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Dark Matter Template or Rasha Body

The Dark Matter Template is the Blueprint on which the eternal source particle atoms and molecules are built, in order to generate the layers of eternal light. This is actually a type of matter body that is fully merged with eternal spirit substance. [1]

Rasha Body Instruction Sets

[March 2024 Update] There are extremely high cosmic energy transmissions entering the Planetary Grid Network from the current Solar Symbiosis Rasha Cycle that culminate into the Stage 13 Piscean Alchemical Themes through the Solar Calendar New Year beginning in April. These are pushing all interior shadows of opposing polarities from out of the dark matter template, which are the inverted images of the anti-human agendas and anti-hierogamic broadcasts that are surfacing for personal observation and collective consciousness clearing. There are sequences of solar plasmic activations connected to the Dark Matter Template upgrades or new Rasha Body Instruction Sets coming in with important planetary conjunctions this year that catalyze the restoration of Cosmic Mother’s and Cosmic Father’s merged Universal Gender Principle being manifested through the parallel matrices of the unified field, which holds the cosmic twinned Partiki-Partekei Grids of the Emerald Order Templar and Ruby Order Templar from the 1st God World Creation.

The merge between Universal Partiki - Partekei grids of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns is reconnecting with the sun-star networks which are securing the Addondra White Rainbow complex for the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha. This next level merge is allowing for the restoration of the dark matter Rasha Spans and Rasha Ring sound tones which are the corrective measures for dark matter corruption and for rebuilding the primary Gender Twin Matrix in the Universal Khemalohatea. Thus, significant architectural shifts are occurring within the entire planetary matrix, and for the purpose of focusing upon current themes, our directed attention is upon the radically shifting interior of the subterranean areas of the planet, which correlate to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets being significantly upgraded through the Rasha Spans in order to alchemically transform the elemental fields that exist within all dimensional states of consciousness on the planet.

These upgrades to the Rasha Body Instruction Sets are unprecedented in that angelic humans have never co-existed upon an ascending planet during the Rasha Cycle while undergoing this level of interior construction that is rearranging the main powers of cosmic intelligence hidden within all of creation. This is especially impacting the three main primal qualities that are contained within the subtle forces of consciousness existing throughout the Universes. The Three Primal Forces of Electromagnetism have been discussed previously in terms of Positive Polarity, Negative Polarity and neutral forces, or yellow, black and white subtle forces respectively (Geomagnetism March 2017). These energy units are currently being expanded to describe the divine scalar language of God and spirit through the sub-units of Partika (electrical) and Particum (magnetic), which form into strands of Partiki Grids (particle and anti-particle). [2]

Building Rasha Spans with Elaysian Partekei Grids

Significant new developments with the re-encryption of raw materials of the planetary elementals are happening with the merging of dark matter Partekei Grids that are coming in from the parallels of the Gaian Matrix and are connected with the Elaysa Sun. This is occurring within the planet’s interior layers of the Rasha Span dimensional fields, as the Elaysian fields are transforming the Caves of Creation. This is where corrupted black subtle energies and dark matter were generating power for an assortment of destructive terraforming technologies that had been designed by the invading NAA’s AI quantum supercomputer programs and had been installed in the planetary rasha instruction sets. Much of the invader’s agenda included blocking the interior subterranean entrances to the rasha instruction set in order to control the ley lines and powerful nodes and portals on the earth surface. Thus, preventing access of the Founder Solar Rishi-Reisha, while maintaining control over AI assimilated dark matter functions with assorted AI sentinel programs run by Thothian Leviathan groups. Leviathan entities colonized subterranean wormholes, such as the cloned Tiamat wormhole in Sarasota, where they were managing archontic engineered entities. These entities were colonized into the subterranean areas of the dark matter gel rings in order to damage and harvest the planetary Tauren Light Seed which functions as the primary atomic energy generator for the entire planetary Rasha Body. See Rasha Body Colonization.

Guardian Rasha Instruction Set Corrections

Transcript: Now our Guardian Family supporting Akhenaton's Cosmic Father Ruby Order Christos Mission knew that in the future, in this current moment of time of which we are living through, the planet was entering its Gestation cycle in which the planetary Rasha Body Instruction Set would be created and birthed during the end of this Universal Ascension cycle, opening into a Cosmic cycle. And that big moment was announced with the Eukatharista activation that actually began on February 22 of 2022.

