Sirian Rebellion

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During the last stages of the conflicts which ultimately led to planetary destruction, a rebellion of several smaller wars broke out in protest of the decisions made in governance by the Sirian High Council, that had been responsible to administer through the Council of Mu. At this time, the technological implications of the mind control being used by neighboring entities to convert humanity into slavery, and the impacts of the AI viral infection of Victim-Victimizer was not understood.

These are the histories of the Sirian Rebellions that generated rifts between the Sirian Annunaki and the Sirian-Elohim’s who based their oversight and decisions to be aligned with the Law of One. The Sirian Rebellions and the Annunaki lineages refused to acknowledge the authority of the Founders or the Law of One, and this led to the cataclysm and the sequence of events which eventually destroyed the planet Tara. During the final stages of destruction, the planetary consciousness held within her exploded fragments were pulled into a black hole and came out the other side into an area which is effectively the lowest creation realms, the underworld layers of the Milky Way system. The entirety of the planet Tara’s fragments and all her species were pulled into the lowest density of the time matrix, and reformed themselves as they emerged into the instruction set which formed into the solar system pattern which includes what we know of today, as the planet earth.

Earth and all of her consciousness is the composite total of the exploded fragments of our first home planet seeded with divine human beings with 12 Strand DNA, Planet Tara. Without intervention from the Founder races, our metaterrestrial family and those Christos races that serve the Law of One, the consciousness fragments of the world soul of Tara, all of her root races and species would remain permanently fragmented and stuck in the lowest density, the underworld layers of the time matrix unable to evolve, ascend or eventually return home to the God Worlds. Today, we are on the earth to continue this same archetypal journey for the sake of returning collective humanity back to their true spiritual home, reaching the same apex in the end of cycle timeline, where we are at the crossroads of evolution and making a choice for the direction of the future timeline.[1]

Sirian Rebels

These factions of Sirian rebels used advanced technology to change the orbit of their planet, and to catch a ride on the trajectory of our Sun, this planet is known today as Nibiru. They decided to strike out on their own and dominate and rule other cultures, other planets, adopting the war like behaviors and attitude of their previous Reptilian overlords. They created a new race of bodies which is called Nephilim with the support of some factions of the Elohim and reptilians supporting this race of giants. See Sirians.


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