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'Excerpt from Enki DNA Overlays Newsletter:

To comprehend the genetic hybridization history related to Enki DNA, we access the historical saga of a cloned hybrid Sirian Annunaki entity called Sa’am that was bred in the Pleiades to evolve into the master geneticist and life designer for serving the anti-Christ forces of the Sirius A and Nibiruian Belial Sun agendas. In which the ancient Sirian Annunaki Patriarchs desired to conquer Earth further, in order to become the God-King slave-masters to the Krystic Diamond Sun embodiments of the solar sons and daughters of the Cosmic Elohei God creators, the angelic humans that genetically belong to the planet Earth.

Sa’am would go on to evolve himself into the Self-Appointed God King of Earth as Sa’am-Enki-Osiris, transferring his consciousness into various reptilian forms but over time, he finally found genetic stability within his experimentations when combining with the Elohei Ruby Order rose lineages with Ruby Sun DNA. With Ruby Sun DNA Elohim-Nephilim hybridization coding, he was able to genetically engineer an immortal Adonis body for himself and exist inside this manufactured cloned body for multiple thousands of years. He would continue for as long as he could trick humans into worshipping him as a God King, inserting his Enki DNA red wave trident overlays while masquerading as Osiris-Jesus Christ and other key Christ like archetypal figures, as this was designed for the purpose of siphoning the collective consciousness of angelic humanity for harvesting energy Loosh for their ongoing anti-human agendas.

Sa’am's mission was to create a massive antichrist army, Enki's Army, in order to colonize the planet Earth with hybridized Belial Sun Sirian Annunaki genetics which was originally set into motion at the behest of his prime creator, his reptilian father. Who intentionally designed him as a hybrid clone in an artificial womb with his own Royal Dinoid DNA mixed with Mer aquatic genetic material harvested from a captured Universal Mother of Life White Goddess from Tiamat. Father Dragon Anu presents as the ancient patriarch of what eventually became the major factions of Sirian Annunaki Belial Suns that encompass the current Thothian Luciferian gestalt consciousness, and his cloned offspring Sa’am-Enki and Enlil. Collectively referred to as the TEE entities, they first formed into the unholy alliance of reptile-insectoid spiritually fractured criminal minds, digressing into psychopathic terrorists running their human slavery enterprises in the solar system where they elevated themselves as the most important key figures behind organized religion as the False Alien Gods. The Belial group collective entity run by the cruel warring patriarch and misogynist Father Anu packaged himself as Yahweh, while another cloned brother Enlil was masquerading as Jehovah, and together the duo demanded they be worshipped by earthlings under penalty of fire and brimstone. Thus, they ushered in the ongoing archontic deception strategies intending to orchestrate the complete Mind Control enslavement of humanity, along with the well thought out plan for the colonization of planet Earth as their conquered territory and slave farm.[1]

Self Anointed Gods

When these False Alien Gods waged their Luciferian Rebellion and subsequent invasion strategies of conquering planet Earth, these self-anointed Gods got to work on devising the various Alien Hybridization programs filled with genetic experimentation, Social Engineering and religious mind control methods to generate consciousness slaves on Earth. The primary life designer for the Belial Group, Sa’am-Enki began the first of many genetic experiments for cloning and hybridization breeding programs from the large elongated skulls of his future Sirian Annunaki progeny of Nephilim with red hair, to the earlier seeding of Neanderthals, which are remnants of his previous Enki life designs for seeding Anti-Christ species. The main purpose to seed Anti-Christ species on the planet is to design them to be the natural enemies of the already existing indigenous population, namely the Essene Christos races, in which they would constantly be manipulated to instigate war and genocidal hatred in order to finally destroy all remnants of Diamond Sun DNA existing within the Earth population. See Sirian Annunaki. [2]

Betrayal of the Universal Mother of Life

This narrative continues through the eyes of a cloned Sirian Annunaki reptilian named Sa’am stationed in the second harmonic universe enduring the massive backlash of the Orion Wars in which many generals are gathering their armies to finally destroy the Universal Mother of Life principle throughout this solar system known as Tiamati. Sa’am is deeply conflicted about the orders for annihilation, as his blood holds the memory of his Mer Mother Goddess on Tiamat, he is fascinated with amphibian related genetics that he shares with a cloned reptoid sister, who is later revealed to be the figurehead Isis. In the frenzied rage of his Belial father’s orders to grasp total power in the solar system through the complete destruction of the Universal Mother of Life principle, these reptilian armies believe the patriarchal masculine to be infinitely superior rulers whereby they intend to annihilate the existence of the Mother of Life and her Solar Goddesses that have been initiated into the mysteries of the Universe by Anuhazi Mu’a. Further, seizing all of the Cosmic Mother’s stored knowledge in the emerald crystal networks as collected from the Cosmic Hall of Records, thereby gaining access to the most advanced technologies of the ancient builder’s records and emerald founder schematics of the Universe that were being protected and housed within Tiamat’s White Sun diamond core.