So the key themes of this also extend to the fact that the Dark Matter Template of the Rasha Body had been severely damaged by the colonization of assorted genetic lab AI, hybrid shadow creatures, or shadow monsters and all that we have been discovering with the AI, the nanotech, the Beast Machine, the Wesan black hole, the Transhumanism the Typhon Tunnels, all of these beast machine, AI hybridized, Alien Machinery relies upon artificial Black Goo, and artificial intelligence, shadow elementals being controlled by on and off planet AI Alien Machinery.

This was put into the planetary Dark Matter Template, with the attempt to destroy the Rasha Instruction Sets. And this is black subtle forces and all kinds of frozen black miasm and black goo and artificially generated elementals. to stop the Rasha Body instruction set from activating. And then this would stop the Reisha worlds, this, the Triple Solar Reisha, from being generated and reconnected into our system.

And in this moment, as difficult as this time is for all of us that are awake to this agenda, we do know that the negative alien Wesan agenda to stop the Rasha Body generation to destroy its instruction set and to destroy the possibility of the Aton God Body connecting to this earth, has failed. We know this because we have the Rasha and the Aton connected.

Rashala is the antidote to AI assimilation of our planet and human bodies. And again, I'll say this again, the Aton body is the antidote to the AI assimilation of our planet and human consciousness bodies. Yet right now, we're in this strange section of the timeline. We're still at the stage where we can observe and see, this agenda very clearly, is active in the outer world. Now once the Aton is activated, it changes and shifts the Akashic Records in our blood and in our body. And although this can happen at individual levels of bio-ascension stages, this was extremely rare in the past.

What this information seems to mean is that this is happening. And the Planetary Logos Body which impacts the entire planet, it seems this merge with Spiritual counterparts that were missing in the parallel matrix and these Spiritual doubles, the hierogamic union aspects, start to be pulled into our consciousness body. The Spirit Double returns to its counterpart in the reality, brings with it a new Time Vector position, brings with it new, probable timelines. This is changing some people's timelines really quickly, and it may lend to the sensation of surreal shifts and relationships with time and space. This is the merge of the Akashic with the Ecoushic. So this would be like saying, our Universal Time Matrix is the Akashic Record. The spiritual counterpart of our system, the Twin Universal Time Matrix is the Ecoushic.

So, the Akashic and the Ecoushic have united, and when the Spirit Double returns, it integrates and merges with us in our location. It brings with it, all of these new timelines and probabilities from its domains because again, we were not connected with this aspect.

Additionally, there are eight phases of Inner Light Spirit cells that build out the individual Aton Body of the merged Tri Matrix Rashala (RA-SHA-LA). So there is a planetary version of this. There is a galactic version of this. There's a universal version of this. And there is an individual Aton body as well.

So, again, as a nerve cell of the planet, as the microcosmic reflection of the Holographic Universal Tree of Life, we also, on the ascending path, have an Aton Body. And this is the result of the merged Tri Matrix Rashala, when the Dual Krystal Spirals… again, those dual Krystal Spirals are coming from the Akashic and the Ecoushic, merged into one. This lightbody structure is what pulls us towards the Cosmic Hall of Records that is built on three light cells of Akashic Records, Ecoushic Records and then we bring in the Reisha Records, all three combined into one.

The Rasha, as we know this, is intimately connected to Elaysa and the Elaysian staff. So, this brings forth, yet more comprehension of the complexity with that sequence of events occurring with the 12 vertical lines of the Hara-Krysta staff that bring the birth of yet another Triple Sun formation. There are three Suns holding the creation doorway open, of which, when connected to the Hara Krysta staff, there is three Suns, and they are a merge with the Aton. It's kind of like saying there is the Matter World level and there is the Spirit World level, and this merges into a Hara Krysta Sun. And that is what opens the Cosmic Energy matrix and announces the arrival of the Eternal Cosmic Spirit Body that has assembled itself from out of the Rasha Instruction Set of the Dark Matter layers.

So this is the building out of repair sequences during the planetary Eukatharista Activation last year, which resulted in the next stages of the Emerald Guardian Ascension Hosting Mission upgrades, with our direct attention being placed now, and ongoing, upon the Cosmic Spirit Body, which is connected to the Elaysa Staff, which is the authentic Cosmic Spirit Sun downstepping into the Universal Melchizedek Solar Mother Principal of our Time Matrix. Again, during the end of cosmic cycles, the hidden 8th Sun appears. The Cosmic Aton Body assembles through the integrated merge that occurs between the 7 Suns of the One on the particle side. That would be the Akashic and the 7 Suns of the One on the Ecoushic side.

