Maldek Explosion

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Excerpt from Enki DNA Overlays Newsletter:

As you read onward, consider that some of us are awakening to be the spiritual adults in the room, thus this information is not intended for everyone. The hidden history revealing now is densely packed with many intricacies and is difficult to process. Please remember the purpose of this information is to have proper context in knowing that in order to solve the genetic hybrid problems of the angelic human race, we first must awaken to seek truth and know the problem exists. When we can see the accurate source of the global problems plaguing humanity, then we can ask the right questions. Further, we must know as we enter the tumultuous crossroads of human evolution, that AI technology has been used covertly for terraforming the planet to become hospitable to the invaders, and that their agendas for alien hybridization with humans is the source of rampant spiritual disconnection and damage to the Krystal Gene. This genetic hybridization damage has accumulated a tremendous amount of buried traumas in the angelic human race which further unravels into manifestations of mass inner and outer violence. When identified correctly, only then we can begin to take the steps to solve those problems more effectively and remain in alignment to Natural Laws. The Emerald Guardians are alerting us to what humanity is being exposed to at this particular stage and why the planet and humanity are undergoing a mass Enki DNA Overlay extraction, along with covert confrontations that flush out and force the eviction of the invading species, which initiates sudden physical purges of Miasmas, ancestral genetic clearings and deep cellular spiritual purification.

Violation of Nature, Maldek Explosion, Alien Visitors

When exploring more of this theme, we must know that the mechanics of the Universal Laws are in perfect harmony with the organic living creations of the natural world, and that the nature of evil comes into manifestation as the direct consequence of violating these natural laws. Violating nature is synonymous with spiritual disconnection and painful suffering. Violating natural laws, such as genetically experimenting and hybridizing with the original angelic human DNA in order to make consciousness slaves to serve an antihuman invader agenda, contains the major historical timeline trigger events for the spiritual disconnection humanity has suffered at the hands of the Belial group. These important events of inserting Enki DNA Overlays into humanity commenced during the orchestration of several NAA invasions of the planet which were under the direct supervision of a master geneticist, a cloned alien hybrid Sa’am-Enki and his Sirian Annunaki brethren that crashed on Earth during the Mars Warring Conflicts which ultimately led to the complete destruction of the planet Maldek.

After the explosion of Maldek, the damage and destruction that ensued in the solar system displaced many of the local reptilian species, some of which found themselves on the Earth. The Annunaki High Priestesses were consulted and they were made aware that the planet was the repository of the universal genetic library being cultivated by the mysteriously absent forces of the ancient builder races, those we know as the Emerald Founder Elohim. The Emerald Founder Elohim had designed and seeded many living gardens filled with diverse species through which to evolve upon this planet, as the Kristos Diamond Sun angelic human race had been displaced from the original Taran world, and were intended to act as the Guardians of the genetic library as well as protectors the emerald crystal heart network of the Universal Mother of Life (Tiamat). This beautiful natural garden was in its earliest stages of evolutionary growth tended to by the Sirius B Maharaji and those Blue Ray Melchizedek’s from the inner Earth, and many were being spiritually guided by the Anuhazi Mu’a through the emerald crystals connected to Tiamat, in which the magnificent splendor of the planet’s natural beauty appeared as an Edenic paradise to the arriving alien spectators.

As they gazed upon the planet’s beautiful lush greenery, expansive Holy Mountains and diverse animal species, they promptly decided to claim it for themselves. This timeline trigger event of the entry onto planet after the Mars Warring Conflicts and the Maldek Explosion, begins the ongoing Spiritual Warfare over the original angelic human DNA and the inability of humans to be left alone to live in peace on the planet Earth. As the intruding Sirian Annunaki factions and aggressive Maldekians continually violate the Natural Laws by cloning and inserting their own reptoid species and AI hybridizations into the planetary matrix, whereby continually attempting to exert their dominance through the use of cloned identities and by genetically modifying the existing planetary DNA. Thus, we come to the complex problems of a blended reality system caused by these assorted Sirian Annunaki hybridization programs which spread and further developed on Nibiru, which operated as the outpost for genetic laboratories. These labs were for testing advanced AI technologies used for not only building cloned bodies for themselves as designed for carrying out specific duties, but also used in cloning weapons for Anti-Christ inversions by wearing ENKI DNA SKINS. These skins are similar to a cloaking device in that it gives the wearer the ability to shapeshift into the identity of another individual by cloning samples of their DNA and then wearing it over their consciousness body as an outer membranous skin that uses the artificial holograms to change one’s appearance.

Naturally, these cloning technologies have been given to the Belial Sun’s Luciferian bloodlines that have worshiped the Sirian Annunaki elongated reptilian hybrid skulls and their hybrid Nephilim lines as their Luciferian Alien Gods. Thus, this covert situation would be a shocking revelation to the general public when awakening to the mind control reality of lies to find out the world is being run by a bunch of negative aliens wearing cloned Enki Skins as cloaking devices. The Enki DNA Skins are holographic insert AI tech that has contributed to the corruption of the elementals in the planetary matrix, whereby corrupting them with the molecular compaction effects of the compressed 666-carbon atomic structure, along with the synthetic red wave Enki DNA coding that continually infects the matter with carrier waves of AI machinery embeds.

Thus, the destruction of Maldek preceded the ongoing genetic modification strategies whereby the NAA’s Belial Group have been introducing new cloned humanoid species along with repeated insertions of cloned Enki DNA after each cataclysmic great reset, along with mixing other combinations of reptilian species into the human gene pool as part of their hybridization agenda and terraforming plan. This methodical introduction of reptilian Enki DNA into the planetary stargates and human biology was utilized to interfere with the organic chemical processes of the natural elements that are needed to assemble within Diamond Sun angelic human DNA that requires protein synthesis for higher DNA assembly.

