiki Grid which is less dense and moving through the parallel grids at much faster rates than at this location of matter density. The process of connecting with the spiritual double’s Partiki Grid may at first seem to be counterintuitive. However, in order to catch the ascension wave of extremely high frequencies carried in the Partiki Grid of our spiritual doubles located in the parallel universe, our physical, mental and emotional body must be very still and quiet. Holding the neutral zero point is what allows us to integrate with our spiritual double’s higher frequency Partiki Grid and merge into the organic sequences of Diamond Sun DNA activation, which offers a quantum leap of consciousness growth into spiritual freedom.

Many riding the current ascension waves with Partekei dark matter updates to the Rasha Body Instruction Set may be feeling completely exhausted and bewildered with the sense of disorientation with their day to day lives, finding it to be a very unpleasant co-existence with the death culture that has encroached upon the planet. During this most transformative stage, many of us are experiencing spiritual crisis while coping with overwhelming challenges on this plane, finding ourselves longing to be released from the Bifurcation Madness and wanting to go home. This is a common symptom now as many dark matter template and Crystal Body adaptations to align with the Shifting Timelines are being connected with the spiritual double’s expanding Partiki grid, which is updating the internal architecture of the Lightbody and its interior processes. Just as the planet is undergoing major interior shifts with cosmic energies transforming the dark matter template with incoming Partekei Grids, that which is upgrading the Blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, so are the ascending waves of humans experiencing the same kind of radical interior shifts within some level of their multidimensional consciousness.

Many of the parallel realities are shifting now to merge the matter and spirit layers together within the 7D Ketheric Mind - 9D Keriatric Mind layers opening into the Organic Ascension Time Wave, which further merges us with our spiritual double. This unified Partiki-Partekei Grid merges all shared timelines into completion for the Stations of Identity and is moving into its higher aligned energetic placement for anchoring new timeline vectors for the future direction for organic timelines. Not everyone is on the same timeline, or integrating the fullness of their Dark Matter Template with an activated Krystallah rainbow flamed Eukachristic Body. And so, this may be a phase of Bifurcation and disconnection from those people or things that no longer feel aligned or resonate with the forward direction that you are moving in the organic time wave. During these most challenging and tumultuous times, we must remember we came to the planet during the Ascension Cycle to have this major opportunity for consciousness growth in this lifetime, and that we desired to learn and complete consciousness experiences in order to achieve self-mastery and the ultimate experience of self-awareness through this special time of spiritual Ascension, as all is one with the eternal nature of God.[1]

Building Rasha Spans with Elaysian Partekei Grids

Significant new developments with the re-encryption of raw materials of the planetary elementals are happening with the merging of dark matter Partekei Grids that are coming in from the parallels of the Gaian Matrix and are connected with the Elaysa Sun. This is occurring within the planet’s interior layers of the Rasha Span dimensional fields, as the Elaysian fields are transforming the Caves of Creation. This is where corrupted black subtle energies and dark matter were generating power for an assortment of destructive terraforming technologies that had been designed by the invading NAA’s AI quantum supercomputer programs and had been installed in the planetary rasha instruction sets. Much of the invader’s agenda included blocking the interior subterranean entrances to the rasha instruction set in order to control the ley lines and powerful nodes and portals on the earth surface. Thus, preventing access of the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha, while maintaining control over AI assimilated dark matter functions with assorted AI sentinel programs run by Thothian Leviathan groups. Leviathan entities colonized subterranean wormholes, such as the cloned Tiamat wormhole in Sarasota, where they were managing archontic engineered entities. These entities were colonized into the subterranean areas of the dark matter gel rings in order to damage and harvest the planetary Tauren Light Seed which functions as the primary atomic energy generator for the entire planetary Rasha Body.


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