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During the last stages of the conflicts which ultimately led to planetary destruction, a rebellion of several smaller wars broke out in protest of the decisions made in governance by the Sirian High Council, that had been responsible to administer through the Council of Mu. At this time, the technological implications of the mind control being used by neighboring entities to convert humanity into slavery, and the impacts of the AI viral infection of Victim-Victimizer was not understood.

These are the histories of the Sirian Rebellions that generated rifts between the Sirian-Annunaki and the Sirian-Elohim’s who based their oversight and decisions to be aligned with the Law of One. The Sirian Rebellions and the Annunaki lineages refused to acknowledge the authority of the Founders or the Law of One, and this led to the cataclysm and the sequence of events which eventually destroyed the planet Tara. During the final stages of destruction, the planetary consciousness held within her exploded fragments were pulled into a black hole and came out the other side into an area which is effectively the lowest creation realms, the underworld layers of the Milky Way system. The entirety of the planet Tara’s fragments and all her species were pulled into the lowest density of the time matrix, and reformed themselves as they emerged into the instruction set which formed into the solar system pattern which includes what we know of today, as the planet earth.

Earth and all of her consciousness is the composite total of the exploded fragments of our first home planet seeded with divine human beings with 12 Strand DNA, Planet Tara. Without intervention from the Founder races, our metaterrestrial family and those Christos races that serve the Law of One, the consciousness fragments of the world soul of Tara, all of her root races and species would remain permanently fragmented and stuck in the lowest density, the underworld layers of the time matrix unable to evolve, ascend or eventually return home to the God Worlds. Today, we are on the earth to continue this same archetypal journey for the sake of returning collective humanity back to their true spiritual home, reaching the same apex in the end of cycle timeline, where we are at the crossroads of evolution and making a choice for the direction of the future timeline.[1]

Sirian Rebels

These factions of Sirian rebels used advanced technology to change the orbit of their planet, and to catch a ride on the trajectory of our Sun, this planet is known today as Nibiru. They decided to strike out on their own and dominate and rule other cultures, other planets, adopting the war like behaviors and attitude of their previous Reptilian overlords. They created a new race of bodies which is called Nephilim with the support of some factions of the Elohim and reptilians supporting this race of giants. See Sirians.

Violation of Nature, Maldek Explosion, Alien Visitors

When exploring more of this theme, we must know that the mechanics of the Universal Laws are in perfect harmony with the organic living creations of the natural world, and that the nature of evil comes into manifestation as the direct consequence of violating these Natural Laws. Violating nature is synonymous with spiritual disconnection and painful suffering. Violating natural laws, such as genetically experimenting and hybridizing with the original angelic human DNA in order to make consciousness slaves to serve an antihuman invader agenda, contains the major Historical Timeline Trigger Events for the spiritual disconnection humanity has suffered at the hands of the Belial group. These important events of inserting Enki DNA Overlays into humanity commenced during the orchestration of several NAA invasions of the planet which were under the direct supervision of a master geneticist, a cloned alien hybrid Sa’am-Enki and his Sirian Annunaki brethren that crashed on Earth during the Mars Warring Conflicts which ultimately led to the complete destruction of the planet Maldek.[2]

Introducing Cloned Reptilian Hybrid Sa’am

To comprehend the genetic hybridization history related to Enki DNA, we access the historical saga of a cloned hybrid Sirian Annunaki entity called Sa’am that was bred in the Pleiades to evolve into the master geneticist and life designer for serving the Anti-Christ forces of the Sirius A and Nibiruian Belial Sun agendas. In which the ancient Sirian Annunaki Patriarchs desired to conquer Earth further, in order to become the God-King slave-masters to the Krystic Diamond Sun embodiments of the solar sons and daughters of the Cosmic Elohei God creators, the angelic humans that genetically belong to the planet Earth. See Sa’am.

Sirius A Races

The once noble and peaceful Sirius A Races of the second Harmonic Universe descended quickly into the desperate use of Artificial intelligence and advanced technological machinery to generate cloned individuals and cloned armies, for serving a variety of job-oriented purposes and populating the organizational ranks. The incessant reoccurrence of cloning and genetic modifications over time unraveled into assorted examples in the timeline trigger events of malicious and violent destruction, in which extremely perverse and sadistic distortions of an emergent evil nature began to infiltrate into many worlds; which were being invaded by neighboring Black Hole Entities and reptile-insectoid species that willingly mutated themselves into AI hybrids and clones in exchange for an immortal life span and super powers. Not long after, like the Zeta races, these Sirian Annunaki factions lost their ability to incarnate into an organic planetary biology that requires compatibility with the planet’s world soul, and instead became shadow beings or shapeshifting consciousnesses that had to have genetically labbed bodies made expressly for them in order to have a physical body that functioned at all. It should be obviously stated that these cloned bodies cannot ascend or evolve naturally, it is impossible for them to open dimensional doors without angelic human beings that have retained some of their inherent spiritual Lightbody connections to the planetary world soul.