So the 7 Suns of the Particle Matrix merge with the 7 Suns of the Antiparticle Matrix, forming the completion of a Cosmic Time Cycle. This forms the Aton Body, which is on the 8th Cycle of the Cosmic Day, and it marks the end of that particular Universal Age, or Astrological Cycle. So the 7 Suns on each side of the material and Spirit domains, unify. And they show the position on the Cosmic Clock of the eon, at what appears to be, if we were looking at a clock, it would look like 10.20 or 10. For it's on the 10 position, and the 4 position, so it's 10.20, which marks the dual Time Matrix merge that ends the current Time Cycle and aligns us into the zero point time of the Creation Door that opens the Cosmic Energy Matrix.

So through the Aton Body, which functions as the Cosmic Christos, Solar Dragon Body unifier of the 7 Suns into One, the Cosmic Crystal Cathedral architecture and Spirit Instruction Sets, played in the heavenly orchestras from the God worlds, emerge. And it is through the Cosmic Crystal Cathedral, which serves as the heavenly vessel for the massive Spiritual Consciousness Body of our Cosmic Mother and the Cosmic Spirit Body that she embodies within and without, internal and external, to Eternal Life. It is a traveling consciousness vehicle that links the Stairway to Heaven, spiritual planes with the material planes of the earth. And it is the repository for Her instruction sets and musical designs for building out the entire Cosmic to Universal, to planetary Krystal Cathedral network for the planet. [3]

Starry Night Dark Matter Correction

Transcript: This artificial overlay with dark matter and the artificial Black Subtle Forces has been manipulated with the controllers assorted electromagnetic weaponry and technology aimed at humanity to spread energy parasites and satanic entities for colonization. These are made of the inorganic AI hybridized substances used for the purpose of spreading energy parasites, and opening dark portals into neighboring artificial systems. And again, obviously for most of us that are aware of this, the current bioweapon is designed with this in mind.

And during this advanced stage of bio spiritual Ascension, the individual Lightbody undergoing repairs of dark matter template and Instruction Set, will be surrounded by Starry Night robes of Dark Matter Firmament. And this is the correction: correcting or clearing out artificially run Dark Matter particulates, and this appears as the Deep Space Fabric embedded with a constellation of stars. The Starry Night activation corrects Dark Matter Rasha distortions of in organic or contact shadows and black blobs suppressor parasites colonized route the dark matter template in the Rasha layers by the Negative Alien Agenda.

The Starry Night dark firmament is what allows the Triple Solar Reisha of the Cathara to connect into the planetary coronasphere and for the Cosmic Spirit Body cell clusters to be corrected and activated for alignment on our tailbones. And this is to activate that connection with the Eternal Spirit Body of our authentic Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father. And the Cosmic Spirit Body is massive. It is a massive Sun-Star Network referred to, and the just one part of it is referred to as the Suns of Eire-Adonis, which transmit Eternal Spirit sparks through Elaysa Staff and the Hara-Krysta staff with a Spirit cell Ecousha-Reisha code.

And what this looks like, is like a fractal of the Light clusters that are a part of the activation sequences. They are hosting the Triple Suns of the Creation Door, as their Solar Rays are filled with Permanent Light Seeds that give birth to the Eternal Spirit Fire that ignites the collective and individual levels of the Eire-Adonis Body. This is the Eternal Cosmic Spirit Body emerging from out of the Tri Matrix of Rashala, that is formed into the Starry Night dark matter for a moment, that bursts out assorted Sun Star networks and is the result of the ongoing Emerald Order Eukatharista planetary activations. This includes the building out of Cosmic Christos Ankh Bodies and Cathedral, many Cosmic Crystal Cathedral structures that are supporting Solar Dragon Ouroboros Rosetta Rings to circulate the Universal Rose or Rosetta Breath Spiral through the main 15 Gel Rings of the planetary bodies, Rasha Body and individual Rasha Body.

So what we're starting to see, as well as understanding, that the Solar Rishi, Solar Dragon Family, as they move and get around in Ouroboros Rings, a lot of these rings is a circulation of the Solar Rishi Reisha Sun Star patterns, the various frequencies that are needed to be circulated in the planet to bring life and animating Solar Lifeforce into the layers of the planet that were dead, or darkened, or damaged, because the Rasha Body Instruction Set is inside the planet.

