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A group of the Oraphim, or those Christos races with Double Diamond Sun templates, were hybridized with the Azurite races of Sirius B in order to create a special Maharaji lineage in which would act as the guardian gatekeepers for the portal of the entry of the Indigo lines. They were the overseers as they incarnated in waves upon the earth during the Ascension Cycle. Some of these branches from Sirius B also went on to Tara and were members of the Azurite Templar teams, protecting the Stargates and performing missions as Guardian Gridkeepers. They serve the Emerald Covenant.

Braharama Oraphim and Maharaji

Many of the Oraphim Cetaceans that were seeded in Sirius B, have incarnated upon the earth in the oceans to help repair the sound body architecture as energy placement holders during the Ascension Cycle. There are many creation timelines in which the Emerald Order Sirius Blue human Maharaji and the Amethyst Order Braharama joined together in Unified Cooperation to return the hierogamic union template required to heal the Wall in Time, through the spiritual healing of the masculine and feminine principles while embodied in an androgynous Azurite-Oraphim Form.

Restoring Melchizedek Logos

The third stage of the Cosmic Dragon Awakening addressed ancient 9D Essene Tribe Tibetan Buddhist gateways being controlled by Nibiruian NETs in the Wall in Time that were being administered by and generated from the Thubanites in the Draco constellation. This event to finally free the original Universal Melchizedek Logos in his Sirian Maharaji blue human body began on the June Solstice and completed during the rare 5-planet alignment that occurred on June 24, 2022. The hidden history of the Fallen Melchizedek groups is extremely complex, but as we begin to describe the Fall of Alpha Draconis-Orion Group headquarters in Thuban, this particular event is instrumental in the reclamation of the authentic Melchizedek Logos which begins to reclaim and spiritually heal the Blue Ray Melchizedek family. [1]

Sirian Crystal temples

The planetary Failsafe Mission activations continue in order for the planetary architecture to have the triple solar masculine and triple solar feminine foundational structures which form into multiple layers of nested Krystal Cathedrals, within which Emerald Guardian Host and Christos Solar Dragon teams can work in order to support the ongoing build out for anchoring the Cosmic Spirit Body layers. The Cosmic Spirit Body is the eternal spirit body that has emerged into matter from the Sirius B support infrastructure that was built through the Sirian Crystal Temples in the hosting platform section of Andromeda, which run into the spanner arc gateway system that straddles the particle dimensions of our planet from the 1D to the 7D layers. Corrections reaching a particular threshold of rehabilitation in the Magnetosphere and planetary logos body from the damage generated by the Inverted 7D Violet Ray network, has been critical to the success of the Sirian Crystal Temple hosting infrastructure helping to bridge the Albion network into the Rasha layers and Cosmic Spirit Body.[2]

Founder Capstone

Recent expansions into the triad of the 22D, 23D and 24D source fields completed during Sagittarius Solar Cycle in January 2023, revealed the Godhead Founder Capstone or Threefold Founder Flame of the parallel Universal Twin Matrix as the 22D Ruby Flame, 23D Sapphire Flame and 24D Emerald Flame. The Oraphim and Sirius B Maharaji were holding the 23D sapphire body template of the Emerald Order's Cosmic Mother to triple sophianic daughter architecture reclamations, which are finally coming to fruition with events transpiring throughout the globe now. [3]


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