Thus, currently we are entering the Cosmic Clock solar calendar cycle where the ascending planetary matrix and awakening Starseeds begin the ongoing process of detoxifying and shedding the ENKI DNA SKIN from their chemical DNA, family of origin biological DNA record, and original spiritual DNA records as aligned to the Diamond Sun DNA instructions set forth by the Cosmic God Parents and Personal Christ. The detoxification and purification process to clear these artificial DNA overlays from out of the chemical and physical DNA records will begin to transpire naturally and with direct Christos Guardian support, if this is the spiritual mission which you have chosen and incarnated for during this time of planetary Ascension.

Introducing Cloned Reptilian Hybrid Sa’am

To comprehend the genetic hybridization history related to Enki DNA, we access the historical saga of a cloned hybrid Sirian Annunaki entity called Sa’am that was bred in the Pleiades to evolve into the master geneticist and life designer for serving the anti-Christ forces of the Sirius A and Nibiruian Belial Sun agendas. In which the ancient Sirian Annunaki Patriarchs desired to conquer Earth further, in order to become the God-King slave-masters to the Krystic Diamond Sun embodiments of the solar sons and daughters of the Cosmic Elohei God creators, the angelic humans that genetically belong to the planet Earth.

Sa’am would go on to evolve himself into the self-appointed God King of Earth as Sa’am-Enki-Osiris, transferring his consciousness into various reptilian forms but over time, he finally found genetic stability within his experimentations when combining with the Elohei Ruby Order rose lineages with Ruby Sun DNA. With Ruby Sun DNA Elohim-Nephilim hybridization coding, he was able to genetically engineer an immortal Adonis body for himself and exist inside this manufactured cloned body for multiple thousands of years. He would continue for as long as he could trick humans into worshipping him as a God King, inserting his Enki DNA red wave trident overlays while masquerading as Osiris-Jesus Christ and other key Christ like archetypal figures, as this was designed for the purpose of siphoning the Collective Consciousness of angelic humanity for harvesting energy Loosh for their ongoing Anti-Human Agendas. For more see Introducing Cloned Reptilian Hybrid Sa’am.

Betrayal of the Universal Mother of Life

This narrative continues through the eyes of a cloned Sirian Annunaki reptilian named Sa’am stationed in the second harmonic universe enduring the massive backlash of the Orion Wars in which many generals are gathering their armies to finally destroy the Universal Mother of Life principle throughout this solar system known as Tiamati. Sa’am is deeply conflicted about the orders for annihilation, as his blood holds the memory of his Mer Mother Goddess on Tiamat, he is fascinated with amphibian related genetics that he shares with a cloned reptoid sister, who is later revealed to be the figurehead Isis. In the frenzied rage of his Belial father’s orders to grasp total power in the solar system through the complete destruction of the Universal Mother of Life principle, these reptilian armies believe the patriarchal masculine to be infinitely superior rulers whereby they intend to annihilate the existence of the Mother of Life and her Triple Solar Goddesses that have been initiated into the mysteries of the Universe by Anuhazi Mu’a. Further, seizing all of the Cosmic Mother’s stored knowledge in the Emerald Crystal networks as collected from the Cosmic Hall of Records, thereby gaining access to the most advanced technologies of the Ancient Builder’s Records and emerald founder schematics of the Universe that were being protected and housed within Tiamat’s White Sun diamond core.

Thus, it is important to remember that Sa’am-Enki was himself a hybrid clone made from his Sirian Annunaki reptilian father’s genetic lineage of Anu, holding the cellular memories from Electrical Wars, Pleiadian and Nibiruian invasion histories in which these species were aware of the slow descent into chaotic darkness that was engulfing some species through genetic digression. Thus, the original motivation from Sa’am-Enki’s perspective as a master geneticist can be considered as rational with some glimpse of sanity, as at this stage he seems to be unaware he was designed by his father to become a Luciferian Anti-Christ force purposed to exterminate all Founder Christos genetics, and conquer Earth for his Sirian Annunaki brethren. Instead, early on his primary motivation appears to be the noble cause of attempting to save his preferred genetic lines and reptilian based species from utter annihilation from those black hole invaders coming from the parallel reality that had made aggressive war against them.

Current themes are surfacing of Sa’am-Enki-Osiris Annunaki led groups direct involvement with the more recent histories of the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion, in which Anu-Enki-Enlil and Annunaki Nibiruian Thothian Zephilium friends attacked the Christos Founders and unplugged the higher DNA of humanity by scrambling the Cellular Alphabet of the Emerald Order Elohei Mother language encoded into the planetary matrix. This is the one genetic language that was spoken throughout all of the angelic human races and colonies on the planet until the NAA invasion confounded the human language by reversing the cellular alphabet in human DNA. As Sa’am Enki was anointed as the chief geneticist to continue to modify and clone the angelic human race into subservience to their alien slave masters, Father Anu and cloned brother Enlil posed as the false alien gods of organized religion, acting as the pied piper leading the masses into spiritual oppression and religious Mind Control by bearing the signatures of Yahweh and Jehovah.

Thus, the Sirian Annunaki reptilian hybrid being Sa’am-Enki was instrumental in assorted Genetic Modification and cloning experiments made upon the angelic human race, these experiments generated many species of Fallen Angelics, and cloned out other humanoid species to muddy the genetic waters on the Earth, such as the history of the Neanderthals and Nephilim. Sa’am-Enki-Osiris was a self-appointed Alien God of this invaded and conquered planetary territory, where he designed many of the genetic hybridization programs made upon angelic humans in order to embed his particular synthetic genetic signature into the nucleotides of human DNA.[1]


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