So, again, that can look like something that is inactive offline, or damaged and the Solar Dragon, Solar Reisha-Rishi come together and create Ouroboros Rings to circulate and distribute certain levels of Dragon Breath or Rosetta Breath Spirals, in order to run that frequency through one of these layers of the Gel Rings in the planet, which is a part of having a corrected, running, circuited Rasha Body. The Rasha Body is being, you know, being breathed with a life coming from the Cosmic Spirit Body through our Solar Dragon, Solar Rishic Families. [4]

Rasha Spans

Transcript: Now from within the caves of creation, there are passageways to the dark matter body sections of the rings which make up the Rasha Spans. Now this is an atomic layer of the external creation that goes from external to internal creation fields. So there are passageways in the dark matter between the external worlds and the internal creation. This is the external domain and the internal domain creation. So in the Rasha body itself there are 15 gel rings. Now these gel rings appear like gel rings but there’s also a way of looking at the Rasha body through an architectural level. And looking at it at an architectural level it looks a lot like if you cut down a tree, an extremely old ancient tree and you looked at the rings in the tree trunk, this is what the Rasha body looks like. It’s spheres within spheres within spheres but these rings create a type of tone and there is an instruction set of which each of those rings create a plasma gel. It’s like a plasma gel ring that becomes the solar rings of the Solar Dragon Ouroboros and this is how the Solar Reisha or the Solar Dragon Kings, move around in their rings. They are literally rings which can move in all kinds of different sheets of light. It’s a travelling vehicle that is connected to the ankh body and what’s known as the Djedi. It is the rings that make up the power source within the internal portions of the ankh body itself. So these rings emit incredible like fission, fusion, nuclear power and this is, again understanding the Solar Rishi, the Solar Dragon Kings are that power and so this is how they move around in space. So the gel rings are also a travelling vehicle as well as a body part like a lightbody part within the Earth. We have gel rings in our dark matter body, the Earth has gel rings in her body – it’s a part of the mechanics of creation.

So these gel rings, we could say they exist in dimensional spaces but they’re not necessarily that because they’re instruction sets of sound tones and these sound tones play music and in the span of which that music is played, there’s a ring tone within a span and that is like a watery body where the sound tone is played. So within that, let’s say that dimensional space where there is a sound tone in a span watery mass, that is a music that is being played as a ring tone and that space is called a span. So the rings themselves are grouped in sets of three – just like dimensions are – and they have a sound tone instruction for the dimensions. When we understand all of the problem with the inverted female and the corruption with sound in music, then we get this importance of the dark matter because this is the corrected music of the Christos-Sophia – the corrected sound tones.

Earth's Rasha Gel Rings, 1D, 2D and 3D

Transcript: So in the center of these spans, again understanding as well let’s say, let’s talk about the Earth spans in her gel rings. So the Earth has her own gel rings. So let’s say, in the first three spans, this would correlate to the first three dimensions, the first second and third dimension or the first, second and third spans. And these spans are connected to the Crystal Core of the planet. So the instruction sets of the Crystal Core are also receiving messages from 1D, 2D, 3D. That’s what makes up the miasma of the collective consciousness negative ego, right? So let’s say the 1D, 2D, 3D span of the sound tones in the core of the Earth, listen and pick up the signals from the 1D, 2D, 3D layers. This has been targeted with alien machinery and extensive mind control and the reason we have to clear the negative ego layers in our lightbody in order to elevate ourselves into the observer consciousness, but understanding that’s the clearing of the shadow selves out of 1D, 2D, 3D layers of which have directly impacted the instruction set of the Crystal Core.

  • Beloveds, connect and unify rings 1, 2, 3, hold. Imagine in your mind you can see the entire Earth body as it exists as a crystal core, crystal blueprint with hot thermal energy and vapors within this section of the dimensional planes.

With all of your senses attempt to feel and sense the crystal core, the crystal blueprint. You may call to mind the tetrahedron platonic solid, and continue to hold the shape in your inner vision. Beloveds we purge all alien machinery, lunar matrix forms to correct matter forms and the structural characteristics that are connected to the specific dimensional planes, rings, and spans to be re-imprinted to the original Krystal diamond sun and the sacred math and sonic geometry of our beloved Maji Grail Kings, our Christos-Sophia. We call forth all crystal elements, elementals, the crystal blueprint, and vapors, and consciousness units of all sentient intelligences in our beloved planet to arise and awaken to the inspirited consciousness, returning our true divine and Holy Mother presence. Holy and divine Father King Arthur, holy and divine father Solar Christ Michael, may the return of the Emerald Order and Emerald crystal heart restore the organic angelic human frequency, vibration, and resonance to the harmonious pattern of our beloved holy mother and holy father as the true kings and queens reunite as one. Thank you God.[5]

