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In Guardian context, the Anti-Christ or Metatronic Spiral are made up of immortal consciousness gestalts that generated their own DNA template that specifically do not want to live under or co-exist in the Natural Laws of God in a base 12 Christos architectural matrix and instead, chose finite forms that require energy siphoning from others in order to survive in their preferred form and artificial creations. There are embodied and disembodied anti-Christs that are expressed in human and nonhuman forms on this planet and many other fallen systems.

Fallen systems are an entropic system of AI architecture intended to digress consciousness from the original plasma Christos Divine Blueprint of the 12 Tree Grid, and manifest the Closed Source system of Anti-Christ life forms. When the original creation program of the Krystal Code from God Source is altered or modified in any way, the ability to self-regenerate and ascend is interrupted, from the loss of energy present. This eventually leads to energetic collapse or internal implosion of the blueprint system, which manifests as Fallen Consciousness and then potential annihilation.

Thus, the higher dimensional Anti-Christ gestalts chose to defy the Cosmic Order, the original founders and creators in the system by making up their own artificial laws and artificial realities, refusing to co-exist with others peacefully or rehabilitate their forms, instead choosing the Master-Slave narrative of enemy patterning and genocide in which to dominate and rule over other species as the victorious conqueror Gods in the system. Those entities, that oppose Christos entities following the Law of One and Christos architecture generally demonstrate immense hatred and disdain for God's creation, and thus attempt to vandalize and destroy that creation, while promoting their own glorified self destruction which ultimately leads to their eventual annihilation.

Guardian Host considers the anti-Christ gestalts as the accumulative results of the selfish choices and tragic events made over time in dark ignorance as the result of free will given, in which has led to the utter destruction of their eternal forms to digress into permanent entropy and finite parasitical forms and AI forms. Thus, from defying the Cosmic Order over many cycles of evolution in a time matrix, they are unable to remember, connect with or experience the God source. Many of the Anti-Christ entities lost their bodies as a result of tragic events, and are unable to incarnate into forms in which they can evolve or ascend. Thus, they are stuck in time, unable to evolve, and thus use technology to attempt to take shortcuts in gaining access into other dimensions of experience. They are attracted to living and ascending light beings with the krystal coding and thus hijack ascending creations like the planet earth, to gain enough energy to ride into another time matrix or higher dimensional state.

There is no enemy patterning in Guardian Host, Christos unity consciousness, however, when the anti-christ gestalts have agendas to torture and annihilate other species, they will protect and defend the consciousness if it is the choice that has been made by that being, such as the earth. Christos sends its representatives into fallen systems suffering warring ideology or genetic digression in order to support the consciousness of that species to choose the natural laws and rehabilitate their genetics, which brings natural evolution and the possibility of Ascension.

Genetic Modification of Krystal Code

Altering the Open Source system of the Krystal Code architecture means a limited supply of energy is made available to the human Lightbody. The modified coding that has been written into the planetary body, cannot circulate or receive any more energy directly from the eternal God Source. The Metatronic or Anti-Christ being, cut off from eternal source, has to suck energy from other entities and systems. This being progressively consumes itself, therefore, when it eventually comes to the end of the evolution cycle, it has a finite life span. Fallen Consciousness, such as the Fallen Angelics and Imposter Spirits, are due to Metatronic Code configurations in the planet. These configurations are the result of excessive misuse of free will choice that opposes the divine plan and intention of God Source. In the cycles of evolution, the opposing expression of negative polarity reaches the point at which it has experienced a massive loss of energy and is unable to replace that energy. The beings that refuse to rehabilitate themselves into a process of higher evolution at the end of a cycle, jeopardize their ability to return back into the eternal life expression and continue their existence within the Cosmic Order.[1]

Two Truths

It is the God-Christos Mind and pure Diamond Heart that can guide us safely through when navigating the schemes, lies and deceptions that are the divide and conquer agendas of the Anti-Christ embodiment on the earth. It is the force of God’s love that ultimately protects us from the Imposter’s and guides us through the Spiritual Warfare on the earthly plane.[2]

Lyran History

It may be hard to fathom that in this moment in the metaphysical realms we are re-living the seed of the first wars of the Anti-Christ that began in Lyra. This takes us into our true Galactic history where this war further spread into the Orion constellation, when divine humans were seeded upon our first home world, 5D Tara. There were those that were so terrorized by the pure eternal light of the forces of Love we carried in our crystal heart, that in fear they tried to eliminate us from ever incarnating again into this Universe.[3]


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Term first found in HGS Manual: Page 88