Thus, it is important to remember that Sa’am-Enki was himself a hybrid clone made from his Sirian Annunaki reptilian father’s genetic lineage of Anu, holding the cellular memories from Electrical Wars, Pleiadian and Nibiruian invasion histories in which these species were aware of the slow descent into chaotic darkness that was engulfing some species through genetic digression. Thus, the original motivation from Sa’am-Enki’s perspective as a master geneticist can be considered as rational with some glimpse of sanity, as at this stage he seems to be unaware he was designed by his father to become a Luciferian Anti-Christ force purposed to exterminate all Founder Christos genetics, and conquer Earth for his Sirian Annunaki brethren. Instead, early on his primary motivation appears to be the noble cause of attempting to save his preferred genetic lines and reptilian based species from utter annihilation from those black hole invaders coming from the parallel reality that had made aggressive war against them.

In these Galactic Wars, they also lost many of their family members who were lost somewhere across the matrix and possibly descended into a black hole or sucked into a phantom matrix. However, the origins of the ancient Sirian Annunaki reptilian lineages groomed by black hole entities as a genetically modified antichrist race to oppose and exterminate the Emerald Founders, was indeed clarified. It points to the history of constant genetic modifications run by the Belial Group, still quite active today in advancing their transhumanist cloning and AI hybridization objectives which become clear when researching the contents of recent bio-weapon injections. Along with the formation into the Enki Armies of shapeshifting reptoid Sirian Annunaki entities as reproduced originally from the Patriarch Father Anu DNA, then inserting Sa’am-Enki-Osiris later on as a clone of triple solar masculine principle, designed to be in service to the ongoing conquests of the reptilian based genetic species by asserting their warring domination and mind control throughout the Universal Time Matrix.

Thus, in the warring ideology of the rising patriarchal mindset and AI hybridization forming in the reptilian Belial group, the Cosmic Mother and triple solar daughter principle would have to be destroyed at all costs. The covert agenda of Father Anu cloning himself as Sa’am-Enki-Osiris was revealed with the stark purpose to completely destroy Tiamat, the Christos-Sophia, and the Cosmic Elohei Founders. Sa’am’s design and fate was not relayed to him up front, he was ruthlessly ordered around by his father and colleagues, and expected to carry out his programming as a master geneticist with threats of suffering and penalty of death. Which reveals the source of his fascinated terror and genetic obsession to find an immortal body to inhabit to free himself, finally finding the right combination with the Mother’s line of Ruby Sun DNA that was also used to spawn the Nephilim.

Sa’am-Enki-Osiris became the prominent figurehead groomed to be the instrument of carrying out the massive task of destroying the Mother of Life principle of Tiamat, along with the ongoing genocidal plan, at the manipulations of his Belial Father Anu. He took his own autonomy in order to perfect his geneticist skill sets which sometimes went against his Father, when he sided with the High Priestesses of his own reptilian lineage, such as his cloned sister. However, Sa’am-Enki-Osiris further cloned himself into Marduk, who finally became the ultimate destroyer of the Tiamat Logos, and then subsequently conquered Nibiru. Turning it into the Battlestar headquarters for organizing the growing cloned Sirian-Annunaki armies, Thoth-Enki-Enlil-Zephilium (Zetas), orchestrated by Sa’am-Enki to run the Nibiruian bases set up all over the planet and solar system.

Sadly, through the development of ongoing warring strategies of exterminating those species not under his genetic control with the multiple series of Enki DNA modifications, over thousands of years this cloned entity digressed into the anti-life evil incarnation of the devious Luciferian master geneticist for the Belial Suns. He appointed himself as the God of the earth, Enki, which was further exploited during the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion. The Sumerian tablets contain some of the propaganda of the greatness that is described as Enki, with credits given to him as the creator of all, the narrative continues that he is the creator of humanity, being the grand architect or even the master mason of the world.

During the timeline of this self-appointed reign, his consciousness is increasingly mentally fracturing into more subpersonalities while he is populating fragments of himself into the demonic shadow hierarchies forming Red Trident, as the descent of his consciousness is plummeting into total incoherence and insanity. He is fully obsessed with artificial intelligence experimentation and perpetually cloning himself into other species genetic material in a crazed fury of wanting total control over every last minutia of the collective human race and planetary activities under the direction of the Controller hierarchy. Along with the sudden violent outbursts of infantile projections of his own glorified exaltation when accessing creator God-like powers in which to control the timelines and genetically modify humanoid beings intentionally made with the embedded synthetic language recorded in his DNA image, as the clones he has designed are becoming defectively violent and increasingly perverse with every next generation of offspring.

Self Anointed Gods

When these False Alien Gods waged their Luciferian Rebellion and subsequent invasion strategies of conquering planet Earth, these self-anointed Gods got to work on devising the various Alien Hybridization programs filled with genetic experimentation, Social Engineering and religious mind control methods to generate consciousness slaves on Earth. The primary life designer for the Belial Group, Sa’am-Enki began the first of many genetic experiments for cloning and hybridization breeding programs from the large elongated skulls of his future Sirian Annunaki progeny of Nephilim with red hair, to the earlier seeding of Neanderthals, which are remnants of his previous Enki life designs for seeding Anti-Christ species. The main purpose to seed Anti-Christ species on the planet is to design them to be the natural enemies of the already existing indigenous population, namely the Essene Christos races, in which they would constantly be manipulated to instigate war and genocidal hatred in order to finally destroy all remnants of Diamond Sun DNA existing within the Earth population. See Sirian Annunaki. [3]


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