Earth's Rasha Gel Rings, 4D, 5D and 6D

Transcript: Now the next section is what would be the soul layers, Right, the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional layers but this would be 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional Rasha Spans. And in that span, is this is the aquifers now. This is the watery fluid vapors, the watery fluids of the underground aquifers of our planet correspond to the soul layers. So this would be like understanding, if you infect the waters, you infect the soul because the soul layers are directly receiving the sound tone messages from the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional spans in the underground aquifers of the planet. So again, we’re going through a clearing of this right now right, with the creation of the corrected Rasha body but understanding just again how massive this is, ‘cause this is just the planetary Rasha body, this is not a universal Rasha body, right? We have a Rasha body individually, the planet has a Rasha. Everything has a Rasha body and all of those Rasha bodies are in a universal matrix – Mother Matrix Rasha body. So it’s just massively huge.

  • Now we are going into the dimensional plane that is connected to each of the gel rings that form into the next set of triads in 4D,5D and 6D. Beloveds, please connect rings 4-5-6, hold.

Imagine in your mind you can see the entire Earth body as it exists within its water body blueprint. This is the plane of watery fluids and liquids of oceans, seas and rivers. It holds the blueprint for the tributaries of all waterways and for the underground aquifers within this section of the dimensional planes. You may call to mind the icosahedron platonic solid and hold this shape in your inner vision.[6]

Earth's Rasha Gel Rings, 7D, 8D and 9D

Transcript: Now beyond the soul layered 4th, 5th, and 6th spans, now we come to the lower middle and higher layers of the Earth shelf. This would be the Earth mantle, the mountains, the crust of the Earth, the upper layers of the crust of the Earth would make up the monadic connections. So 7, 8 and 9 span tones TA MA KA Tones, would be now the matter of the Earth mantle. So that would be again the instruction sets would be coming from the monadic layers. This is now where we get Metatronic Reversal. So think on the surface of the Earth – the Earth mantel, the Earth crust – and on the surface, part of the surface, we have the ley lines, right? We have the timelines, we have the different grid systems of the planet that have been manipulated with metatronic reversal and reversal 10-10 current. Okay, so that current was put there because of the monadic problems, right, monadic reversal that was impacting the Earth mantle and the matter of Earth so that the Earth matter and the Earth mantle and the Earth crust and the Earth mountains were not sending out the monadic instruction sets that they were supposed to because again, the Rasha Body wasn’t there with the correct sound tone patterns in 7, 8 and 9 spans, TA MA KA Tones sending out the proper ring tones to the monadic music that would bring the monadic spirit energies and its signature to be emanated out of the Earth crust.

  • Now we're going into the dimensional plane that is connected to each of the gel rings that form into the next set of triads of 7D, 8D and 9D. Beloveds, please connect rings 7-8-9, hold.

Imagine in your mind, you can see the entire Earth body as it exists within its Crystal Cathedral blueprint for crystal temples, and the geographic mantle and crystal shelf of the earth body, including the mountains, sensing the earth crust. This is the plane of earthly solids. It holds the blueprint for the mountains, the earth crust, the rocks and the minerals within this section of the dimensional planes. You may call to mind the hexahedron platonic solid and hold this shape in your inner vision.[7]

Earth's Rasha Gel Rings, 10D, 11D and 12D

Transcript: So now further, in the 10th, 11th and 12th layers of the span of the Rasha body, RA SHA LA Tones now we get to the atmosphere around the planet and this is the Solar Logos. So the Solar Logos, now think remember all that we know about the Solar Logos. We know about the history of Lyra and the Cradle of Lyra. We know that the 10th dimension connects to Vega and 11 is Aveyon and 12 is to Aramatena. We know that the Solar Logos was exploded, right? So this is another form of the Logos, the Solar Logos, Christ-Buddah span of 10, 11 and 12 forms in the Rasha Body of Earth. It is the atmosphere around the planet. Okay so now we’re talking to the Cosmic Christ and we’re doing our Christic shielding and you’re thinking about the atmosphere, this is now wind sylphs, this is celestial air, you know intelligent air substances. It does not come to mind at this moment in terms of their name but thinking of the atmosphere, again the winds, the vapors, the sylphs, all of the wisps. The atmosphere around the planet is now coming into the corrected Solar Logos spans that are coming from the Rasha body to create the corrected transmission of energetic signatures from the sound template and that is found in the atmosphere.