Thus, through many warring conflicts, the Belial Sun Annunaki and Black Sun Draconian agenda was to capture and defile the purity of the Emerald Order’s Elohei triple solar female Yanas in their personal quest for gaining total domination and power over the Universal Time Matrix. All Anuhazi Mu’a and Mother Elohei lineages were targeted for persecution throughout the timelines and were continually rounded up for assorted breeding programs and genocidal campaigns. Other females of interest were chosen to be kept for genetic experimentation and were imprisoned in Nibiruian controlled bases, submitting them to ongoing sexual depravity, alien hybridization, artificial insemination and cloning. As well as exposing them to a variety of traumatic abominations which were intentionally designed to destroy their direct spiritual connection to the sacred genetic language of the Diamond Sun DNA of Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon creators, by shattering their permanent seed atom with the inner emerald crystal heart connection to the Holy Mother Arc, amoraea holy spirit flames and the cosmic spirit body.

Current themes are surfacing of Sa’am-Enki-Osiris Annunaki led groups direct involvement with the more recent histories of the Sumerian-Egypt invasion, in which Anu-Enki-Enlil and Annunaki Nibiruian Thothian Zephilium friends attacked the Christos Founders and unplugged the higher DNA of humanity by scrambling the cellular alphabet of the Emerald Order Elohei Mother language encoded into the planetary matrix. This is the one genetic language that was spoken throughout all of the angelic human races and colonies on the planet until the NAA invasion confounded the human language by reversing the cellular alphabet in human DNA. As Sa’am Enki was anointed as the chief geneticist to continue to modify and clone the angelic human race into subservience to their alien slave masters, Father Anu and cloned brother Enlil posed as the false alien gods of organized religion, acting as the pied piper leading the masses into spiritual oppression and religious mind control by bearing the signatures of Yahweh and Jehovah.

Thus, the Sirian Annunaki reptilian hybrid being Sa’am-Enki was instrumental in assorted genetic modification and cloning experiments made upon the angelic human race, these experiments generated many species of Fallen Angelics, and cloned out other humanoid species to muddy the genetic waters on the Earth, such as the history of the Neanderthals and Nephilim. Sa’am-Enki-Osiris was a self-appointed Alien God of this invaded and conquered planetary territory, where he designed many of the genetic hybridization programs made upon angelic humans in order to embed his particular synthetic genetic signature into the nucleotides of human DNA.

Thus, Sa’am-Enki-Osiris sought to clone out humanity to arrange the cellular alphabet to create synthetic genetic languages in which to codify himself as the proclaimed God King of Earth, En Ki, while purposefully extracting the Cosmic Mother’s Emerald Crystal Heart Anuhazi language, thereby claiming the emerald crystals as his own luciferian creation as an imposter Christ. Further scrambling the organic Cosmic Elohei Parents creator code language and its dialects once spoken by the angelic human race, which was forgotten when they collapsed the magnetic field and unplugged DNA by running reversal currents through the planetary grid network. Whereby the magnetic collapse and introduction of the lunar matrix made it possible to insert his alien genetics, implants and holographic inserts into the planetary grid network thereby targeting the angelic humans via assorted genetic modification cloning methods over many thousands of years.

Hybridization for Programmable Embedded Control of DNA

Hybridization of angelic humans with genetically engineered Enki DNA was designed by the Sirian Annunaki factions of Belial group to build a self-enforced consciousness slave system through the automated repetition of inserting cloned falsified identities with Enki coding, being perpetually generated through the red wave Artificial Tree of Life or AI timelines. This operates as a sophisticated antichrist weapon used to confuse humanity through spiritual warfare when attempting to discern the difference between good versus evil, running dark interference to conflate the identities of the antichrist forces with the authentic identities of the Guardian Christos forces during the final conflict. Those humans that assimilate and embody the ENKI DNA SKIN instruction sets become more easily mind controlled and genetically manipulated by the NAA forces, because the genetic modification gives that individual the sense of energetic familiarity and spiritual connection with the intruder races.

The means of which they run their information warfare is through cloned identity holographic inserts implanted on the targeted individuals’ bio-energy field in order to confuse them about authenticating who is actually who. The sophistication of the red wave cloaking technology and cloned identities of Enki DNA Skins also made it difficult for some higher orders of Guardians to determine the actual histories of authenticated identities, until the planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns earlier this year.[3]


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