  • Now, we are going into the dimensional plane that is connected to each of the gel rings that form into the next set of triads. Beloveds, please connect rings 10-11-12, and hold.

Imagine in your mind you can see the entire Earth body in meshed in the atmospheric gases that formed the layers of this sky. Sense the atmosphere, troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere as it exists within its divine blueprint to support and nourish the earth body. Sense the blue sky alive with living air elementals, also gases and vapors This is the plane of atmospheric elementals. Within this section of the dimensional planes you may call to mind the octahedron platonic solid and hold this shape in your inner vision.[8]

Earth's Rasha Gel Rings, 13D, 14D and 15D

Transcript: Now further out, now we get to the coronasphere and this is 13, 14 and 15 which we have been talking about is critical are the KA THA RA Tones. This is the starry night dark firmament that is connected to the Triple Solar Masculine and Triple Solar Feminine merge correcting corrupted dark matter. Now again, at this level of Rasha body, this is the feminine body so it’s the Solar Reisha, the 13, 14, 15 Solar Reisha form the coronasphere and they again merge with their solar counterparts and this is the blending of Hierogamic Union or Golden Aeonesis through the Christos-Sophia in bringing the Solar Rishi and the Solar Reisha from the coronasphere together, and of course this is a huge and big deal because we didn’t have a coronasphere because we did not have our beloved Solar Reisha here, right? We did not have Triple Solar Goddess or Sophianic Female Coding. All of our female principle was corrupted with the lunar matrix and all of this black substance. So the fact that we have our Solar Reisha architecture, we have the body of the Solar Reisha, we have the Cathar, we have the body of the coronasphere, this is huge and this is what the dark, the starry night dark matter firmament means.

So the starry night dark matter firmament was created for us and this is again, the Cathar body. So we have learned that the corona virus agenda was a direct negative alien agenda with an attempt to destroy this level of the Rasha body creation of the Cathar which connects directly to the female Solar Rishic tri-wave forms of the KA THA RA or Pure Shining Ones of the Cathar which are anchored in the Earth that make up the coronasphere of the Earth star which is illumined from the dark matter body’s spiritual light.

Now when our planetary Rasha was deformed and damaged this damage functions in our human body’s ability to merge matter with spirit, male and female principle. Now as the Rasha is complete now, this is another massive change in our consciousness body potentials made by corrections to the planetary instruction set’s Rasha body.

So understanding as well, the center access point of the Rasha is the Azura point of our crystal heart. So again, the Emerald Crystal Heart, the higher heart center, this is the connection point of the Rasha body and it’s the center point of the Holy Spirit Body as well. The Kantarian Dragon families we have learned were the Guardians of those central heart Azura portal systems and were as well a part of the Guardians of the spirit body in the Rasha. So the Rasha body has instruction sets for matter states and elementals. So again it’s understanding, Rasha body dark matter it’s all about sound tones and Earth elements and new elementals and fire flows of vapors and crystals. So there’s a lot of new crystals that are also being formed by this corrected Rasha template.

  • Now we are going into the dimensional plane that is connected to each of the gel rings that formed into the next set of triads. Beloveds, please connect rings 13-14-15.

Imagine in your mind you can see the entire Earth body interconnected with the atmosphere of the sun, braiding into the earth grid, with the outer layer of the corona sphere. This Sun is the source of life. The sun is the source of plasma activations, and DNA instruction sets that are being transmitted to us. The sun's corona sphere transmits the solar wind that actually brings protons into the magnetosphere. When the corona sphere is manipulated, this further manipulates the magnetic field, which also informs us of the current namesake of this falsified global plandemic. And why this energy signature this is being used to evoke fear in humanity.

Let us bring to mind the true corona sphere in its divine design, as it exists within its divine blueprint, to support and nourish the earth body with correct organic magnetism. Sensing the solar wind streaming from the corona sphere within this section of the dimensional planes. You may call to mind the dodecahedron platonic solid, and hold this shape in your inner vision.

Beloved, Solar Rishi, our family of solar dragon kings, beloveds, thank you God that you have arrived. We call for compassionate witnessing and testimony of the following. Please perform correction of reversal bipolar distortions programmed in artificial programs in the plasma luminary body template. Please correct telluric sub-frequency bands on imprint 5.5 within each of the five density body layers, correcting timeline vector points to the Krystal spiral.

Please correct plasma vapor crystals, clearing artificial elementals and their beast programs, which link into the subconscious layers or the pain body instinctual layers to incite, fight, flight, or freeze reactions throughout the bio-neurology brain and fascia crystalline matrix.[9]

Rasha Blood Crystals

Transcript: So as this Rasha body activates there are specific crystals that are designed to remove the epigenetic overlay of the net mutations caused by the black force corruption and infection to remove out lunar and other anomalies to purify and purge the body of shadow elements. So from the Rasha body there are crystals to correct the skin with the tone of KA. There are crystals in the bone marrow … Again this is all coming from the Rasha body, this is all coming from Mother so when we connect to Mother, we connect to her Rasha body. This is her organic being. So the crystals in the bone marrow are called the SHA. The crystals in our blood are called the EL. This is a part of like Elohim. So this is EL like with an AL or an EL. It’s EL or EL as in the beginning of Elohim or Elodia which is a part of the Temple of the Triple Goddess but this is the Chalice of the Krystal Waters for our blood comes from crystals in the Rasha body called EL. And there are crystals in the Rasha body that are like an overall or general and this is a OR. It’s kind of similar to UR but OR you know. UR is light in Hebrew but OR is a part of the overall crystals in the Rasha body which feel like other functions that are connected to the mitochondrial levels but I haven’t been able to drill it down yet.

Rasha Crystals Activate Fire Chambers

Transcript: Now, we intend to generate a sound tone of the Crystal Ray Shield and algorithms, intending to activate the fire chambers in our Rasha that ignite the crystals within our pranic light seeds. As I take you through this next process, bring your focus upon projecting your breath and sound with great physical effort and loudness, booming your voice to make this sound tone of the RASHA crystal tone of your choosing. Our purpose is to generate breath and spirit energy for activation of fire chambers within the dark matter body.

As the Rasha body activates, there are specific crystals that are designed to remove the epigenetic overlays of net mutations and negative ego caused by black force miasmatic corruption. This removes lunar essence and other anomalies to purify and purge the body of shadow elements. Within the four crystals, each of the tone, choose one or all of the tones within your chant.

  • The first tone in this choice is KA. The KA crystal in the Rasha body relates to the crystals in your skin.
  • SHA crystals in the Rasha body relate to crystals in your bone marrow.
  • EL crystals in the Rasha body relate to crystals in your blood.
  • OHR crystals in the Rasha body relate to all Rasha crystals.

Choose one of the tones, or state all four tones: KA, SHA, EL, OR. Now let's take three deep breaths. Prepare yourself at the end of each breath to exhale, the Rasha crystal sound tone of your choosing with deep belly breaths, directing the force of that tone from out of your lower abdomen. Hold the tone in the exhaling breath as loud and as long as you're able in this moment. [10]

Rashala or RA SHA LA

Transcript: Guardian teams were preparing the Christic architecture in the planet to be able to correctly link with the Rasha body structure by making it a focus of meditation upon the sun, and intending to connect with the inner lightbody cells which activate the Aton body, which is also referred to or called Rashala. These are the Solar Logos matrix counterparts in the planetary Rasha Body Instruction Set that have a triad of ringtones that work on something called dimensional spans, and those tones are RA SHA LA.

So after the Aton body is activated from the success of light cells igniting it starts to build outer lightbody structures, which includes the planetary Eukatharista body, and begins to build architecture to connect with the stairsteps in the Stairway to Heaven, which opened into the cosmic energy matrix, which opened the Universal Rose Breath, which opened our access to the Cosmic Spirit Body. So the Aton Solar Body is the combination of the inner lightbody structures and the outer lightbody structures united through the alchemical process of activating the Rasha instruction set. It is the Christic foundation of anchoring male and female light principles united into one; that is the Hierogamic Union. But at this level of understanding the solar body that is created as a result of that hierogamic union, that is the Aton. The light source is comprised of both matter and spirit substance in one, that is fully blended and combined. So when the Rashala or the Aton body is birthed into the planetary matrix, it acts as the unifying matter to spirit, solar body that ignites another birthing cycle of the Rosetta or Rose breath, or we also refer to these over the years as Dragon Breath spirals. With each activation brings something referred to as the first creation of the cosmic day or cosmic cycle, which feels like the pristine Christic architecture, returning the creation back to the first creation of God's original blueprint in the Cosmic Hall of Records.[11]

Elaysa, Rashala and Aton Body Merge

Cosmic Mother's aspects coming from the Elaysa sun required correct Aton body merge between the tri-matrix of the Rashala and the triune of matrices in order to build out a another layer of the Krystal Cathedral architecture. But this now was to be a cosmic Krystal Cathedral formation, what is holding this is the Elaysian fields, the El-Lay-Sa Cosmic Cathedral. So this formation is the whole shield for our Krystal Cathedrals throughout the lower dimensions, or we could refer to this as the Elaysa Cosmic Cathedral.[12]

RashaLa, RashaLei, RashaLia

Transcript: The process of building the Rasha body also spiritualizes our blood through what is called Krystal Waters through which the krystal blood prepares to animate the creation of the Eukachristic Body. Now we are blessed with the starry night dark firmament which appears as the vast night skies holding the time space fabric together between the cosmic constellation of star essences, the sun star maps of the cosmos that are all found here and being linked into the Albion lightbody to light up the planet’s coronasphere. Rasha is the name of the core domain dark matter body which comprises all of the three levels of the unified tri-matrix. There is an inner domain section that is referred to as the RA SHA LIA body. There is a middle domain section that is referred to as the RA SHA LEI and an outer domain as a RA SHA LA body. Now this comes into an understanding of Princess Leia of the Star Wars series. These are female triple solar goddess Rose Grail names with this RA SHA suffix that they were named at birth to describe the embodiment portions of the female principle Rasha body that they were carrying. So when we think of let’s say, RA SHA LIA, RA SHA LEI, RA SHA LA now think of the suffix like LEI LEI LA or LI LA NI or LEI YA this is L sounds with a vowel that are directly connected to the female embodiment of the Earth Rasha or the Earth spirit body that was damaged until now. So it’s like understanding the female emanation of the angelic human biology is designed to carry the spiritual principles of female embodiment which are a part of the creational mechanism of our matrix.[13]


Transcript: Now during this phase with the starry night dark matter activation, we come to the outer coronasphere aura of the planetary body that is called the KA-THA-RA. As I was describing earlier, this is the dark matter Rasha Body Solar Reisha part of the merge and this is at 13th layer. It’s called the 13th span, so the 13th span would correlate to the 13th dimension in our system. And so the 13th span is KA, the 14th span is THA and 15th span is RA and this forms a triple sound tone of Kathar that activate the Purest Shining Ones of the highest Solar Reisha female forms of the Rasha body in the 13, 14, 15 dimensions. This is the hidden meaning of the Cathars. The Cathar body tone is the means of the starry night activation. The completion of all 15th dimensional layers of the Rasha Body have been dimensionally merged in correct dark matter architecture in the planetary matrix that is now under the complete control of our Cosmic Mother Dragon. Those of us pure of heart on the Ascending timeline have access into the domain of pristine instruction sets of the Cosmic Mother’s holy spiritual forms that manifest as a Rasha triple matrix of Ka Tha Ra tones in which her daughters are the triple solar feminine Christos-Sophia forms that are embodying cosmological and astrological principles within her Sophianic creation of organic dark matter and organic sound body templates.[14]

Now Cosmic Mother is at the helm of this from the middle world domain directing humanity in to merge with this new coronasphere, the Solar Rishi-Reisha, starry night dark firmament which is again the KA-THA-RA Tones. So this is a reconstruction of the time matrix through new creations of celestial heavens dark firmament, this dark matter, as well as an update that’s happening to the Earthly matter firmament as I was sharing with you earlier, what’s happening with the planetary Rasha body and this is moving the group of First Wavers of ascending humanity onto the unique consciousness evolution trajectory of newly birthed, newly embodied organic black plasmas, subtle black forces and dark matter that has been made anew to be unified with our true God Parents, our Cosmic Christos Parents.

MA HA RA Sound Tones

Emerald Order The Emerald Order Blue Rays tend to be activated with silvery blues and azure pale turquoise. The Elohei-Elohim lineages have the gift of direct knowing, know which information is cellularly embodied and multiplied in the MA HA Tones. However, now MA HARA reveals to be more effective as it combines the Mother and offspring codes of the Emerald Order Mother lines with the Gold Order offspring lines. This is represented as MA HA RA.

The Emerald Order and Gold Order tones are blended together through the MA HA RA Tones which can be used to purify the body of shadow creatures or implants by intending to send the negative energy back into demanifestation from corrupted dark matter Rasha Instruction Sets, extracting shadow content out and away from your manifested presence.[15]


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